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Shiny vegan showgirl low heels with bows

vegan low heeled shoes Here’s a pair of shoes for all you fans of low heels, shiny heels and showgirl heels. These look a bit like something out of a chorus line, with sparkly bows and a colour-shifting fabric upper (with faux leather trims). They look like they’ll make fun dancing shoes, if you’re not keen on skyscraper heels but want to look girlie and retro.

The description says they’re purple, too, though I can’t quite tell in the picture. They seem more like a cross between purple and turquoise.

Either way, you can get them at Schuh.

Mad vegan cherry pie heels

vegan platform heels Just had these appear in my Facebook feed. They’re pretty mad in every way – crazy height, mad (and rare) cherry pie print (the complete product, as opposed to simply the cherries themselves) and some sort of mad diamante brooch thing on the front. They’re definitely making a statement. I’m not sure what that statement is, but whatever it is, they’re making it now.

What’s more, they’re currently reduced from £60 to £35, which makes them a pretty good deal.
You can get them from the Schuh website.

Vegan silver sequin flats

Vegan silver flat shoes For some of you, these silvery sequinned pilms may be the perfect going home shoes – the ones you wear before, after or even during the party, once your feet can’t take your 5″ stilettos anymore but you still need to move.

For others, these will actually be your party shoes. After all, they’re super shiny and sparkly and are flat, so easy to dance in. Either way, they are cute and fun and I love them.

You can get them from Schuh. They are called Molly.

Funky vegan striped wedge sandals

vegan wedge sandals Oh how fun! These wedge sandals are by Sketchers and are called “Loveshine Loveseat”.

Check out the cute cut out bit, not to mention the fun stripes and the silver strap. Can’t really go wrong with black & white stripes!

I’m not so sold on having a big Sketchers logo on the sides, but I have somewhat of an aversion to logos, so I would say that.

You can get these from Schuh.