Vegan shoes without the legwork

Serious vegan New Rock goth boots

Serious vegan New Rock goth boots
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vegan New Rock goth boots It’s been a while since I’ve written about proper goth shoes in this blog and seeing as I know plenty of goth vegans, I think it’s time for another look at what’s out there.

These impressive metal heeled platform boots are made by New Rock, known for making mostly leather cyber-biker boots.
Apaprently they have several ranges of vegan shoes now, all very goth looking with lots of metal and spikes.

I like these because I like my heels pretty solid and I do like the strapping, especially the straps on the actual heel. The shape of the toes is pretty intriguing too. Sexy!

If you’re into the goth / industrial / fetish style, then they’ll fit you like a latex glove.

I found them on a website called The Lair.

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