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Cute and functional elastic vegan sandals

Vegan sandals I’ve been contacted by Galo, an American company that sells shoes made in Italy, as they’ve recently added a designated vegan section to their website (you can see it here). It’s always good to hear about companies that try to make it easier for us non-leather wearers and while their shoes are generally not quite my taste, I did like these cute and classic elastic sandals, which seem really comfortable, as well as smart and versatile. On the whole, the Galo shoes and boots seem like a good functional choice, rather than high fashion – well made, comfortable smart shoes that look like they’d last you quite a few years. I can see myself wearing these sandals If I was going to an event where I needed to look presentable and be on my feet a long time. They also come in a brown colour combo.

You can get them from the Galo website.

Vegan leopard print wedge sandals

Vegan leopard print wedge sandals Cute vegan sandals for summer! These are simple and sweet, they look comfortable and they have a leopard print pattern. They also come in the natural raffia colour if leopard print is a bit wild for you, which is also nice. Either of these will make nice smart-casual shoes for the beach-side bar.

You can get them from Endless.

Purple vegan platform sandals – yes please!

Purple vegan heels Well, I love purple and I love platform heels and it’s the season for sandals, so I totally love these. They’re Madden Girls and they do come in a range of colours – black, some browns, a cool red-orange-pink combo…I’m not sure all are vegan as there’s a tan option that’s definitely not fabric, although for this price, I’m pretty sure it’s not real leather (they are made in China though, where sometimes leather is cheaper than fake). T These purple ones definitely say fabric and synthetic all over them. hey’re definitely great party heels and perfect for spring. Need I say again how gorgeous the purple shade is? It’s not every day that I see purple vegan shoes, I must say.

You can get them from Endless.

Cool vegan canvas sling back wedge sandals

Vegan sling back shoes These are weird but I like them. They come in black, white and some sort of mad “tribal” fabric that’s definitely some sort of fashion statement. I’m never quite sure about the hybrid shoe-sandal thing. There have been quite a few crimes against fashion in recent years that involved the chimera that they are, but these are not a million miles away from the old lindy hop / swing dancing wedges of the 50s, although the platform wedge is higher. They’re made of canvas, so even though they’re half closed, they should breathe enough to make decent summer shoes. The laces are definitely a nice touch too.

They actually look like they’d be quite comfortable to wear.

You can get them from Urban Outfitters.

Crazy high polka dot vegan sandals

giant vegan heels These crazy big platform vegan heels are like all of my shoe dreams rolled into one. They’re huge, they’re retro, they’re totally over the top and they’ve got polka dots. If you ever wanted to be like a foot taller then now’s your chance (OK, they’re not quite that high, but at 5.5 inches, they’re plenty tall enough).

Absolutely everyone would notice you if you were wearing these, which makes these the perfect shoes for you if you love being the centre of attention. Otherwise you’re probably better off wearing shoes that don’t scream so loud.

While the blurb talks about wooden soles, I don’t actually think it’s actual wood, but rather some fake wood. I could be wrong, though. Wouldn’t that be cool? Either way, these are, as they say, made of awesome.

You can get them from Modcloth.

Cute and fruity vegan sandals

Vegan sandals It’s hot hot hot in London town right now, so here’s a pair of summery vegan sandals to grab before it all goes rainy and miserable again. They seem to be some sort of variation on the general flip flop theme toe-wise and have a really cute orange on the front, which is actually a winter fruit, but great all year round, really.

The cork sole comes complete with a pretty flowery pattern so all in all a very summery shoe, which you can take on holiday once summer leaves the UK (in about a day or so).

You can get them from the Irregular Choice website.

Simple vegan summer wedge sandals

Vegan summer wedge sandals I really like these cute little wedge sandals. They’re very simple and not too expensive and are perfectly versatile so can be worn with any holiday outfit and give you some added retro chic charm. The addition of the woven strap is quite a nice touch and while the sole is not quite the designer wood-cut wedge of my dreams, it’s the perfect thing to wear at the beach without worrying about it too much. Actually, you can wear with to work or to a night out with similar ease.

If wedges (or black) are not your thing for some reason, you’ll be glad to know that these have a related sister show that comes in white and is completely flat. Still charming, still chic and cheap but also sweet and comfortable for walking in if you like being closer to the ground.

You can get both from Modcloth.

Retro-inspired flat vegan sandals

vegan sandals If you’re following Vegan Shoe Addict on Facebook, you may have seen me post a link to Roni Kantor’s line of vegan retro-inspired shoes. She is an Israeli designer from Tel Aviv and all her shoes are 100% consciously vegan. Now I’ve discovered that she sells on Etsy, which means anyone anywhere can buy her shoes. I have it on good authority that they’re comfortable and well made.

So here we have one of her flat sandal styles  (she does some really awesome retro heels as well) which is the perfect thing if you prefer flats but still want a cool retro edge to your summer look. They come in red as well, possibly in other colours too. Really cute.

You can get these on Etsy.

Simply red vegan sandals

Vegan sandals These simple, red sandals are built like flip flops but are posher. Although I couldn’t resist the pun, they are obviously loads better than the crappy band.

They have a tiny wedge but are effectively flat – just enough of oomph to give you that sweet bit of posture and extra height.

You could dress them up or down and where them with everything to everywhere that tolerates open toe footwear. They certainly beat your average flip flop for style and look a lot better than the $20 or so you’d pay for them.

You can get these at Modcloth.

Cute vegan interchangeable sandals

Vegan interchangeable sandals These ultra cute interchangeable vegan sandals were recommended to me by reader Rebecca (thanks, Rebecca!). They’re called Mohops and apart from this flattish heel, they also come in a kitten and a wedge. They’re quite expensive for sandals, but not when you take into account the fact that you can tie them in like a million ways so they’re effectively a whole load of sandals in one. Oh yeah, and if thongs are not your thing, check out these mouthwateringly hot wedges. What I like about these is that the soles are made of wood, that’s right, actual wood. It’s so rare to find vegan shoes with actual wooden soles and these are all from sustainable resources too.

Beautiful shoes with endless possibilities. I like! You get 7 different ribbons to tie them with and instructions on how to do it, which I like even more.

Get them from Mohops.

Cheap and cheerful vegan white high heeled sandals

White vegan high heeled sandals Here’s a pair of fun, simple and cheap high heeled sandals from our friends at Payless, the thrifty vegan’s secret stash store. They might not be your choice for the NY fashion show, but they may well serve you at the Vegas pool party.

Apart from this white colour, they also come in black, a cheap-looking denim colour and another shade which is very similar to this shade’s lining.

Basically, these are fun, summery shoes that may not last you 15 years, but will definitely provide some good times while they do last. Seeing as most self respecting fashionistas wouldn’t be seen anywhere near a Payless store, you can also rest in the knowledge that you’re likely to be the only one wearing these. I do so love that about buying from the cheap stores. I’ll leave it up to you whether to tell people where you got these when they inevitably ask.

You can get them from Payless.

Vegan gingham (huge) wedge heel sandals

Vegan gingham wedge sandals Brace yourself for a big name to fit these big big wedge sandals: “Schuh Garda Ankle Strap Wedge”. You’ll need the name to search for them on the Schuh site. Aren’t they awesome and retro-licious? Towering high above the world with a 13cm heel they may be a bit demanding for the average user, but boy are they hot! Supposedly 70s inspired, though I reckon the gingham means they’d go well with 50s dresses too. The 70s seem to be back in style this summer. Weren’t they already back in style a few years back? Or has it been long enough for the style to become re-retro?

Either way, you can get these from Schuh in the UK and worldwide.

Cutest vegan jelly sandals ever

Vegan wedge sandals And tonight on “Shoes that make you go oooooooooh” – these sandals by Harajuku Lovers! They are so, so so so cute.
They come in black, white, red or yellow and each colour has its own cool little lady on the insole. It’s almost like a collect them all Pokemon thing and, frankly, at $35 a pair, it’s almost tempting to get a few different colours. I love the sexy wedge that’s just high enough to give you a nice profile but not too insane and I love the girlie bow. I also have a thing for jelly shoes, so I may be a bit biased, but I think these would make perfect summer shoes for everywhere and everything. If you’re the sort of person who likes even your casualest of beachwear to have a classy retro touch, then these are your sandals.

You can get them from Endless.

Red vegan butterfly sandals

Vegan butterfly sandals It might not look it, but summer is really just around the corner. You can always tell by the fact that shoe shops start selling summery shoes. Well, these simple vegan sandals come with a nice twist in the shape of the cute little butterfly. They are by Mel, which appears to be a new, more affordable offshoot of Melissa Shoes. Like Melissa’s more high class, designer range, these are made out of that special plastic of theirs and they so far seem to come in red and black (though maybe there are other colours out there, who knows?).

They’re pretty and fun and bound to go with most of your casual summer outfits. You can get them from Office Shoes.

Green vegan party heels

Vegan party heels It’s almost spring! So I’ve decided to write about these lovely green satin party heels by Beyond Skin.

They have a delicate striped pattern that’s almost understatedly retro, but mostly they’re shiny and a little bit sparkly (they have a diamante buckle).

Great for spring and summer parties or your holiday in Monaco.

If you don’t know about Beyond Skin yet, check them out. They’re a British company based in Brighton and they make beautiful shoes.

In the USA, you can buy these from Amazon / Endless.