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Cute vegan polka dot platforms with ties

Vegan polka dot platforms These pretty, polka-dotty platforms may not be exactly right for the current snowy weather, but they are sooo cute and will be perfect for spring. I can’t tell whether the front platform is made of woven raffia or whether it’s some sort of fabric or faux leather but either way it’s pretty cheery and the ties look like they’d look really cute on. I wish there was a picture of someone wearing them so I could see exactly what they look like on, but you can’t have everything.
Great for your various retro, pin up and burlesque party needs.

I found them on the Next website.

Pink vegan pin up heels with the works

vegan pink  pin up heels OK, so these heels are a bit breakneck, but if they were a guy I’d be totally making a fool of myself right now. And probably in vain, because they’re pink! Check out the goodies – we have a sexy fishnet pattern, skulls, bows, even a little pink skull charm, by the looks of it. Oh and, of course, black and white stripes for that sexy punk/courtesan feel. I do believe these are the perfect vegan, somewhat edgy pin up shoes for all your flirting-with-goth needs.

Oh yeah and they’re totally on sale right now at Schuh. Get in there quickly while there are still a few sizes left!

Awesome vegan pin up inspired peep toe heels

Vegan Fluevog pin up heels Thank you for reader Lara (not to be confused with Laura) who sent me a link to these wonderful Fluevogs that have somehow slipped my radar. It’s so good to see Fluevog bring out at least one vegan style every season, as their shoes are beautiful. These are inspired by the 70s and judging by the reviews are comfortable and flattering (though run a tiny bit small).

Note that there are a few colours in this style and only this one is vegan. The other ones are not. The good news is that they’re on sale and very heavily reduced. It may be autumn, but these are going to look just as gorgeous next year, I’m sure.

You can get them on the Fluevog site or on Amazon for a little bit more (which may be handy if they run out of your size on the Fluevog one)

Gorgeous blue vegan glitter heels

vegan blue glitter heels Totally loving these amazing glitter platform heels from Schuh! Towering high at 14CM with a nice retro-esque pin uppy platform is impressive enough, but these are in amazing blue glitter. What a brilliant colour in every way.

Just imagine how amazing these would look with a 50s vintage dress, a little black dress, a catsuit, a showgirl outfit or pretty much anything you can think of.

I know I have quite a few vegan diva readers lurking away somewhere to this one goes out to you. It’s time to put these on and shine line a true bombshell and dance around with the best of em.

You can get these amazingly awesome shoes from Schuh.

hot hot hot Harajuku lovers peep toe heels

red vegan peep toe heels Every once in a while I have to remind myself that normal people in normal society don’t actually drool over shoes. This is definitely one of those times. They’re so so cute. They’re made by Harajuku Lovers, Gwen Stefani’s line, which probably explains why they have a very Japanese-looking profile. I love the double girly bow and the slightly twisted silver studs. The peep toe thing gives you a chance to show off your toes and the killer heels give you a chance to tower over everyone else.

The good news is that these also come in black. The bad news is that there are only a few sizes left in either.
If you’re quick, you can get them on Amazon / Endless.

Cherry red pin up vegan wedges

Vegan wedge heels I just love love love cherry red coloured shoes, so it’s very jolly that I happened to check Modcloth today for new vegan shoes and found these hot pin up wedge sandals by Harajuku Lovers. They make the most gorgeous shoes and it seems quite a few of them are veggie (though many, sadly, aren’t. Boo). They’re so shiny and pretty and if you click through and look at their profile, you’ll see that it’s actually quite Japanese looking. The heart-shaped logo is cute, though I think I would have preferred to have a totally smooth profile. The checked bit is really cute and the extra 4″ (of height!) can always come in handy. All in all this is a damn fine shoe. These would look so good with a short dress.

You can get them from Modcloth.

Vegan Harajiuku Lovers pumps

Vegan Harajuku Lovers heels Another slow shoe day got me looking at the hidden treasures Amazon has to offer. So I found these, courtesy of Gwen Stefani.
These classic, pin up style pumps are made of a patent material combined with a matte one and feature a cute heart-shaped buckle. All this is balanced on a precarious stiletto heel for that extra height and relative instability.

Instant cuteness in a shoe.

You can get them on Amazon.

Classic vegan satin heels with bow

Vegan heels I really wish we had Payless in the UK. Every time I take a look at their site, I find some other neat vegan shoes. I know it’s not exactly a high fashion place to shop, but shoes like these are an instant classic and you could pair them with evening outfits far, far more expensive than the $29 or whatever that they cost. Most people, I reckon, would never guess where these came from. They have major pin up factor, too. They’re designed by Lela Rose, the third designer who makes lines for Payless, alongside Isabel Toledo and Christian Siriano.

They’re currently on sale at

Crushed velvet red vegan party heels

Vegan red velvet party heels I am totally loving these lush red crushed velvet party heels from Poetic License. They have a bow, sparkle stones and even a glittery lining. If orange and dark red are your colours (and very festive and warming they are for your wintery or Christmasy party) then I reckon I just made you a very happy gal. Let’s face it – they’re loud.
I’ve tagged them with both pin up and burlesque, because red velvet is a good choice for your pin up corsetry.

You can get these from Irregular Choice.

Loud vegan pin up heels

Vegan pin up heels These sort of twist the meaning of pin up heels, cause they have an actual pin up girl on them. They’re sort of 80s trashy in a way, but also classy enough in their own special way. For the extra cartoony touch, see the inside of the shoe for a wolfy surprise!

Another pair of wicked heels from TUK. You can get them on Amazon.

Vegan red glitter party heels

vegan glitter heels Finally! Party season is just around the corner, so boring winter boots are finally starting to give way a bit to some pretty, glittery shoes.
These pretty red ones have a comfortable heel and will be good for Christmas parties or dressing up as Dorothy for some of you, while providing much needed pin up heel goodness for others. I know my vegan burlesque performer friends will be ever so pleased to see these. There’s always room in my shoe box for red glitter!

You can get these from Schuh.

Vegan polka dot pin up heels

vegan polka dot heels These ultra-chic vegan peep toe heels by Draven are really doing it for me right now. Red with black and white polka dots – you’d need to work really hard to mess this one up. In this case, all is well and the shoes are absolutely gorgeous. I like the big red button closure too. Not sure what it says, but who cares? The heel looks high but solid, like most of the alternative new-retro heels around, so handy if you want to be a bit more practical but still show off a massive heel.
I so want these. I know you so do too.

You can get them from the Draven site for a mere $49. Handy eh?

Funky vegan open lace up heels

blue and red vegan heels How cute are these??? OK, that was a rhetorical question, but I feel I should answer it anyway – very cute!

They’re mostly canvas, so quite casual, but quite retro and even a bit pin up girl with it.
The heels are very stable-looking, so I reckon these would make fun and quirky every day shoes if you like wearing heels but don’t always want to go full out retro femme fatale.
They have lots of hearts on them – in the lining as well as a big one on the bottom of the sole. I just love all those little nice touches.

You can get them from Amazon.

Gorgeous vegan nautical rosette wedges

vegan nautical wedges Well, someone had better pinch me, cause I’m pretty sure I’ve gone to shoe-dream heaven!

I know these are nautical and I already wrote about quite a few nautical shoes this week. I also know they are by Miss L Fire and on Office shoes, which also featured quite heavily this week. But, I mean, look at these!
Totally digging the gold trip and the rosette, plus red and white stripes are always fun.

Seriously, just looking at these absolutely lovely peep toe wedges has been getting me all excited in so many ways. The rosette comes off, if you so choose, just like the flower in the other Miss L Fire wedges I wrote about yesterday. I so totally want these as well. Now I need to decide whether I can afford to buy both. Meanwhile, I will continue to drool over both.

These also come in black and you can get them from, yes, Office.

Amazing woven vegan wedge heels

vegan woven wedge heels Oh my god! How incredibly amazing are these?
The woven effect and pineapple wedge are so cool and the flower is detachable, though I think it looks pretty cool right where it is.

I totally and utterly want these. They are by Miss L Fire who make lots of gorgeous shoes, though the majority of them are not vegan. These particular ones are from the summer line which does seem to feature a few other vegan shoes. I’ll be sure to write about those too in due time. In the meantime, you should know that these also come in a red / white combo.

You can get them from Office.