Vegan shoes without the legwork

Vegan funky Harajuku lovers boots

Vegan funky Harajuku lovers boots
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vegan funky slouch boots How totally awesome are these? Grey with tan may not be the obvious choice but these seem to make it work. I like the whole casual, alternative yet ultra hip and stylish feel these have. The strappy bits are just a tiny bit kinky, too, but totally not in an overt way.

I gather this is Gwen Stefani’s label and I do like her style. Apparently it’s huge in the Far East, which is hardly surprising with a name like that and a look like that which is indeed very Japanese-inspired.

I’ve tagged them with “crazy shoes”, but mostly because one of the other colour combinations they come in is fairly crazy. You can get that one elsewhere and also a black / brown version which is also very cool. The black and the grey versions are very respectable, I find.

You can get these particular grey vegan boots from Zappos

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