Vegan shoes without the legwork

Manly vegan boots

Manly vegan boots
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Vegan men's boots I put a question up to my Twitter readers the other day about whether I should write more about vegan men’s shoes and the keen response seemed to imply people want to see more of these.

I really like these boots from Novacas, especially the fold down thing and tie back lacing. They’re similar to the other vegan Novacas boots I wrote about and while the soles are definitely not as cool, I do like their height and overall look.

You can get them from Moo Shoes.

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2 thoughts on “Manly vegan boots”

  • After reading through all of your blog during a few particularly unproductive days at work searching for vegan winter boots, I’m officially a fan – great work! A joy to browse 🙂

    However, I like to try shoes on before I buy them so I went to down to the vegetarian shoe shop in Amsterdam to have a look. That’s where I found the Novacas shoes in this post. I know they’re men’s shoes but I loved the look, and they do come in 39 which fitted me perfectly with a pair of warm socks. I bought them and have worn them non-stop the last few weeks. I love them to bits, and they look a lot better IRL than in this picture! You can fold them down or wear them up, look neat or rugged, whichever you feel like.

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