Vegan shoes without the legwork

Vegan green glitter platform boots

Vegan green glitter platform boots

Vegan green glitter platform boots Happy Christmas everyone! And look what the shoe Santa has brought you. These topical vegan platforms are glittery and green (with a bit of gold) and perfect for all you happy little elves to party in. They are so mad, I have been dreaming about them for weeks. In this case, I do think a picture is worth more than even a whole thousand words. I mean, how incredibly cool are these?

They are by Pleaser’s Bordello range (I told you to remember that name) and are aimed at the burlesque-minded with the lacing and all. They are, however, also a bit disco at the same time with all that glitter and huge chunky platform (5″). Oddly enough, they also remind me a bit of something a Mexican wrestler would wear. Maybe it’s the combination of the lacing and bright green glitter that has evoked this image. Obviously, Mexican wrestlers don’t wear huge platforms, but maybe they should? Either way, these are definitely showstopping shoes.

I’m not sure what I’d wear these with but I know I want them. They are the sort of shoes you build an outfit around if you don’t already have one ready. You could actually just wear a nondescript black outfit with them and still look absolutely wicked. No one would be looking at the rest of you.

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