Vegan shoes without the legwork

Ultra Glam Black Vegan Boots with Stars

Ultra Glam Black Vegan Boots with Stars
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I love sparkly things, so I’m kinda drooling at these ultra-glam vegan boots from Mexican-based Etsy seller Golden Ponies. They’re handmade alongside a whole load of other cool shoes, boots, sandals and bags and come in a variety of colour options (or you can choose your own). They’re oh so wonderfully disco, but without an over the top massive platform. Handy if massive heels disagree with you but you still want to shine on like a crazy diamond on the dance floor.

I like the black, because it means these can tastefully sparkle up an otherwise more subdued outfit, but they’ll fit quite nicely as a finishing touch for something with loads of sequins, sparkle or shine.

You can get these on Etsy. Check out the rest of the stuff in that store. There’s plenty of metallics, hologram, glitter and matte shoes and bags to choose from and they’re all insanely cute. Almost all are vegan or can be made vegan.

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