Vegan shoes without the legwork

Schuh Nova – 2 buckle vegan boots

Schuh Nova – 2 buckle vegan boots
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Nova 2 buckle vegan boots

Not quite classic biker boots but said to be “biker inspired”, these are really awesome boots from Schuh’s own brand. I actually own a pair of these and can confirm that they are hard-wearing, instantly comfortable and look even better on than they do in the pictures. I bought my pair in Edinburgh after seeing a girl walk around in them and being bitterly jealous thinking they must be leather. Then I saw them in the shop window, had a look and…the rest is history. I walked all around town in them on the day I bought them and didn’t even have a single blister, then took them to Burning Man festival where they survived an apocalypse of corrosive dust and intense daily walks and cycles. They came back so covered in dust, the woman who sold me the shoe polish for them wanted to know what colour they were (BLACK! They are BLACK boots!). However, they quickly cleaned up beautifully and are as lovely as ever.

They have an inside zip for easy on/off action and run a bit large so you can wear thick socks inside. Currently selling at 59.99 at Schuh.

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