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New Olsen Haus vegan autumn boots

Vegan designer ankle boot from Olsen Haus Well, autumn is definitely here and so are all the autumn collections. This season’s Olsen Haus collection has all kinds of interesting finds in it – lots of big wedges and somewhat crazy shoes, alongside a couple of cool knee high boots. I liked these because they are simple enough to wear every day and yet beautifully made and definitely “designer”. Maybe it’s because the only way I can foresee paying designer prices for shoes is if I get a lot of wear out of them, year after year and some of the new shoes and boots in the range are just a bit too big and weird for me (though I do like the wooden wedge one very much!)

Check out the full range at Olsen Haus.

Eco-friendly vegan slip on trainers

vegan sneakers trainers I usually use Twitter to spread the word about shoes featured on this blog, but sometimes it actually delivers cool vegan shoes to me. In this case, it actually delivered a vegan shop and I found these cool sneakers / trainers on there. These are made out of natural cotton (the uppers) and recycled car tyres and natural rubber (soles). They look really casual and comfortable and are made by Simple Shoes who have a whole ethical thing going on as well.

You can probably get these from all kinds of places, but why not buy from The Chocolate Shoebox and support a vegan owned and run business? They’re in Seattle, but you can order stuff online from wherever.

Cute vegan interchangeable sandals

Vegan interchangeable sandals These ultra cute interchangeable vegan sandals were recommended to me by reader Rebecca (thanks, Rebecca!). They’re called Mohops and apart from this flattish heel, they also come in a kitten and a wedge. They’re quite expensive for sandals, but not when you take into account the fact that you can tie them in like a million ways so they’re effectively a whole load of sandals in one. Oh yeah, and if thongs are not your thing, check out these mouthwateringly hot wedges. What I like about these is that the soles are made of wood, that’s right, actual wood. It’s so rare to find vegan shoes with actual wooden soles and these are all from sustainable resources too.

Beautiful shoes with endless possibilities. I like! You get 7 different ribbons to tie them with and instructions on how to do it, which I like even more.

Get them from Mohops.

Vegan recycled rice bag mary jane trainers (sneakers)

Recycled rice bag vegan shoes You may remember the totally very beautiful and unique recycled rice bag shoes I wrote about some time ago. Well, here’s another take on the genre, this time from Keen shoes, who seem to make sort of outdoorsy, sporty shoes. These effectively mary jane trainers and are made with woven strips of recycled rice bags. Apparently each one is slightly different, because of the different bags they use. Very cute concept. They remind me of those recycled bags you can get sometimes.
I don’t like these quite as much as the Wear Every Day ones, but they do look sporty and are especially designed to be comfy, plus apparently Keen are big on social responsibility and ethics.

You can get these straight from the Keen site.

Beautiful vegan vintage fabric heels

Vegan vintage print heels These lovely shoes are now on SALE! They’re by Beyond Skin, whose shoes are handmade in an ethical and usually eco-friendly fashion.

I love how the modern court shoe look blends with the pretty vintage pattern. These are just so totally hip.
Definitely not a common shoe. Not sure about the name, though. They are called “Maggie” and the first Maggie that springs to my mind is Maggie Thatcher. I hope and assume it’s another Maggie that inspired these, as they are way way too sweet to be named after that mean old bag.

You can get them from Beyond Skin.

Strangely beautiful vegan designer wedges

Is it a boot? Is it a shoe? What is it? what does it do? I don’t know but I don’t care. I just know I want a pair!

OK, that came out a bit too nursery rhyme there. I blame the cat, who kept me awake half the night because she was scared of the rain. Sleep deprivation is nasty.

But back to the shoes…I even like the crazy orange colour and, rather than reject it on the grounds that I most likely have nothing that would go with these, I am already thinking what I could buy that would go with these. They are just that cool.

These are, of course, Olsen Haus originals, made from their favourite recycled materials – TV screens and microfibre. Coolness on so many levels.

You can get them (somehow) via the Olsen Haus website.

Drool-worthy vegan wooden wedge heels

Vegan designer wedge bootsI got so excited about these I accidentally posted this yesterday. If you were fast enough, you got a sneak preview. I could have let you have it, but no. You only get one post a day so here it is.

I gotta say that these utterly delectable vegan boots from Cri de Coeur are making me want to do things to shoes that shouldn’t be discussed in polite company. They have an actual wooden platform – not fake plastic wood. This makes me happy in a special way.

Unlike most shoes with a real wooden platform, though, they are made out of fake suede and fabric, without any leather in sight. The fact that they are also ethical and eco-friendly makes them even sexier.

I think I may actually be in love. Why don’t you run along now and look at them, so I can stay on my own for a little while and look at them too?

You can get them from For $390. Sigh.

Recycled TV designer vegan boots

Red vegan boots Olsen Haus shoes never cease to make me happy, so seeing as it’s a slow shoe news day when it comes to new, uncharted designers, I figured it’s time to check their current collection. These lovely red boots are made out of recycled TV screens. I’ve written before about the coolness that is wearing shoes that are made out of tellies. Sexy, eco-minded and subversive, all in the same boot. These have a hot hot wedge and a faux leather belt.

Check them out on the Olsen Haus site.
You’ll need to email them to buy these directly from them. Let me know how it works, as I’ve never tried 🙂

100% recycled vegan hiking boots

recycled vegan boots In this blog, I usually try to stay away from the more obvious types of vegan shoes and concentrate on more instantly fashionable shoes, as I think that’s the type of vegan shoes people often struggle to find.

These 100% recycled vegan hiking boots fall more into the traditional vegan shoe category – sort of chunky, sensible and earthy, while being ethical and eco-friendly as well but not exactly suitable for a night on the town. I’m not sure these are quite the same as proper, professional hiking boots, but they look perfectly light, comfortable and sturdy for the job.

I thought I’d mention them, though, as I recently came across them online and I like to support businesses that care about people, animals and the environment.

As far as this type of walking boot is concerned, these do stand out and look interestingly unusual. Wear them in the right circles and you’ll get quite a few comments, I’m sure.
I like the recycling logo and the artificial leather detailing. The website tells you exactly what they’re made of and it’s pretty fascinating!

You can get these from the Jade Planet website.

Woven vegan wedge designer heels

woven vegan wedge designer heels Oh so stylish! These woven wedges from Olsen Haus are so brilliantly timeless and beautiful.

To make them even more cool – they are made out of recycled TVs! Recycled, cool and just a tiny little bit rebellious (you know, kinda like throwing away your television, but turning it into hot shoes instead).

I tweeted about these before when they were announced, but there was no direct link to buy any at the time. I think Olsen Haus make a few shoes out of TVs. These wedges are my current favourites.

Now you can buy these are

Quilted vegan terra plana heels

quilted vegan heels But wait, there’s more! Following yesterday’s review of the low-heeled terra plana heels, I found another one of their style that’s 100% vegan. Check out these awesome quilted “Juniper” shoes.

They come in a range of quilted options, plus solid PU, faux leather options. I think the quilt definitely makes the shoe, though. You can get a whole load of simple PU heels, but I’ve never seen those cool quilted patterns on any other shoe.

It’s all recycled and environmentally friendly and all, plus totally wicked.

You can get these directly from Terra Plana.

Recycled Balinese rice bag vegan shoes

recycled vegan shoes This has certainly been the week for me being contacted by cool vegan shoe sources!
I’ve just had an email from the nice people at Everyday Logic (, a totally vegan, ethical and environmentally sound online boutique. They have some very interesting shoes, including this pair, made out of recycled canvas rice bags from Bali. Aren’t they totally cool and unusual?

Definitely something you don’t see every day and they are unisex too, so I have marked them as Men’s shoes as well for the boys. They are fair trade, as you’d expect from a product sold in an ethical store, so points all round for these.

You can get them from my new excellent discovery –

Vegan laced ballet flats

vegan laced ballet flats Well, I’d decided it was high time I took another look at the Vegetarian Shoes site to see what’s new and found this unassuming but interesting flats on there. Apparently the laces are made out of recycled sarong material. Very summery! They’re sort of between a trainer and ballet flats, which I quite like. At the moment they seem to only come in this shade of yellow, which is indeed very summery and pleasant, but may not be to everyone’s taste.

Personally, I think they look quite 80s in a weird sort of way. Sort of like tennis shoes, maybe?

The site says they’re new, plus the pic isn’t the usual sort that you get on Veg shoes, so I am wondering if they are that new only the supplier has the pics so far? Either way, you can get them off the Vegetarian Shoes site.

NOT VEGAN!!! London-themed recycled trainers

vegan recycled trainers with London Underground fabrics

STOP PRESS! I just found this link that seems to be talking about the same shoes (they look the same, anyway) and says they have a leather trim. It’s a recycled leather trim, but still leather.

I thought about removing this post but am leaving it here with this message for now.

This way you can have a warning, in case you were considering buying these shoes. Don’t you just hate it when people stick leather on an otherwise perfectly good vegan shoe for no reason?

DIY Vegan recycled rain boots

vegan recycled rain boots

After writing about the extremely hot recycled vegan boots made from plastic bags, my friend Laura (hi Laura!) sent me this, which she found on These are basically simple vegan rain boots that you can make yourself using fused plastic bags. OK, so they’re not quite as amazing as the Chilean version, but they are still pretty damn cute, plus you can make them yourself without needing to learn Spanish. The designer took his inspiration from Ugg boots, so if you like the Ugg boots shape (which I on the whole don’t), you’ll love these even more.

They were originally designed to empower cartoneros – poor people in Buenos Aires that make a living out of collecting plastic bags. So we have a good cause, an environmentally-friendly enterprise and, of course, pretty funky boots! I like.

You can get the instructions for making these on Craftzine.