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Cute and functional elastic vegan sandals

Vegan sandals I’ve been contacted by Galo, an American company that sells shoes made in Italy, as they’ve recently added a designated vegan section to their website (you can see it here). It’s always good to hear about companies that try to make it easier for us non-leather wearers and while their shoes are generally not quite my taste, I did like these cute and classic elastic sandals, which seem really comfortable, as well as smart and versatile. On the whole, the Galo shoes and boots seem like a good functional choice, rather than high fashion – well made, comfortable smart shoes that look like they’d last you quite a few years. I can see myself wearing these sandals If I was going to an event where I needed to look presentable and be on my feet a long time. They also come in a brown colour combo.

You can get them from the Galo website.

Vegan leopard print wedge sandals

Vegan leopard print wedge sandals Cute vegan sandals for summer! These are simple and sweet, they look comfortable and they have a leopard print pattern. They also come in the natural raffia colour if leopard print is a bit wild for you, which is also nice. Either of these will make nice smart-casual shoes for the beach-side bar.

You can get them from Endless.

Retro-inspired flat vegan sandals

vegan sandals If you’re following Vegan Shoe Addict on Facebook, you may have seen me post a link to Roni Kantor’s line of vegan retro-inspired shoes. She is an Israeli designer from Tel Aviv and all her shoes are 100% consciously vegan. Now I’ve discovered that she sells on Etsy, which means anyone anywhere can buy her shoes. I have it on good authority that they’re comfortable and well made.

So here we have one of her flat sandal styles  (she does some really awesome retro heels as well) which is the perfect thing if you prefer flats but still want a cool retro edge to your summer look. They come in red as well, possibly in other colours too. Really cute.

You can get these on Etsy.

Simply red vegan sandals

Vegan sandals These simple, red sandals are built like flip flops but are posher. Although I couldn’t resist the pun, they are obviously loads better than the crappy band.

They have a tiny wedge but are effectively flat – just enough of oomph to give you that sweet bit of posture and extra height.

You could dress them up or down and where them with everything to everywhere that tolerates open toe footwear. They certainly beat your average flip flop for style and look a lot better than the $20 or so you’d pay for them.

You can get these at Modcloth.

Cute vegan interchangeable sandals

Vegan interchangeable sandals These ultra cute interchangeable vegan sandals were recommended to me by reader Rebecca (thanks, Rebecca!). They’re called Mohops and apart from this flattish heel, they also come in a kitten and a wedge. They’re quite expensive for sandals, but not when you take into account the fact that you can tie them in like a million ways so they’re effectively a whole load of sandals in one. Oh yeah, and if thongs are not your thing, check out these mouthwateringly hot wedges. What I like about these is that the soles are made of wood, that’s right, actual wood. It’s so rare to find vegan shoes with actual wooden soles and these are all from sustainable resources too.

Beautiful shoes with endless possibilities. I like! You get 7 different ribbons to tie them with and instructions on how to do it, which I like even more.

Get them from Mohops.

Cute vegan Lacoste mary jane plims

Vegan lacoste mary jane Lacoste is one of those companies that seem to go in and out of fashion all the time (unless you’re one of those people who’s still living in the 80s on a yacht in a Miami marina, in which case it never went out of fashion). I just got given a Lacoste t shirt by a friend and it’s turned out to be surprisingly versatile and in keeping with my current style. So you can imagine my joy when I saw these for sale, reaffirming my belief in the power of living retro. They’re called “Womens Lacoste Millyann Mary Jane Trainers” (which you’ll need, to search for them on the site) and they are just about cute and different enough to make up for the fact that plims have come back into fashion and are probably going out of fashion again (or would be, if hipsters had something to replace them with).

Apart from these pretty yachting colours, they also come in a black, white and purple combo, which is pretty damn cute too. Perfect every day, casual shoes.

You can get them from Schuh.

Flat (ish) vegan lace up oxfords

Vegan oxfords If you liked the higher heeled vegan oxfords I wrote about recently but aren’t that keen on high heels, then these are definitely the shoes for you. They are small and cute and very flat, apart from having the tiniest heel. they’re also made by NeuAura which is a vegan-owned, ethical company.

They’d make good every day shoes that you could also wear to work.

You can get them from Vickerey.

Vegan men’s chunky hemp trainers

Vegan men's hemp trainers Actually, these are technically unisex, but I am calling them men’s shoes because A. they look pretty manly and B. it’s been a while since I’ve had anything about vegan men’s shoes on here and I’ve just picked up some new Twitter followers who are decidedly male.

These high tops are made by Vegetarian Shoes in Europe out of hemp and microfibre so are eco-friendly, durable and ethically produced. They are nice and chunky and, while supposedly casual / skate shoes, are actually quite smart-casual. You could totally rock a hipster look in these.

You can get them from Vegetarian Shoes.

Stylish vegan high heel booties

Beyond Skin booties Taking a break from crazy shoes today for something somewhat more practical (as far as heels go).

These ultra suave booties by Beyond Skin are just what a girl needs to complete the high flying executive outfit for the office. There are so many ugly ugly work shoes in the world. It warms my heart to see any shoes that are a. vegan b. respectable job friendly and c. feminine and sexy.

I don’t actually work in an office anymore and when I did, it was a very casual office. Still, surfing the web for shoes and coming across these almost makes me wish I had a better excuse to buy these.

As it stands, until things here at Addict Towers heat up moneywise, I’m going to save my pennies for totally insane shoes that are suitable for very few, if any, occasions.

As for you, If you like your heels sexy and high and your suits powerful, then grab these from Amazon.

Vegan knee-high heeled strappy boots

Still with Novacas today and these superstylish fabric knee high boots.

They are perfect for both woth and wearing out on the town and, while not exactly snow hiking boots, should be perfect for the current season and places where winter doesn’t require you to wear boots that are padded and oiled.

You can get them from Mooshoes

Vegan two tone gladiator sandals

vegan two-tone gladiator sandals I don’t normally like gladiator sandals. Actually, I hate them. I also don’t usually like most of Neu Aura’s shoes, even though they are an ethical, vegan company. Just not my style. Nothing personal.

Still, these two toned vegan gladiator sandals look quite smart. If you wanted to wear sandals and still look presentable and maybe even business-like (depending on the nature of your business – these are flat, after all) then you could easily get away with taking these along.

You can get them from Fashion Conscience.

Vegan knot front ballet flats

vegan zebra ballet flats OK, so ballet flats are not exactly exciting, but they’re very useful – I end up wearing mine nearly all the time. Sometimes you just need a nice pair of every day shoes to put on. Shoes that are presentable, comfortable, versatile and pretty. Well, here they are.

Animal print never go out of fashion and neither will ballet flats. The knot effect at the vamp gives them a nice twist to keep things interesting and… voila! The perfect every day shoe. They come in a huge huge range of colours and fabrics. Not just animal prints – solids, lace, flower patterns, etc. Some are supposedly silk though, so beware.

You can get these from Amazon.

White perforated unisex vegan trainers

white vegan trainersThese white vegan PU trainers by Firetrap are perforated, which is handy for ventilation. They are a bit manly in style but I think they could work for women too. Sizes go down to a size 6, so if you’re a girl who’s size 6 (UK size 6) or above, you could still rock the look if they fit you style.

I reckon they look sort of summery and smart casual. I’m not really one for white trainers myself, but it’s always good to see a vegan version of a classic. They also come in handy black and also in brown.

They are currently half price in the Office Sale.

Fun vegan burgundy sandals

vegan sandals Summer isn’t over yet, so if you’re still looking for a smartish pair of vegan sandals you could do worse than checking out this style by ethical vegan shoe company Novacas.

They are pretty generic so would go with any look you want to throw at them and while pretty flat, actually have a tiny but chic heel that looks quite flattering while still being close enough to flat to be comfortable.

You can get them from the Mooshoes website.

Funky vegan open lace up heels

blue and red vegan heels How cute are these??? OK, that was a rhetorical question, but I feel I should answer it anyway – very cute!

They’re mostly canvas, so quite casual, but quite retro and even a bit pin up girl with it.
The heels are very stable-looking, so I reckon these would make fun and quirky every day shoes if you like wearing heels but don’t always want to go full out retro femme fatale.
They have lots of hearts on them – in the lining as well as a big one on the bottom of the sole. I just love all those little nice touches.

You can get them from Amazon.