Vegan shoes without the legwork

Shiny vegan boots with big giant bows

Shiny vegan boots with big giant bows
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Vegan bow boots I saw the link to these pop up on Twitter and just had to ask if they were vegan. They are! Sometimes, there is a god.

These shiny Galactii Bow boots by Irregular Choice look like gift wrapping for your feet. Crazy-weird but oh so sexy. Check out the pics for a look at the wicked multi-coloured zip on the inside of each shoe, and what’s this on the bottom of each sole? Why, it’s a bunny in a teapot print!

As usual, IC went all out with the weird and wonderful touches for a sort of glam Alice in Wonderland themed boot. Sort of like something the red queen would wear on a date with Ziggy Stardust.
You can get them from Schuh .

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