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Awesome vegan platform t-bar heels with sailor skull design

Vegan t bar platform heels with sailor skull pattern A thousand times yes! These shoes are blatantly made of awesome. I generally need to be sold on brown shoes, but these are just about crazy enough for me to love. If they were a guy I’d be totally making a fool of myself right about now, but they’re a pair of shoes so I can just throw some money at the problem and make them mine. I’m not quite sure what I’d wear them with, but I guess it doesn’t matter because no one would be looking at what you’re wearing. They’d be too busy looking at the shoes.
They’re made by Iron Fist (who else?) and are called ” iron fist filthy landlubber t-bar pf high heels” on the Schuh site (enter that in the search box).
Iron Fist themselves match their shoes with bold coloured tights and short dresses.

You can get these on the Schuh site.

Pink vegan pin up heels with the works

vegan pink  pin up heels OK, so these heels are a bit breakneck, but if they were a guy I’d be totally making a fool of myself right now. And probably in vain, because they’re pink! Check out the goodies – we have a sexy fishnet pattern, skulls, bows, even a little pink skull charm, by the looks of it. Oh and, of course, black and white stripes for that sexy punk/courtesan feel. I do believe these are the perfect vegan, somewhat edgy pin up shoes for all your flirting-with-goth needs.

Oh yeah and they’re totally on sale right now at Schuh. Get in there quickly while there are still a few sizes left!

Sexy vegan goth boots with skull buckles

Vegan goth boots with skull buckles They might not look it, but these utterly goth-tastic (or skull-icious, if you prefer) ankle boots are 100% vegan friendly. Ogle their dark awesomeness! Pointed toes, a little heel and, of course, the 3 skull buckles make them extra awesome, as long as you don’t take yourself too seriously (and what goth ever does, eh?)

I’m totally loving these and even though I know there is no shortage of vegan goth shoes (as there is no shortage of vegan goths), I do think it helps to have super awesome ones turn up every once in a while on this blog. Don’t you think?

You can get these lovely boots from Endless.

Vegan men’s white and orange trainers

vegan mens trainers Happy new year everyone!
We’re off the Office shoes sale and straight into the Schuh sale.

Because I’ve said I’ll write more about vegan men’s shoes, I thought I’d start the year with a pair. Start as I mean to go on and all that.
This post is actually coming at you from the past, as I have prepared it in advance, knowing fully well that I am probably way way too hungover and asleep to actually write anything right now. Thank you, WordPress schedule feature!

Anyway, I really like these. Shame they are only for men. The white and orange combo is really neat (orange soles, how cool?) plus, these “roger” high-tops by Momentum also have a cute skull eyelet on each shoe. I also like the high-top shape which is noticeably different from the usual Converse style.

At the time of writing there seemed to be plenty of these in stock. Hopefully, there still are, but at £15 a pair, you never know!

Get them (if you can) at the Schuh sale.

Unisex vegan mexican skull trainers

vegan mens trainers These cool urban vegan trainers by Draven have funky skulls on them that look very Day of the Dead. That is very cool.
They also apparently say “Rock & Roll” on them, which is sort of less cool in a trying too hard to be cool and appeal to a certain kind of teenager sort of way. Oh well, can’t have everything. At least that bit doesn’t seem too obvious, while the cool skulls are very obvious.

They come in two understated shades which means you can wear them with everything. Handy if you’re a bloke who hates buying shoes and want a pair of shoes you can live in till either one of you dies.

You can get them on the Draven site.