Vegan shoes without the legwork

Vegan leopard print high heel boots

Vegan leopard print high heel boots
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vegan leopard print boots Here’s a nice pair of leopard print heels from Next.
They’re not particularly groundbreaking, but it’s a good look that never really goes out of style.

The heels look like they’d be kinda killers and not only in the “killer heels” sort of way, but also in the tottering like a wounded gazelle sort of way. But if you love your heels high and your patterns wild, then these look pretty neat and are not too expensive either, in true vegan shoe form.

I’ve seen far too many animal print shoes and boots lately that were made out of some kind of leather to resemble actual leopard skin or zebra skin or whatever, so it’s good to see more vegan versions.

I guess some people might laugh about the concept of vegans wanting to wear a pattern that originated in people actually killing and skinning wild animals and wearing the skins to convey some kind of animal powers onto them. Still, it’s not like the people who buy leopard print dyed cowhide are connecting with the primal eye of the tiger and discovering their inner savanah warrior. It’s still just a look. I’d rather show my affinity with a particular type of animal by reproducing its markings without actually killing it.

Either way, you can get these rather hot vegan boots from Next.

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