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Awesome vegan platform t-bar heels with sailor skull design

Vegan t bar platform heels with sailor skull pattern A thousand times yes! These shoes are blatantly made of awesome. I generally need to be sold on brown shoes, but these are just about crazy enough for me to love. If they were a guy I’d be totally making a fool of myself right about now, but they’re a pair of shoes so I can just throw some money at the problem and make them mine. I’m not quite sure what I’d wear them with, but I guess it doesn’t matter because no one would be looking at what you’re wearing. They’d be too busy looking at the shoes.
They’re made by Iron Fist (who else?) and are called ” iron fist filthy landlubber t-bar pf high heels” on the Schuh site (enter that in the search box).
Iron Fist themselves match their shoes with bold coloured tights and short dresses.

You can get these on the Schuh site.

Vegan floral woven t-bar heels

vegan floral t bar heels Here’s a pair of cheery vegan t-bar heels to remind you that spring will soon be with us. They are very airy and sweet with a fairly open weave to keep your feet happy and a lovely retro-style floral patterb to keep you happy. They’d go very well with your vintage dresses or high waisted trousers. You could match them with a floral neck or head scarf thing for even more cuteness.

They’re called Rocket Dog Oak Floral and you can get them from Schuh. I wonder if there are more colours of the Oak shoe apart from floral?

Unusual vegan strappy bow ballerina flats

unusual vegan flat shoes Office have a nasty habit of hiding leather linings in otherwise leather-free shoes, but their current sale also seems to be hiding a few 100% vegan treasures. OK, so it’s decidedly winter here in the UK and these are totally spring/summery, but I really like them anyway and now they’re almost half price. Maybe you can slap on some thick tights and wear them on a day when it’s not raining.

They come in this navy colour and in black. You can get them from the Office site.

Vegan retro t-bar high heel brogues

Not straying too far from yesterday’s post today. Keeping it vegan, keeping it wingtip brogue and keeping it Urban Outfitters. Oh yeah and keeping it real…fake leather.

These vegan heels have a nice t-bar, though, and are in black and white. Another instant classic that needed the recent vintage / retro subculture thing to explode into the mainstream in order for us veggies to be able to get out hands on retro-worthy shoes.

You can get them at UO.

Vegan silver sandals

vegan silver sandals Summer isn’t over. In fact, in some places, it’s only just beginning!

So here’s a pair of vegan silver sandals, because, well, silver is cool and so are sandals.
These have got a very slight wedge, neat t-bar strapping and a very funky cross-strap design thing going on at the front. They also have a really neat sole with a love heart pattern. I love this sort of attention to detail in shoes!

These cute vegan sandals also come in bronze or shiny black.

I found them on Amazon.

Vegan Vivienne Westwood glitter t-bar heels

vegan glitter heels I used to have a pair of clear and silver glitter jelly heels back in the 90s and for some reason I stupidly gave them away when they went out of fashion. I’d love to be able to go back in time and make it so I’d kept them, but this is the next best thing.

These are Vivienne Westwood originals from the Anglomania range. They’re by Melissa Shoes and so come smelling of bubble gum and are comfortable and fun. They have a bit of a chorus girl starlet feel to them with the little comfy heel and the t-bar, but obviously have a modern twist with the plastic material they are made out of.

They come in a bunch of different colours but not all of them are easy to find. I found these on Yoox.

3 colour vegan t-bar heels

colourful vegan t-bar heels Here’s a pair of jolly t-bar heels found on the Debenhams website. They’re only 19 pounds right now and look like decent enough party shoes for the price. They are the sort of shoes that could look quite classy with a reasonably expensive outfit. Sure, they’re not quite designer, but they are definitely trendy and stylish.

I like the colour combination as well (though they do come in a more purple combo too with is also rather nice).

You can get them from Debenhams.