Vegan shoes without the legwork

Vegan canvas Palladium boots

Vegan canvas Palladium boots
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vegan canvas boots Oh my god, Palladiums are back! I mentioned these recently in passing as a nostalgic memory of my misspent teenage years (when those were the only vegan shoes around). I actually looked around recently online to see if they still exist, but all I found were recent suede and leather shoes they make. Now suddenly I see these! Yes, they are totally back. It must have been long enough since they went for new people to be introduced to them and think they are either retro or just plain cool. Welcome to the 90s. Again.

Well, I still own a few pairs of these going all the way back to when they were originally cool. I know they are comfortable and they last. I used to wear them as hiking boots in the days before synthetic hiking boots were a reality.

I’m glad these are cycling their way back into today’s mainstream, though time will tell if the whole 90s revival thing catches on.

These are called pampa hi trainers and are available at Schuh.

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