Big glitter wedge vegan boots

Vegan wedge boots Fake suede boots with big (12.5cm, so big but not drag queen big), glitter-covered heels by H&M. Pretty, funky and cheap and wedges are apparently still big this season.

I’m so glad H&M are selling more shoes nowadays. They always featured brilliant shoes in their displays in store, but for ages, you couldn’t actually buy the shoes. Now they seem to have quite a few styles in stock and the vast majority of them are vegan.

You can get these boots and more stuff from the H&M site.

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4 comments to “Big glitter wedge vegan boots”

  1. I love the look of these so of course I have a pair that is similar. BUT here’s my advice I have almost twisting my ankle in this style heel. NOW before you judge or assume I am a novice. Oh no. If there were a Ph. D. in wearing heels I would be the Dr. Note that’s why I “almost” twisted my ankle but I didn’t. anyone else would have. Again Vegan shoe addict. I love your site and shop through you all the time!!

  2. i just bought them! i think they are awesome 😛 and so comfortable for a high heel!

  3. Don’t forget to rate them 🙂

  4. Oh you already did! Thanks 🙂

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