Vegan shoes without the legwork

Vegan boots made from recycled plastic bags

Vegan boots made from recycled plastic bags
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recycled vegan boots These are amazing! Yes, they are really made out of recycled plastic bags. The woman who makes them apparently heats up the bags or something and the process transforms them into a flexible, non-toxic material fit for shoe-making.

The inside of the boots is apparently lined with fabric to make them easier on the feet. Check out the website for photos of the different colours and patterns there are. Absolutely amazing! Apparently they only cost $45 too!

vegan eco bootsThe bad news is that this is a blog, in Spanish and the Facebook group I found says that the designer has not been answering emails lately (even before the recent earthquake, so hopefully not related).
I will update this post if and when I hear more about how to buy these. I so want a pair (or several!)

The designer’s name is Camila Labra and her blog is here.

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