Vegan shoes without the legwork

Vegan fringed knee high boots

Vegan fringed knee high boots
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Vegan fringed bootsPocahontas, eat your heart out! Yes, these very suede-like looking boots are actually made out of imitation suede. Thank you H&M! I’m so glad they’re selling shoes now. They used to have the most amazing shoes on their display mannequins but none for sale in the actual shops. That was years ago, though, and this is now. Most of their shoes are leather-free as well, it would seem.

So if you’re feeling the fringe and the overall Native American vibe, these are definitely the boots for you.

I’ve tagged them with both knee high and over the knee because I’m not quite sure what they are from the picture. They sort of look like they could come just over the knee, but they could also come up to just under it. If anyone has these, please do let me know which one it is!

You can get them from H&M.

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