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Super cute vegan shin-high kitty boots

Vegan cat face boots Today on Vegan Shoe Addict, I’d like to talk about addiction. Addiction is a serious issue that affects many people. It can take many forms. Some people are addicted to drugs, others to drink or crap TV. Recently, a friend has confessed to me her addiction to TUK kitty shoes.

Sadly, I am to blame for her affliction in some way, as I was the one who wrote about the original kitty shoes on this very blog. Since then, TUK have brought out a few more styles and her condition has worsened.

Therefore it is with a slightly heavy heart that I reveal to you these ultra-fucking-super-awesome plaid kitty boots, measuring at the stylishly punk shin height – slightly higher than proper ankle boots. It’s like putting smack in front of a junky, so I can only take comfort in the fact that she probably already owns a pair. Oh and the fact that these are totally fucking awesome. That’s also pretty comforting.

All you other junkies can get these on Endless.

Hot vegan high heeled boots

unusual vegan boots It’s been a while since I’ve had a look at the Irregular Choice vegan range and so today I had a look and found these. If it weren’t for the fact that I’m going away somewhere hot very soon and am therefore looking at sandals instead, I’d be totally investing in these. The ties down the side can be tied in a bow, so you can have a bit of play with exactly how you want the boot to look.

They also appear to have quite a comfortable heel, which is always handy, plus the Irregular Choice favourite – the crazy bunny sole.


You can get these from the Irregular Choice website.

Vegan veggie shoes limited edition trainers

vegan trainers Here’s an interesting new development – Vegetarian Shoes have come out with a whole limited edition range of their cute Cheetah trainers. Only one or two sizes out in each, but really fun and unusual colour combinations. If they have something you like in your size then grab it quick, as all of these are made out of remnants and things, so there are really only a few pairs in each size (sometimes just the one) and as the old saying goes, when they’re gone they’re gone.

Get them at Vegetarian Shoes.

Crazy high polka dot vegan sandals

giant vegan heels These crazy big platform vegan heels are like all of my shoe dreams rolled into one. They’re huge, they’re retro, they’re totally over the top and they’ve got polka dots. If you ever wanted to be like a foot taller then now’s your chance (OK, they’re not quite that high, but at 5.5 inches, they’re plenty tall enough).

Absolutely everyone would notice you if you were wearing these, which makes these the perfect shoes for you if you love being the centre of attention. Otherwise you’re probably better off wearing shoes that don’t scream so loud.

While the blurb talks about wooden soles, I don’t actually think it’s actual wood, but rather some fake wood. I could be wrong, though. Wouldn’t that be cool? Either way, these are, as they say, made of awesome.

You can get them from Modcloth.

Massive vegan lace up platform shoes

Big vegan lace up platform shoes I know this style has been around for years, but I just came across it while cruising for vegan shoes and I do so love it. They’re made by Demonia and I know for a fact they’re quite light, even though the platforms are huge. They’re the sort of shoes you could wear with the straightest outfit and they’d instantly turn it into an alternative punk / goth / almost fetishy costume.

They come in some very big sizes which means they could potentially fit some men too, and I guess they look sort of unisex in a clown shoe sort of way.

You can get them from for $60, which is not at all bad, really.

More shoes for sale – United Nude knee high boots

Vegan United Nude boots More of my shoes for sale today. These are original United Nude boots, from one of the seasons before they started shoving leather into everything. These are made of fabric, are knee high and feature a picture of some sort of landscape. They are very light and I’m sure they’ll be comfortable if they actually fit you. The heels are the highest ones that UN do. The width around the calves can be adjusted.

I got these off eBay ages ago but they are a tiny bit too small for me which makes them uncomfortable. They’re meant to be 5 UK / 38 Euro but I’d say you need to be on the small side of size 5 and you could maybe even get away with being a 4.5. I don’t think they have been worn much (if at all) before I got them and I never actually got around to wearing them, because they weren’t the right size!

I’ll happily take offers around £10 for them.

My shoes for sale #1: Rocket dog kabuki wood heels

vegan wood heels
vegan wood heel There comes a time in every shoe addict’s life, where one has to clear out some old shoes one never wears anymore, to make room for all the hot new shoes of the future. But seeing as many of these shoes are actually pretty wearable still and may make someone else very happy, this particular shoe addict, i.e. me, is going to offer them up to you, dear shoe-loving readers first.

So over the next bunch of days, I’m going to be selling shoes on here. Email me on or get in touch via the contact page if you’re interested. I’ll take payment by Paypal and post just about anywhere in the world (I’ll charge you exact postage, which I’ll need to find out first). I’m a size 5-6 UK so there’s a range of shoes from about 4 -6 UK (7-8 US I think? 37-39 Euro).

First up, here’s a pair of vaguely kabuki-ish heels by Rocket Dog. The soles are actual wood, but the sort of cheap wood like the stuff cheap Ikea shelves are made of. They’ve got raffia uppers with some sort of red PU padding so they won’t scratch. They are marked as size 7M, which I believe is a US size. They fit like a size 5 (38 UK) but are not actually that wide. They fit my feet pretty spot on and they’re quite narrow.

Heels are very stable, as they are quite wide. They’ve been worn a bunch of times so are not pristine, but I’d rate them as reasonable. They’re definitely pretty unusual.

Any offers £8 and above welcome 🙂

Gorgeous blue vegan glitter heels

vegan blue glitter heels Totally loving these amazing glitter platform heels from Schuh! Towering high at 14CM with a nice retro-esque pin uppy platform is impressive enough, but these are in amazing blue glitter. What a brilliant colour in every way.

Just imagine how amazing these would look with a 50s vintage dress, a little black dress, a catsuit, a showgirl outfit or pretty much anything you can think of.

I know I have quite a few vegan diva readers lurking away somewhere to this one goes out to you. It’s time to put these on and shine line a true bombshell and dance around with the best of em.

You can get these amazingly awesome shoes from Schuh.

Vegan men’s hessian shoes

Vegan men's hessian shoes Seeing as my post about the awesome Devo shoes was so popular, I figured maybe there is a bigger market for unusual vegan shoes for men than I’d originally thought. So here’s another pair, this time from Irregular Choice. Now, before you go any further, a reader did comment here that Irregular Choice use rabbit fur in some of their shoes. In the interest of full disclosure I’m pointing this out here, because this might make you want to not buy their shoes at all.

For me, using rabbit fur is about the same as using leather. Contrary to popular belief, leather is not usually a bi product of the meat industry. Animals are bred specifically for leather. Companies that use bi product leather usually make a big deal of it, which should tell you how sad the usual state of things is. I’d rather they didn’t use either, but I do buy shoes from companies that aren’t 100% vegan. You may feel differently about this, obviously.

Either way, these shoes have zero leather or fur in them. They’re velvet lined (apparently different colours of velvet) and made of natural hessian (also in black). I like the pointy toes that make them look a bit like clown shoes. They’re versatile, light and simple, yet decidedly different and make great summer shoes.

You can get them from Irregular Choice.

Mad vegan DEVO men’s shoes from Macbeth

mad vegan shoes for men Finding vegan shoes for men may not be as hard as it used to be, but finding interesting, fun or crazy shoes for men is certainly not easy. Now try finding vegan shoes for men that are also a bit more interesting than your usual Converse-alikes, Vegetarian Shoes utility shoes or badly made knock off cybergoth shoes. Well, I’m happy to report that these shoes from Macbeth exist. Most awesome band Devo actually had some say in the design of this particular model, which comes in glorious reflective silver, fluoro red outsoles and the Devo helmet logo. It’s certainly something I could see the Devo guys wearing on stage and now you could too. Oh yeah, there’s also a version with blue instead of red.

So there you have it guys, now you too can rock a pair of very bold and ever so slightly mad silver loafer-like trainers while still remaining true to your hot vegan self. I’m sure most of you guys will look at these and think “OMG WTF?” (or a suitably manly equivalent), but this is going out to the few of you who wear subdued shoes not because you want to, but because you thought you had to. Urban spacemen unite!

You can view these from the Macbeth site, where you can also find your nearest physical or online store.

Cool vegan Japanese split toe ninja shoes

Japanese ninja shoes I love those split toe ninja shoe things, so obviously I like these even more. You’ve got weird shaping, bold colours and Japanese flowers, what else could a girl want?

These come in all kinds of crazy colours with patterns and solid colours. I think I actually want them all!

Do remember that these belong to the “feel every tiny little stone on the road” family of shoes. A ninja needs to walk silently and quietly and feel everything under his or her feet.
Personally, I could have done with a bit more padding on the sole. Saying that, for a chance to be seen in these, I’d run across a field of gravel.

You can get these from Sense of Fashion. Check out the other shoes by the same seller. They even have veggie ninja shoe trainers!

Unusual vegan side lacing shoes

unusual vegan shoes Thanks to the lovely Lara for tipping me off about these (Hi Lara!). Aren’t they wicked cute? I just love the flared toes and the side lacing, not to mention the very retro styling that looks somewhat like a bowling shoe. These hail from Australia where they’re sold on the site. They’re not cheap, at $200 but I’m pretty sure you won’t see anyone else in your vicinity wearing these. Having had a look at the site, I can confirm that there are loads more hot shoe styles on there – great if you’re into retro. I’m sure I’ll be visiting it again and again to tell you about more of their weird and wonderful vegan shoes.

In the meantime, you can get these from this page.

Interchangeable vegan wood-look heels

Interchangeable vegan heels Here’s a really cool concept! Thanks to Marta at for letting me know.

These shoes basically come with interchangeable tops, so you can get more wear out of each pair by changing the way the top half looks. There are all kinds of different soles and tops to choose from, from flip flops to these sort of heels I have here.

I think it’s cool as it means you can take one pair of shoes on holiday with you, plus a bunch of tops for them that pack up quite small. Then you can just swap them round to go with your outfits.
Here’s what the bottom bit looks like without a top.
vegan interchangeable heels without top
As you can see, the tops clip onto those bits down the side. I’ve not tried them myself to see how strong those bits are. They’d need to be quite strong clips to keep the top on through heavy use!

You can get these and the rest of the range at