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Vegan red and stripy espadrille sandals

Vegan espadrille sandals If a sandal and an espadrille had a lovechild in retro revival times, it would most likely look something like this – a little bit nautical, very summery and with a cool espadrille woven footbed. These are by Rocket Dog so will probably be quite comfortable and they’re flat, which makes them even more comfortable.

They also come in a black version (with black and white stripes on the front) and both are currently in the Office sale for a mere £15. There are quite a few sizes left in both at the moment, though I am assuming this won’t last at this price (and considering the fact they are C-U-T-E with a capital everything).

So off to the Office site you go if you want them.

My new Rocket Dog chelsea boots

Vegan women's chelsea boots I am so happy I got these in a sale!

I’ve been looking for something vegan and boot-like for ages and this city has nothing! All the gorgeous boots I’ve seen have been leather leather leather and the only vegan stuff has been crap. These aren’t quite the glorious designer knee-highs I’ve been craving, but they’ll go with all the stuff I’ve got with me and they’re ace. They’re very comfortable and fit true to size. I’ve tried them on with a thick sock, too.

They are by Rocket Dog and they have a label sewn inside that tells you they’re 100% synthetic. I am mentioning this because some places that sell these claim they are leather, but they are not. They are definitely synthetic. They’re called Yonder. They also come in brown.

You can get them from lots of places but here they are on Amazon.

I also got a pair of these. I thought from the pics that they would be rubbery, like rain boots, but they are actually shiny plastic. I looked at a few other colours and they were all made out the same material. They are very comfortable, but run 1-2 sizes small. I ended up buying 2 sizes up.

Vegan chunky heeled oxfords

And today on “vegan shoes with weird names” we have the Rocket Dog Screwball Oxfords. Don’t ask me why because I just don’t know.

These are a cross between a retro oxford look and a rather modern, chunky mid-heel that looks like it’s made of plastic. They also come in brown and tan, all colours that would make them versatile every day shoes. Rocket Dog make shoes that are comfortable, stready and often fit people with wider feet.

You can get these from Amazon.

Vegan Rocket Dog brogues

vegan brogues Well, Rocket Dog are not exactly known for dainty, delicate designs, and these are no exception. With a name like “Ruckus flats” I guess that’s a conscious thing.

They make a nice, chunky choice of retro revival brogues for those of you who enjoy that kind of thing.
Being Rocket Dog, they are most likely light and pretty comfortable to wear.

You can get them from Schuh.

Simple vegan bow flats

vegan pumps These Vera ballerina flats by Rocket Dog are pretty perfect for the changing season. I love functional shoes that deliver a bit of style with the function and these do the trick nicely. The big bows make them slightly more interesting than your average flat but they can be worn with everything without clashing.

Being flats, they are a bit more Minnie Mouse than Betty Boop when it comes to retro finery, but I know many of my readers prefer flats to heels and these would definitely dress you up good without taxing your comfort levels.

You can get them from Schuh.

Vegan silver sandals

vegan silver sandals Summer isn’t over. In fact, in some places, it’s only just beginning!

So here’s a pair of vegan silver sandals, because, well, silver is cool and so are sandals.
These have got a very slight wedge, neat t-bar strapping and a very funky cross-strap design thing going on at the front. They also have a really neat sole with a love heart pattern. I love this sort of attention to detail in shoes!

These cute vegan sandals also come in bronze or shiny black.

I found them on Amazon.

Rugged-style vegan boots

black vegan boots These somewhat rugged vegan boots by Rocket Dog are called Race Track. You can wear them up or down and they have a super cool zip with a little bone on the end.

These look very comfortable and not in a bad way. I think they’d make a fine choice for good vegan autumn or winter boots for every day wear. They’re casual but hip and also come in brown.

You can get them from Schuh.

Super girlie vegan summer trainers

If you’re looking for ultra-girlie summer trainers then I do believe you may have found them. They have a totally young and casual vibe. Sort of…Middle class bohemian – virginal but easily corruptible (you know, cause they’re pale).

Just picture them with a white summery dress or jeans for the perfectly sexy “just fell out of bed and slipped those on” look.
They come in a few other colours, including an all white lace option which is also ultra cute.

You can get them from Schuh. They’re called Rocket Dog Snippet.

Cute vegan flats with rosette

girlie vegan flats These Ventura flats by Rocket Dog are casual, girlie and simple, but they have neat piping and a pretty rosette to make them stand out from your average casual ballet pump. They look a bit like trainers, but not quite. Sort of like a hybrid between a ballerina pump and Vans.

They make cute and comfy shoes to slip on when you’re going somewhere that doesn’t quite require dressing up, but they’ll still look more fashionable than just plain black flats.

You can get them from Schuh.

Super cool multi coloured vegan flats

vegan multi coloured flats Oh wow! Loving these multi coloured vegan pumps from Rocket Dog! They’re called Vallejo. The other side of the shoe is actually red, which is pretty cool. They also come in a blue colour combination, but I prefer this one cause it’s bright and sort of Mexican-looking. Pretty pretty!

These make such perfect casual every day shoes if you want to make a bit of a statement rather than just wear classic black!

You can get these from the Schuh website.

cute vegan “sweet” flats

vegan flats Another super cute pair from Rocket Dog. These shoes have got super cute donuts and ice creams on them. As someone who loves both ice cream and donuts, I approve! I’ve actually made myself a donut brooch out of a Japanese donut keychain once, so can totally dig wearing the happy symbol on my feet as well.

At least I think these are donuts, they could be something else. There’s cupcakes too, so if all else fails, we’ll go with that.

These are called “rocket dog positive baked goods” (is there any other type?) and you can get them from Schuh.

Vegan rainbow wedge sandals

vegan wedge sandals Cute cute cute! I have a pair of Rocket Dog trainers with a very girlie rainbow and heart theme and I guess these are the summer version inspired by the same care bear like idea.

I have no clue whether these are comfortable to wear, but as far as slip-on cuteness goes, you’d have a hard time trying to beat these while still remaining tasteful. I like the little knot where all the rainbow strands meet.

They’re also on sale now so only cost 15 quid, which is also kinda cute.

You can get them from Office.

Vegan plaid school sock trainers

vegan plaid trainers Yup. It’s time for yet another Rocket Dog shoe review. It’s just that they have so many good vegan shoes… Like these “Jamba school sock” trainers. I’m not sure I like the very blatant Rocket Dog logo on the heel, but I do like the whole “let’s turn the cool school socks into a shoe” thing. I guess if you wore them with black knee-highs you’d look like the anti-preppy student.

They are simple, fun and the grey is a good choice cause it means you can wear them with lots of different things and they are mostly neutral, even though they have a pattern. I wouldn’t go trying them on with anything, say, pink and busy, though!

These plaid vegan trainers are available from Schuh.

Vegan funky geometric pattern heels

 vegan geometric heels It’s been over a week without a single mention of any Rocket Dog shoes, so I feel obliged to mention these. They’re called Mariella Prism (sounds like someone’s name).

They are girly and funky and have nice purple touches which makes them instantly cool. Obviously, they’re not the smart heels you’d wear to the ambassador’s reception, but they’ll make you look cool when you’re out on the town to a less stuffy party.

If you’re the sort of person who wears heels all the time, these would make fun day heels – not too fancy, but definitely eye-catching and different.

Sort of like a cross between a grown up shoe and a happy clubber shoe.

You can get these funky vegan heels at Schuh.

Grey vegan polka dot flower heels

vegan grey polka dot heels These “Sora” polka dot heels from Rocket Dog are so very cute! One of the things I like most about Rocket Dog is that they really do pay attention to detail. Their shoes always have such nice little touches and these are no different. Check out the lovely red trim, the sweet retro flower and the polka dot heel and lining.

The material, in case you’re wondering, is velour: soft, velvety velour. If you click through and go through the rest of the pics, you’ll see the heel has quite a funky shape too.

All in all, this is a lovely, rather bohemian shoe. It’s a bit too distinctive to be 100% versatile, but would certainly blend in nicely with both modern and vintage outfits and even with a simple pair of jeans.

You can get these from .