Vegan shoes without the legwork

Ethical vegan message trainers

Ethical vegan message trainers

ethical vegan trainers I usually don’t like prominent logos on my clothing, but when a company goes by the name of NAE (No Animal Exploitation) and puts that message in very obvious letters across a cute, unisex vegan trainer then all I can say is Bring it on!

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a pair of shoes that had an actual message on them. Usually that is reserved for T-shirts.
The closest I’ve seen is the Vegetarian Shoes logo, which can be read as more of a statement about the materials used than an actual message and is therefore somewhat less cool.

All NAE shoes are made ethically in Spain and Portugal and the company is run by people who care deeply about people, animals and the environment. Good luck, guys!

Check out the NAE site for these and more shoes.