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Vegan lace ankle-high wellies

Vegan half wellies Festival season is back and seeing as I’ve had my share of rainy festivals, my optimism is reduced to choosing half wellies over full wellies if I think it’s going to be a relatively good weekend.

These lace wellies by Mel (cheaper sister company of Melissa Shoes) may not save you if the mud really hits the fan, but for a slightly damp festival they’re certainly more interesting than Farmer Giles wellies or even Hunters that have kinda been done to death. I take no responsibility for any accidents that may happen if you spend too many festivals walking around in these in rocky, muddy fields – these are quite cheap and probably meant as stylish urban rain boots in countries where rain boots can be seen as urban and stylish. Also, I have no idea what the grip is like on these. All I know is that they’re about as sexy as you can get for wellies without having a rubber boot fetish.

You can get them from Schuh.

Vegan military style knee high rain boots

Vegan military style rain boots I must admit that, while I like the looks of wellie boots / rubber rain boots in the context of festivals and fields, I wouldn’t wear them on the city streets unless there was some sort of flooding emergency.
These Hunter Regent Grosvenor boots, though, are just about hot enough to be worn in more urban surroundings. Behold their hot metallic buttons that make them look like proper military or navy boots! They’re shiny, yes, but with the patterened bits it may well take people a bit of time to notice these are made of plastic and not leather. Of course, if you live anywhere outside of London, you may be able to wear any old rain boots on the streets of your city anyway. I think it may only be the English who have such a countryside alliance and Glastonbury festival hippie association with rubber rainboots.

You can get these at Schuh.

Vegan biker wellies

Vegan biker wellies So I hear Europe is bracing itself for another round of snow storm fun (I’m not there for it, ha!). I was doing the rounds looking for interesting wellies people might want to invest in for the period.

I like these, even though Hunter is a bit last year’s supermodel wannabe festival fodder. I think they have a sort of iconic design still plus the whole biker thing is different.

You can get them from Amazon UK (whose delivery service actually surprised me before I left by how good it was considering the snow).

Vegan shiny fashion statement rain boots

Vegan rain boots Hoki is a small Israeli company that started when the founder cycled past one of those super dated shoe places in the south of Tel Aviv and rediscovered a bunch of old stock plastic slippers housewives used to wear in the 70s and 80s.
She managed to track down and buy the pattern from the company that used to make these and started her own business selling plastic only shoes. Since then, she’s added some pretty hot designs to the collection, uncluding these shiny wedge rain boots with this neat quilting and a style that is decidedly unlike your average wellie.

You can’t buy the shoes from the site, so you will have to email them to ask if there are any stores selling them in your area (they have been expanding into the international market). You may also be able to get them to send you some.

Check these (and the other hot styles) on the Hoki site.

Strange vegan rain boots

Vegan rain boots These are apparently rain boots by Jeffrey Campbell. They are pretty strange, but I like them. They have a sort of spats look about them, which I think is something that should be encouraged.

Being rubbery, they’re perfect for walking through puddles and keeping rain off your feet while being somewhat less dull and obvious than your usual crop of wellies.

You can get them from Modcloth.

Vegan croc print festival wellie boots

vegan croc print wellies Looking out my window at the grey grey sky can only mean one thing – the great British festival season!

Glastonbury is just around the corner, so maybe it’s time to check out what’s new on the wellie front this year. Here’s some mock croc wellie action from Office. They’re black and kinda funky. Wellies are funny, cause if you really need them, it means you’ll be knee deep in good old British mud, so no one will be able to see their funky pattern. If it’s not that muddy, then you could have probably gotten away with wearing normal boots that are more comfortable and less rubbery. It’s the great festival tragedy. At least these ones can go with most outfits but still look a bit more upmarket than your usual black wellie or rain boot.

You can get them from Office.

Vegan Vivienne Westwood rain boots

vegan Vivienne Westwood boots More rain boot fun! This time, though, they’re by Melissa shoes and designed by Vivienne Westwood. Sure, they cost more than your average wellie, but they’re, you know, Vivienne Westwood, so will make you instantly 10 times cooler.

These are cute cute cute with their little side buttons that make them fit in with the military-style look while simultaneously also being young, funky and waterproof. I’m quite charmed by the blue colour, I must say.

If you were going to wear one pair of rain boots this year and look incredibly hip and fashionable nonetheless then these are definitely the ones. Pretty pretty but remember that Melissas run a size small.

I found these here.

Cute vegan dotted ankle wellie boots

vegan ankle rain boots Well, the M&S site tells me that wellies are a hot trend this winter. While I’m not sure about that, I know that these are pretty cute. They come in this muddy brown and also in dark girlie pink and are pretty good for wearing through smaller puddles. Like all boots from the wellie family, I think these would make good summer festival boots, as long as the summer festival doesn’t get *too* muddy. They seem pretty grippy too, so probably OK for walking in some wintery mud and slush in the meantime.

I like the pull-on style with the little tab in the back and the white piping is a nice touch too. All in all these are pretty sweet for 20 quid.

You can get them from Marks and Spencer.

Funky vegan trainer inspired rain boots

funky vegan rain boots It’s a wellie, it’s a trainer, no it’s…it’s…. These super cool rain boots from Chinese Laundry. I don’t know what it is about these boots but I just find them so cool. It could be the cut out square or the white chunky sole that reminds me of Converse all-stars. Either way, it’s very neat and now and it’s made of rubber, so you know it’s going to keep the rain out.

I’m thinking the little cut out bit would be pretty cool if you had some funky tights or leggings to show off. They also come in a sort of black and white plaid combo that looks sort of like a trainer or a sneaker too.

You can get these vegan rain boots from Chinese Laundry.

Wedge wellies – vegan rain boots

Wedge welliesOk, it’s certainly been rubber week on Vegan Shoe Addict. But before we move on to other types of vegan and vegetarian footwear (yes, we can have shoes made out of other things apart from rubber!) here are some very lovely wellington boots that come with a fashionable wedge heel. They are marketed mainly for festivals, like all funky wellies, but are obviously good for rainy days all year round.
They were created by a small company in the UK who wanted fashionable and different footwear for splashing about in the muddy fields of England while listening to their favourite bands.

They come in a multitude of plain colours and funky designs, some of which could almost look nice enough to wear on the streets of the notoriously wellie-shy London.

They are now available to buy in the UK and all over Europe via the original Wedge Welly Website and in the USA via the Wedge Welly USA website, which seems to offer even more designs.
These are cute, functional and definitely the fun choice for dealing with nasty weather and big puddles. Lovely!

Vegan ankle rain boots / low wellies

Vegan ankle rain boots I am getting quite into checking out unusual rubber boots and vegan rain boots, so here’s another unexpected and slightly oddball find.

If you’re not quite into the concept of wearing a full wellie boot but still want to add a bit of waterproof rubber goodness to your chosen winter outfit, then here’s a a pair of Sperry Top-sider “Sadie low rubber boots” I found on the Amazon website.

Basically, they are ankle wellies. How cool? I wouldn’t recommend wading through knee-deep mud in these, but if you live in a rainy city, these would keep your feet warm and dry, while adding a touch of unusual Euro-style to your winter outfit. They come in several colour combos, from the classic (the pictured black / plaid, plus all black, grey with what appears to be grey fleece, etc.) to the slightly mad (red plaid and yellow anyone?) . Available from

Vegan mod and biker rain boots / wellie boots

Wellies, Wellington boots or rain boots are a somewhat controversial footwear choice when it comes to one’s fashion sense. Originally designed for farmers and gardeners, they are not what you’d normally expect people to be running round in on their way to a night at the opera. But while it’s true that wellies and rain boots are not quite high class, the crappy weather that “graces” the many UK summer festivals, has created a need for funky rubber boots. In the UK, summer is traditionally the high season for the fashion-wellie. In big American cities (and elsewhere), however, I’ve seen women happily walking around with fashionable versions of the rain boot. The recent biblical floods experienced across the British Isles seem like a good enough reason to write about some interesting takes on the concept of the humble rubber boot, because I think some of them are actually quite cute and make for a good and reliable vegan boot choice. Today’s offerings are in the mod and biker department, of which there seem to be a fine variety.

Wedge mod wellies
These Sperry Top-sider boots are pretty neat, with a wicked wedge heel and a folded cuff at the top. They come in several colour combinations, seen here in white with a white cuff, black wedge and a big black button, which makes them look very mod indeed.
These are also available from the website

Tretorn vegan rainboots
And if it’s the rainproof vegan mod look you’re after, check these out too. Made by Tretorn, who are apparently Swedish, these look seriously 60s in this white version and the yellow version they also come in. There are also two-tone version that look slightly less 60s and are also totally striking. They don’t even look like they’re made of rubber in the picture, though I’m sure they would if you looked closely.
These are also available from

Office biker wellie boots And now for the rubber biker boot part of this post.

I already wrote about the Schuh version of biker boot-inspired wellies (shown in the post in not very biker-like purple, but they do come in black too). This is the Office shoes take on the biker wellie – full height and with an extra strap, buckle and O-ring detail. Not too shabby for a wellie, really, though still based on the traditional wellie look and feel. Available from the Office website, where you can also find standard wellies with funky designs.

Bloomingdales boots

These boots from the Bloomingdale’s website are somewhat similar but are, in fact, less traditional. You can tell the difference between boots that are thought of as “rain boots” (urban) and those designed with the wellie concept firmly in mind (field conditions, such as a festival or a farm).
These are definitely in the rain boot department and are therefore classier and could potentially even go with your regular day clothes. Kinda. Gotta love the looping detail and chunky ring, though the flat sole would probably not work so well in a field (pretty good for the city streets, though!).

The hunt for the perfect vegan biker boots part 1

Vegan biker boots? You would not believe how difficult they are to find.
Winter is a time when shoe manufacturers fall back on leather as their main material and you are left with specialist stores or the cheap stuff. Also, leather kinda goes with the territory when it comes to the biker look so finding “fakes” is a double pain. I gotta be honest with you: when it comes to the biker look, we’re talking slim pickings compared to the plethora of gorgeous leather choices.

I’ve wanted a pair of decent vegetarian biker boots for years and so far I’ve just kept on looking. The ones I’ve seen are all nice enough, but they seem to lack that simplicity and solid feel so many of the leather ones have.

Here’s my first roundup of this year’s offerings. You may well find something you like here.
Please note that these are all biker “style” boots, rather than those that provide actual protection for bikers, so don’t go having bike accidents in them or you will be severely disappointed.

Rocket dog chain gang vegan biker boots

First up are these lightweight boots from Rocket Dog. They are called “chain gang”. Sadly, Rocket Dog’s best biker boots (the “Nokout”) are not veggie, so as far as I’m concerned, all their other biker boots are cheap imitations of the fitted, slick version I would have liked to own. Keeping that in mind, these chain gang ones are not too bad, if a bit slouchy for my taste. They look a bit like a cross between a biker boot and a pirate boot, which I’m not so sure about. The strap detailing is a nice touch and I do like the slick, shiny look. They are available in black and brown at

Rocket Dog Chomps vegan biker boots

Rocket Dog also make these Chomps boots – chunky biker boots available in black and brown. I like their shape better than the chain gang ones, though I am not a fan of the distressed look at all. It doesn’t look too bad in brown, but the black version just looks wrong. If I wanted my boots to look worn out, I’d wear them out myself rather than shave a few years off their lifespan before even leaving the shop.
If, however, you can’t wait for your boots to make actual history and want them to look instantly “bought before anyone else’s”, you’ll get along with these just fine. All in all, these are reasonably stylish and bound to be comfortable boots. They are available in black and brown at

BlowFish twisted sister vegan boots Twisted Sister, these vegetarian biker boots from BlowFish, offer a different take on the distressed look and also come in the popular black and brown options. The buckle detailing is slightly more understated on these and they seem to be wider in the calf area than the Rocket Dog ones.
Available to buy at Office shoes .

Vegetarian Shoes make these biker-like pull on engineer boots that offer more of that solid feel. They are steel toed (they now make a non-steel toed version that’s slightly different looking), well made and durable, though are unisex and therefore not quite as stylish as one would like.

Pennangalan’s Vegan range is sadly lacking in straight biker boots, though they do offer calf-length strappy commando boots that are not bad, plus a style of New Rock boot often favoured by bikers.

Schuh Biker Wellie
And last but not least… Not quite a biker boot, but a biker boot inspired wellie from the lovely people at Available in purple, black and red with a polka dot lining, it’s slightly shorter than your average wellie. Here in London, people usually wear wellies when visiting the muddy fields of the UK’s summer festivals, but further afield, they are a common enough choice for the rainy winter months.