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Cute vegan polka dot platforms with ties

Vegan polka dot platforms These pretty, polka-dotty platforms may not be exactly right for the current snowy weather, but they are sooo cute and will be perfect for spring. I can’t tell whether the front platform is made of woven raffia or whether it’s some sort of fabric or faux leather but either way it’s pretty cheery and the ties look like they’d look really cute on. I wish there was a picture of someone wearing them so I could see exactly what they look like on, but you can’t have everything.
Great for your various retro, pin up and burlesque party needs.

I found them on the Next website.

50s style vegan polka dot peep toes with blackberries

vegan polka dot shoes Schuh are always ones to pick up on current trends and offer cute, affordable versions. These cute retro shoes are actually called cherry pie, even though they actually have sparkling blackberries on them.
If you’re a vintage / retro fan, then these would be a perfect addition to your wardrobe, as they’ll never go out of fashion and would go well with all your 50s dresses.

These also come in an odd shade of black & white gingham with flowers and red raspberries instead of the blackberries. They look a bit like these poetic license heels I wrote about a while back, but with what I think is a more flattering shape.

You can get them from Schuh.

Crazy high polka dot vegan sandals

giant vegan heels These crazy big platform vegan heels are like all of my shoe dreams rolled into one. They’re huge, they’re retro, they’re totally over the top and they’ve got polka dots. If you ever wanted to be like a foot taller then now’s your chance (OK, they’re not quite that high, but at 5.5 inches, they’re plenty tall enough).

Absolutely everyone would notice you if you were wearing these, which makes these the perfect shoes for you if you love being the centre of attention. Otherwise you’re probably better off wearing shoes that don’t scream so loud.

While the blurb talks about wooden soles, I don’t actually think it’s actual wood, but rather some fake wood. I could be wrong, though. Wouldn’t that be cool? Either way, these are, as they say, made of awesome.

You can get them from Modcloth.

Yummy as apple pie vegan heels

Polka dot vegan heels These Poetic License shoes are called “apple pie” and they’re as yummy as can be. Apart from this super cute pink colour, they also come in a similarly pastel blue and also in black.

They have a pretty retro profile and a super sweet little apple on the side for that extra nice little touch to make them special. Great all-seasons urban shoes to go with your retro look or add a retro edge to any other outfit without sacrificing modern trendiness.

You can get them from Irregular Choice.

Neutral vegan flats with polka dot bow

vegan ballet pumps with bowHere’s another winner from the Rocket Dog simple, casual, yet funky shoe department. These trainer-esque flats come in either this handy grey or classic black and have lovely polka dot lining and, most importantly, a large polka dot bow at the front with a cute Rocket Dog logo button. You can practically wear them with anything and get a few “aaaaaaws” along the way.

They are called “Pogo”, maybe because they are so cute they’ll make you want to bounce around like an overexcited 5 year old.

You can get them on the Schuh website.

Vegan polka dot pin up heels

vegan polka dot heels These ultra-chic vegan peep toe heels by Draven are really doing it for me right now. Red with black and white polka dots – you’d need to work really hard to mess this one up. In this case, all is well and the shoes are absolutely gorgeous. I like the big red button closure too. Not sure what it says, but who cares? The heel looks high but solid, like most of the alternative new-retro heels around, so handy if you want to be a bit more practical but still show off a massive heel.
I so want these. I know you so do too.

You can get them from the Draven site for a mere $49. Handy eh?

Outrageous vegan polka dot wedges

vegan polka dot wedges Ooooh check these out! Yes, they are also in the sale, yes they are pretty damn cheap and… well, just look at them!

They are by Miss L Fire, a company that makes really really beautiful shoes…usually made from leather. Bleah. These, however, are canvas. They look like proper old-style wedges, with the added twist of having totally outrageous patterning. That’s some kind of flowery piping mixed in with the polka dot mass. I’m still not entirely sure what I’d wear them with, but when you see shoes like this at this price, you should really buy first and ask questions later.

I know that it may be hard to think ahead to summer when the UK is experiencing the coldest winter in the last 100 years, but for a mere £22.50 summer can start just a little bit early for some of you.

Yup, these are in the Office Sale.

Vegan polka dot clog-boots

vegan polka dot boots

“What are these funky boots?” I asked myself when I cycled past a shop that had them in the window. Well, it turns out they’re actually Crocs. As we all know, Crocs are comfortable and neat, but not really what you’d call cool. These boots, on the other hand, actually seem pretty funky and fashionable in a nice, quirky way. They definitely got my attention, anyway, and I have an eye for unusual footwear.

They come in a few other colours, but for some reason the polka dot style is the only one that doesn’t look like something a horse would wear (OK, so without the velcro straps, but you know what I mean). The all black style might also make it, at a push.

OK, so now I’ve said that and found a picture, I can’t stop seeing the horse element, but trust me, I’ve seen these boots in person and they are pretty hot.

And if we’re onto hot, these are obviously designed to keep your feet warm and dry in winter, with fake fur inside and good waterproofing. Considering the current weather in the UK…need I say more?

They are also most likely very comfy, like all crocs.

You can buy them from Crocs directly.

Grey vegan polka dot flower heels

vegan grey polka dot heels These “Sora” polka dot heels from Rocket Dog are so very cute! One of the things I like most about Rocket Dog is that they really do pay attention to detail. Their shoes always have such nice little touches and these are no different. Check out the lovely red trim, the sweet retro flower and the polka dot heel and lining.

The material, in case you’re wondering, is velour: soft, velvety velour. If you click through and go through the rest of the pics, you’ll see the heel has quite a funky shape too.

All in all, this is a lovely, rather bohemian shoe. It’s a bit too distinctive to be 100% versatile, but would certainly blend in nicely with both modern and vintage outfits and even with a simple pair of jeans.

You can get these from .

Vegan polka dot oversized bow heels

Vegan big bow polka dot shoes

It’s definitely been the week for crazy shoes, but you know how it is: we’re never gonna survive unless we are a little… crazy! (Cheers, Seal, for that fine truism).

OK, so these might not be quite as crazy as the last two pairs I wrote about, but they’re still pretty out there, so the perfect “a little bit crazy” shoes.

I can’t make up my mind about these shoes. I love the colour and the polka dot pattern and the big oversized heel gives them a sort of childish girly charm. I even like the fact that it’s a fabric upper, which adds to the retro-styling. Not sure if the bow is a little bit over the top, though. A bit, Minnie Mouse…

I’m kinda thinking that with the right vintage outfit (not the more refined, dainty type, but the somewhat more alternative, oddball type) these could look pretty wicked. They’re definitely of the sort that are just about wrong enough to be right, but you’d have to wear them, well, somewhat ironically for it to work. I mean, after all, how could you take them too seriously?

These mad vegan heels are available from Miss Selfridge. They also come in an all black version.