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Cool vegan canvas sling back wedge sandals

Vegan sling back shoes These are weird but I like them. They come in black, white and some sort of mad “tribal” fabric that’s definitely some sort of fashion statement. I’m never quite sure about the hybrid shoe-sandal thing. There have been quite a few crimes against fashion in recent years that involved the chimera that they are, but these are not a million miles away from the old lindy hop / swing dancing wedges of the 50s, although the platform wedge is higher. They’re made of canvas, so even though they’re half closed, they should breathe enough to make decent summer shoes. The laces are definitely a nice touch too.

They actually look like they’d be quite comfortable to wear.

You can get them from Urban Outfitters.

Vegan summer peep toes…with bunting!

Vegan peep toe summer shoes These are so cute! Every day is a summer’s day with a fair on the common when you wear shoes with bunting on them! In case you’re thinking that yellow may be a little bit too festive (though it is possibly the most retro shade of the lot), there are 3 more shades of awesomeness you can choose from – black, red and that shade of pale green you see in people’s retro kitchens which is ever so lovely.

These are made by Miss L Fire, whose shoes I absolutely adore, but so many of them are made of leather.  Luckily, some of the summer range seems leather free.

You can get them from the Miss L Fire website.

Awesome vegan platform t-bar heels with sailor skull design

Vegan t bar platform heels with sailor skull pattern A thousand times yes! These shoes are blatantly made of awesome. I generally need to be sold on brown shoes, but these are just about crazy enough for me to love. If they were a guy I’d be totally making a fool of myself right about now, but they’re a pair of shoes so I can just throw some money at the problem and make them mine. I’m not quite sure what I’d wear them with, but I guess it doesn’t matter because no one would be looking at what you’re wearing. They’d be too busy looking at the shoes.
They’re made by Iron Fist (who else?) and are called ” iron fist filthy landlubber t-bar pf high heels” on the Schuh site (enter that in the search box).
Iron Fist themselves match their shoes with bold coloured tights and short dresses.

You can get these on the Schuh site.

50s style vegan polka dot peep toes with blackberries

vegan polka dot shoes Schuh are always ones to pick up on current trends and offer cute, affordable versions. These cute retro shoes are actually called cherry pie, even though they actually have sparkling blackberries on them.
If you’re a vintage / retro fan, then these would be a perfect addition to your wardrobe, as they’ll never go out of fashion and would go well with all your 50s dresses.

These also come in an odd shade of black & white gingham with flowers and red raspberries instead of the blackberries. They look a bit like these poetic license heels I wrote about a while back, but with what I think is a more flattering shape.

You can get them from Schuh.

Shiny vegan showgirl low heels with bows

vegan low heeled shoes Here’s a pair of shoes for all you fans of low heels, shiny heels and showgirl heels. These look a bit like something out of a chorus line, with sparkly bows and a colour-shifting fabric upper (with faux leather trims). They look like they’ll make fun dancing shoes, if you’re not keen on skyscraper heels but want to look girlie and retro.

The description says they’re purple, too, though I can’t quite tell in the picture. They seem more like a cross between purple and turquoise.

Either way, you can get them at Schuh.

Awesome vegan pin up inspired peep toe heels

Vegan Fluevog pin up heels Thank you for reader Lara (not to be confused with Laura) who sent me a link to these wonderful Fluevogs that have somehow slipped my radar. It’s so good to see Fluevog bring out at least one vegan style every season, as their shoes are beautiful. These are inspired by the 70s and judging by the reviews are comfortable and flattering (though run a tiny bit small).

Note that there are a few colours in this style and only this one is vegan. The other ones are not. The good news is that they’re on sale and very heavily reduced. It may be autumn, but these are going to look just as gorgeous next year, I’m sure.

You can get them on the Fluevog site or on Amazon for a little bit more (which may be handy if they run out of your size on the Fluevog one)

Crazy high polka dot vegan sandals

giant vegan heels These crazy big platform vegan heels are like all of my shoe dreams rolled into one. They’re huge, they’re retro, they’re totally over the top and they’ve got polka dots. If you ever wanted to be like a foot taller then now’s your chance (OK, they’re not quite that high, but at 5.5 inches, they’re plenty tall enough).

Absolutely everyone would notice you if you were wearing these, which makes these the perfect shoes for you if you love being the centre of attention. Otherwise you’re probably better off wearing shoes that don’t scream so loud.

While the blurb talks about wooden soles, I don’t actually think it’s actual wood, but rather some fake wood. I could be wrong, though. Wouldn’t that be cool? Either way, these are, as they say, made of awesome.

You can get them from Modcloth.

Sweet vegan peep toe wedge heels with cherries and flowers

Vegan flower wedge heelsWoohoo! Another cute pair of perfectly summery shoes from Poetic License. These are called “Sweet Shirley Temple”, I guess because they’re super cute and are made with chintzy patterned fabric that looks like something your granny would have worn as a summer dress or used as curtains. Note the super-cute tiny little cherry beads, too!

These lovely lovely wedges come in black or pink as well. You can get them all from Endless.

Vegan leopard print flat summer pumps

Vegan leopard print summer pumps These cute vegan pumps are actually Crocs. I know, that surprised me too. They’re called Carlie and are a little bit shiny, as well as most likely very comfortable and fun. They’re made out of that famed Crocs material, which makes them somewhat unsuitable for that lawn party at the embassy, but perfect beach and every day summer footwear. Their style and the leopard print pattern make them surprisingly trendy for Crocs. I actually really like the looks of these.

You can get them from Schuh in the UK.

In the USA you can get them from Amazon.

hot hot hot Harajuku lovers peep toe heels

red vegan peep toe heels Every once in a while I have to remind myself that normal people in normal society don’t actually drool over shoes. This is definitely one of those times. They’re so so cute. They’re made by Harajuku Lovers, Gwen Stefani’s line, which probably explains why they have a very Japanese-looking profile. I love the double girly bow and the slightly twisted silver studs. The peep toe thing gives you a chance to show off your toes and the killer heels give you a chance to tower over everyone else.

The good news is that these also come in black. The bad news is that there are only a few sizes left in either.
If you’re quick, you can get them on Amazon / Endless.

Vegan mock croc & rope Christian Siriano heels

Vegan mock croc heels I was hoping the new season would deliver more interesting vegan shoes on my favourite hidden designer shoe trove, Payless, but I was decidedly unimpressed with most of what I saw.

I did like these, though, by Christian Siriano. They’re simple classics with a cool croc skin like pattern but with an interesting twist in the shape of that woven midsole feature that looks very much like rope. Add to that the peep toe, 4″ heel and hidden platorm and you’ve got yourself one sexy and unusual shoe that’s nonetheless versatile and smart. Not too smart, though, the woven bit makes it a bit more casual and quite summery, which is fine by me.

You can get these from Payless.

Vegan floral woven t-bar heels

vegan floral t bar heels Here’s a pair of cheery vegan t-bar heels to remind you that spring will soon be with us. They are very airy and sweet with a fairly open weave to keep your feet happy and a lovely retro-style floral patterb to keep you happy. They’d go very well with your vintage dresses or high waisted trousers. You could match them with a floral neck or head scarf thing for even more cuteness.

They’re called Rocket Dog Oak Floral and you can get them from Schuh. I wonder if there are more colours of the Oak shoe apart from floral?

White vegan side bow heels (bridal?)

vegan bridal shoes Whenever I see white shoes I instantly think bridal, but these pretty, low-heeled peep toes could work with other outfits, really. They have a simple, classic shape but are saved from plainness by the addition of the cute little side bows.

I can’t imagine there are that many decent looking vegan bridal shoes out there and these seem pretty cute and a little bit retro, too. The main material is satin.

They’re called “Forest side bow” and you can get them from Schuh.

Vegan indigo peep toe wedges

Vegan indigo wedge heels Ooooooh I love the colour of these! Deep indigo/ dark blue velvety gorgeousness shaped into an ultra sleek wedge. And check out the weird and wonderful tucked in bits at the back!

I’m always happy to see vegan shoes of deep and unusual colour and indigo….well, that’s a particularly joyous occasion.

You can get them from Modcloth.

Vegan cut out peep toe heels

Vegan cut out heels I just love the colour of these. It’s that sort of retro-ish bohemian blue you usually only ever see in leather. Well, take that, bohemian-blue-requiring looks! Now we can totally pull you off too.

This is also one of the very very rare occasions when I actually like those open boot things. Maybe it’s because these actually have a very sexy shape or maybe it’s because the cut outs are actually quite sophisticated and sexy, instead of being cheap and slutty-looking. Either way, there are only a few more sizes left in these, so if you like them, get them now.

They are on Modcloth.