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Merry Christmas to me! Best red vegan wedges ever?

Vegan designer wedge heels Santa, like god, helps those who help themselves. Which is obviously why he revealed to me the Melissa store here in Hong Kong where I am currently traveling (you can read my new travel blog about it if you want). And oh look, they were having a massive sale of 30-50% off and these “Feeling” wedges were on it. Yes, I am totally feeling these. They only had one size left, 40 Euro (7 UK) which is basically one or two sizes too big for me, depending on the particular shoe, but in this case these seemed to fit. Maybe it’s the serious wedge action on them. They’re a tiny bit looser than they ought to be, but perfectly comfortable for standing on and even walking in. Not that it matters. I mean, look at them! There was no way they were going to stay in the big, cold, horrible shop for that price.
So ladies, if you want to get the drool-worthy look I’m going to be rocking from now on (fuck it, I’m gonna be buried in these!), you can get these from NonNon in the UK.

Crazy big vegan glitter wedge heels

Vegan glitter wedges Well, London is burning today and everyone’s got their new trainers already, so why not take a break from the madness in favour of a different kind of madness – wedge madness!

These hot hot glitter wedges are new from Schuh and while not the best footwear to be kicking in shop windows or running away from angry mobs or riot police, it’s probably the prettiest thing I’ve seen all day.

Here’s to more pretty things and less idiots.

You can get these shoes from the Schuh website. Stay safe, London.

Vegan gingham (huge) wedge heel sandals

Vegan gingham wedge sandals Brace yourself for a big name to fit these big big wedge sandals: “Schuh Garda Ankle Strap Wedge”. You’ll need the name to search for them on the Schuh site. Aren’t they awesome and retro-licious? Towering high above the world with a 13cm heel they may be a bit demanding for the average user, but boy are they hot! Supposedly 70s inspired, though I reckon the gingham means they’d go well with 50s dresses too. The 70s seem to be back in style this summer. Weren’t they already back in style a few years back? Or has it been long enough for the style to become re-retro?

Either way, you can get these from Schuh in the UK and worldwide.

Cutest vegan jelly sandals ever

Vegan wedge sandals And tonight on “Shoes that make you go oooooooooh” – these sandals by Harajuku Lovers! They are so, so so so cute.
They come in black, white, red or yellow and each colour has its own cool little lady on the insole. It’s almost like a collect them all Pokemon thing and, frankly, at $35 a pair, it’s almost tempting to get a few different colours. I love the sexy wedge that’s just high enough to give you a nice profile but not too insane and I love the girlie bow. I also have a thing for jelly shoes, so I may be a bit biased, but I think these would make perfect summer shoes for everywhere and everything. If you’re the sort of person who likes even your casualest of beachwear to have a classy retro touch, then these are your sandals.

You can get them from Endless.

Vegan retro tan wedge heels with bows

Vegan tan wedges I was on the hunt for vegan shoes at Miss Selfridge and these caught my eye on the top of the page. They sort of remind me of 70s platforms in colour and style so I’ve marked them as retro. Notice the cute, hidden leopard print lining. It’s becoming increasingly popular to make all kinds of wild linings to otherwise plain-coloured shoes and I’m all for that. It’s sort of like a little secret about your character.
These will make super spring and summer shoes with a short dress or you could even wear them in winter under certain circumstances (in the UK – indoors?) with tights. Yes, I’m pretty sure they’d go (un)surprisingly well with bell bottomed cords, but I’m not sure you want to go that route.

You can get them from Miss Selfridge.

Vegan wedges with cones

Vegan geometric wedges Another one from the new, somewhat sculptural Melissa Shoes range.
These “flocked” wedges are a bit more subdued in form, but they do have the most amazing cone decorations that leave no doubt as to the fact they’re brilliantly high fashion.
Melissa shoes are sort of hard to get, which I think is part of their charm. You see their shoes in a few places but never the whole collection at once or even anything near it.

You can get these and a bunch of other styles from Amazon UK.

Vegan indigo peep toe wedges

Vegan indigo wedge heels Ooooooh I love the colour of these! Deep indigo/ dark blue velvety gorgeousness shaped into an ultra sleek wedge. And check out the weird and wonderful tucked in bits at the back!

I’m always happy to see vegan shoes of deep and unusual colour and indigo….well, that’s a particularly joyous occasion.

You can get them from Modcloth.

Drool-worthy vegan wooden wedge heels

Vegan designer wedge bootsI got so excited about these I accidentally posted this yesterday. If you were fast enough, you got a sneak preview. I could have let you have it, but no. You only get one post a day so here it is.

I gotta say that these utterly delectable vegan boots from Cri de Coeur are making me want to do things to shoes that shouldn’t be discussed in polite company. They have an actual wooden platform – not fake plastic wood. This makes me happy in a special way.

Unlike most shoes with a real wooden platform, though, they are made out of fake suede and fabric, without any leather in sight. The fact that they are also ethical and eco-friendly makes them even sexier.

I think I may actually be in love. Why don’t you run along now and look at them, so I can stay on my own for a little while and look at them too?

You can get them from For $390. Sigh.

Recycled TV designer vegan boots

Red vegan boots Olsen Haus shoes never cease to make me happy, so seeing as it’s a slow shoe news day when it comes to new, uncharted designers, I figured it’s time to check their current collection. These lovely red boots are made out of recycled TV screens. I’ve written before about the coolness that is wearing shoes that are made out of tellies. Sexy, eco-minded and subversive, all in the same boot. These have a hot hot wedge and a faux leather belt.

Check them out on the Olsen Haus site.
You’ll need to email them to buy these directly from them. Let me know how it works, as I’ve never tried 🙂

Big glitter wedge vegan boots

Vegan wedge boots Fake suede boots with big (12.5cm, so big but not drag queen big), glitter-covered heels by H&M. Pretty, funky and cheap and wedges are apparently still big this season.

I’m so glad H&M are selling more shoes nowadays. They always featured brilliant shoes in their displays in store, but for ages, you couldn’t actually buy the shoes. Now they seem to have quite a few styles in stock and the vast majority of them are vegan.

You can get these boots and more stuff from the H&M site.

Crazy veggie felt wedge heels

crazy vegan heels It’s been a while since I’ve had some mad Irregular Choice shoes on here, so here’s their “Northern Lass” shoes.
They’re like a cross between Dutch clogs, a Christmas jumper and drag queen heels. I love them.

Note that these are made out of felt. I’m not sure what kind of felt that is. Obviously, if it’s wool felt, they’re vegetarian but not vegan.

You can get them on the Irregular Choice website.

Vegan tartan wedge platform wedge sandals

vegan wedge sandals Today I’m taking a break from boots to bring you something that is perhaps at odds with the season, but is definitely pretty damn cool.

These shoes come from H&M. They don’t really do that many shoes, but the ones they do are often pretty cool. It used to be that all their display dolls would have wicked shoes on but those were nowhere to be found when it came to actually buying them. Nowadays, here they are. At £14.99 they are definitely priced as end of season, even though they may have been priced like this to begin with, who knows.

Either way, tartan / plaid is timeless and wedges will be around for a while yet, so I’d say pick these up now as you’ll definitely get some wear out of them. They also come in plain black.

You can get them on the H&M site.

Hot vegan t-bar cut out wedges

vegan t-bar wedges OK here’s one more from the Canadian UO site, as these are so super hot I couldn’t wait to write about them.

I mean, these look like the sort of shoes you’d buy and wear to the death, because they are so incredibly super awesome. Seriously, you could wear any old crap and still look hot in these.

They come in grey or black too. They only cost $40 too, so I’m thinking “Hmmm, maybe black AND red?”

You can get them from the UO Canada site.

Vegan leopard print wedge ankle boots

vegan leopard print boots It’s vegan, it’s leopard print, it’s a boot and it’s got a wedge on it. What more do you need this season?

These neat boots will go well with tights or leggings and jungle-up any plain black outfit. They come in a few other colours, but sadly those are all suede. They have an 11cm heel and a little bit of a platform plus a handy side zip.

I’ll avoid making any comments about discovering your inner animal, etc. cause, well, leopard print has moved beyond such things, me thinks.

You can get these sexy vegan boots from Office.

Neon pink vegan canvas wedges

I guess neon pink isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, otherwise how can you explain the fact that these are now 5 quid in the Office sale and their differently coloured counterparts are more like 36? Either way, these make fun summer shoes with a whole espadrille sole thing going for them, plus a light canvas upper and a slight 4cm wedge.

Great if bright pink is your thing, not so much if not. I’ve tagged them with retro as they are somewhat 80s.

You can get them in the Office sale.