Vegan shoes without the legwork

Convertible vegan winter boots

Convertible vegan winter boots
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Convertible winter boots These convertible winter boots by Dirty Laundry can be worn as ankle boots or at full height. Fleece lined to make your feet warm (and to look cool), these somewhat resemble biker boots and have a funky side strap on the outside and a zip on the inside for easy on/off action.

These look like a decent enough choice for vegan winter boots, though I am not sure I like the distressed material seemingly used for parts of them. As I’ve said before in my post about vegan biker boots, I think it makes shoes look unnecessarily cheap, but that look seems to be quite popular now, so you may well not mind that “feature”.

While not exactly at the cutting edge of designer fashion, the design is nice enough for the price ($69). These are definitely on the cheap and cheerful end of the Vegan shoe range, but with such a shortage of decent vegan boots, they may well be perfect for keeping your feet warm in relative style. They are also available in brown.

You can get them from the Chinese Laundry site.

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