Vegan shoes without the legwork

Stylish vegan high heel booties

Stylish vegan high heel booties

Beyond Skin booties Taking a break from crazy shoes today for something somewhat more practical (as far as heels go).

These ultra suave booties by Beyond Skin are just what a girl needs to complete the high flying executive outfit for the office. There are so many ugly ugly work shoes in the world. It warms my heart to see any shoes that are a. vegan b. respectable job friendly and c. feminine and sexy.

I don’t actually work in an office anymore and when I did, it was a very casual office. Still, surfing the web for shoes and coming across these almost makes me wish I had a better excuse to buy these.

As it stands, until things here at Addict Towers heat up moneywise, I’m going to save my pennies for totally insane shoes that are suitable for very few, if any, occasions.

As for you, If you like your heels sexy and high and your suits powerful, then grab these from Amazon.