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Purple vegan platform sandals – yes please!

Purple vegan heels Well, I love purple and I love platform heels and it’s the season for sandals, so I totally love these. They’re Madden Girls and they do come in a range of colours – black, some browns, a cool red-orange-pink combo…I’m not sure all are vegan as there’s a tan option that’s definitely not fabric, although for this price, I’m pretty sure it’s not real leather (they are made in China though, where sometimes leather is cheaper than fake). T These purple ones definitely say fabric and synthetic all over them. hey’re definitely great party heels and perfect for spring. Need I say again how gorgeous the purple shade is? It’s not every day that I see purple vegan shoes, I must say.

You can get them from Endless.

Pink vegan pin up heels with the works

vegan pink  pin up heels OK, so these heels are a bit breakneck, but if they were a guy I’d be totally making a fool of myself right now. And probably in vain, because they’re pink! Check out the goodies – we have a sexy fishnet pattern, skulls, bows, even a little pink skull charm, by the looks of it. Oh and, of course, black and white stripes for that sexy punk/courtesan feel. I do believe these are the perfect vegan, somewhat edgy pin up shoes for all your flirting-with-goth needs.

Oh yeah and they’re totally on sale right now at Schuh. Get in there quickly while there are still a few sizes left!

Sexy vegan goth boots with skull buckles

Vegan goth boots with skull buckles They might not look it, but these utterly goth-tastic (or skull-icious, if you prefer) ankle boots are 100% vegan friendly. Ogle their dark awesomeness! Pointed toes, a little heel and, of course, the 3 skull buckles make them extra awesome, as long as you don’t take yourself too seriously (and what goth ever does, eh?)

I’m totally loving these and even though I know there is no shortage of vegan goth shoes (as there is no shortage of vegan goths), I do think it helps to have super awesome ones turn up every once in a while on this blog. Don’t you think?

You can get these lovely boots from Endless.

Stylishly trashy vegan strappy heels

Vegan gold sandals There’s a time and a place for trashy gold heels and when the time comes. It’s good to know that you can get fairly decent vegan ones from H&M. These happy strappy gold sandals are out for spring, so if you feel the need to stylishly pimp up your personal style, you can grab a pair of these. With a tight black outfit without too many other bells and whistles, these could actually look almost classy, but you can go wild with your imagination if you want to look super 80s trashy style and match them with some sort of loud hipster ensemble for the full effect.

You can get them at H&M.

hot hot hot Harajuku lovers peep toe heels

red vegan peep toe heels Every once in a while I have to remind myself that normal people in normal society don’t actually drool over shoes. This is definitely one of those times. They’re so so cute. They’re made by Harajuku Lovers, Gwen Stefani’s line, which probably explains why they have a very Japanese-looking profile. I love the double girly bow and the slightly twisted silver studs. The peep toe thing gives you a chance to show off your toes and the killer heels give you a chance to tower over everyone else.

The good news is that these also come in black. The bad news is that there are only a few sizes left in either.
If you’re quick, you can get them on Amazon / Endless.

Vegan shiny fashion statement rain boots

Vegan rain boots Hoki is a small Israeli company that started when the founder cycled past one of those super dated shoe places in the south of Tel Aviv and rediscovered a bunch of old stock plastic slippers housewives used to wear in the 70s and 80s.
She managed to track down and buy the pattern from the company that used to make these and started her own business selling plastic only shoes. Since then, she’s added some pretty hot designs to the collection, uncluding these shiny wedge rain boots with this neat quilting and a style that is decidedly unlike your average wellie.

You can’t buy the shoes from the site, so you will have to email them to ask if there are any stores selling them in your area (they have been expanding into the international market). You may also be able to get them to send you some.

Check these (and the other hot styles) on the Hoki site.

Loud vegan pin up heels

Vegan pin up heels These sort of twist the meaning of pin up heels, cause they have an actual pin up girl on them. They’re sort of 80s trashy in a way, but also classy enough in their own special way. For the extra cartoony touch, see the inside of the shoe for a wolfy surprise!

Another pair of wicked heels from TUK. You can get them on Amazon.

Slutty vegan red leopard print pointy heels

If you’ve been searching for red vegan leopard print heels, look no further! These somewhat 80s-tastic pointy heels are here for you. Slut-a-licious!

If you have hipster tendencies you can wear them ironically with some sort of high fashion skinny jeans or leggings based attire, otherwise, well, put on your vintage 80s prom dress and off you go.

These are another find in the Office shoes sale

Sexy vegan zip heels

sexy vegan heels These sexy high heels from St. Francis Couture have a working zip on the vamp, so you can actually change the way they look and feel – very clever.

They have a classic shape that is also very now and will definitely get you some comments if you wear them out.

Sexy, simple, sophisticated – love it!

You can get them from St. Francis Couture.

Bohemian vegan sandals sari material ankle tie

vegan bohemian sandals These hand made vegan bohemian / hippie sandals are so very sexy!!
I love the ankle tie that’s apparently made out of vintage sari material (silk free).

Check out the picture of them being worn on the site to see the full effect of how totally lush they look when on actual feet.

I found these on the Neon Collective site, a very fab vegan boutique.