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Purple vegan platform sandals – yes please!

Purple vegan heels Well, I love purple and I love platform heels and it’s the season for sandals, so I totally love these. They’re Madden Girls and they do come in a range of colours – black, some browns, a cool red-orange-pink combo…I’m not sure all are vegan as there’s a tan option that’s definitely not fabric, although for this price, I’m pretty sure it’s not real leather (they are made in China though, where sometimes leather is cheaper than fake). T These purple ones definitely say fabric and synthetic all over them. hey’re definitely great party heels and perfect for spring. Need I say again how gorgeous the purple shade is? It’s not every day that I see purple vegan shoes, I must say.

You can get them from Endless.

Vegan purple brogue boots

vegan boots Although these look unisex, they are actually for women. They’re not exactly ultra feminine in style, but I do love the colours and if you like your style a little bit more comfortable and sensible than classically girlie then you will also love these. They’re not cheap but they are handmade in the UK and will last you forever (especially as they can be refurbished). They’re made by Freerangers who make a whole big range of vegan shoes and bags, including, you may be interested in discovering, a Celtic range of vegan sporrans and related items for the cruelty-free Scottish gentleman.

Get these from the Freerangers site.

Cute vegan t-bar mid heel sandals

vegan t bar sandals Comfortable heels, a neat t-bar design and, most importantly – purple!

Well, there is a review on the site from someone who’s bought these and it says they are more blue than purple. I’m guessing it might be a sort of indigo or blueish purple, which is still fine by me.

I’m a sucker for the t-bar look, I must say. Don’t ask me why but I just am. Coupled with the low heels these are pretty retro, which, if you read this blog regularly, you’ll know I’m also a sucker for. I must say the he price is pretty retro too, at 25UKP.

If spring ever comes, these are the shoes to greet it in. Roll on summer!
Oh yeah, they also come in black.

You can get these vegan t-bar retro sandals from