Vegan shoes without the legwork

Cute vegan ruffle ankle boots

Cute vegan ruffle ankle boots

vegan ruffle ankle boots These ruffle boots I found on Modcloth are so cute! I love the unusual colour and the ruffles make them extra fun and attention-grabbing. It’s been a while since I’ve checked out Modcloth and there are some really pretty shoes there, though most of the really gorgeous designer ones are in some way leathery. At least there’s these and they’re certainly dishy and a teeny bit 90s at the same time (the heel, mostly).

The world certainly needs more vegan shoes of unusual colours! The world also needs vegan shoes that are black, brown, grey and red, but it would be nice to be able to enjoy the full range of colours our leather-wearing friends do.

That’s why it makes me extra happy when I see boots like these. Apart from, you know, the awesome ruffles.

You can get these from the Modcloth website.