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Purple vegan platform sandals – yes please!

Purple vegan heels Well, I love purple and I love platform heels and it’s the season for sandals, so I totally love these. They’re Madden Girls and they do come in a range of colours – black, some browns, a cool red-orange-pink combo…I’m not sure all are vegan as there’s a tan option that’s definitely not fabric, although for this price, I’m pretty sure it’s not real leather (they are made in China though, where sometimes leather is cheaper than fake). T These purple ones definitely say fabric and synthetic all over them. hey’re definitely great party heels and perfect for spring. Need I say again how gorgeous the purple shade is? It’s not every day that I see purple vegan shoes, I must say.

You can get them from Endless.

Sparkly colourblock vegan glitter heel

Vegan glitter platforms Sticking with the glitter theme because ’tis the season to be sparkly (and also because I love shiny and sparkly shoes and the upcoming NYE party thing is a very good excuse for sharing these), I introduce to you these ultimate party platforms! Sophisticated enough to be classy, glittery enough to be fun…These are brilliant without being too crazy, for a thoroughly suave night out with a bit of a jolly wink. Tall heels but steady-looking, so you don’t have to worry about falling over drunk when you’re out at the gallery opening or whathaveyou.

You can get them from Modcloth, if you’re quick.

They seem to have a pretty mindblowing selection of great vegan shoes on there this season.

Cute vegan glitter boots with low heels

vegan glitter boots Low, steady glitter heels for you ladies out there who are not too fond of skyscrapers. These “womens schuh hamp zip ank glitter boots” on Schuh will totally do the trick for adding sparkle to your look and you won’t need to totter to wear them. They may actually be the perfect party shoes if you like boots and want to dance around on your night out. Plus…they’re so shiny! I can’t quite tell what the colour of the glitter is. Sort of blackish-purplish multicolour glitter? Who cares!

You can get them from Schuh.

Awesome vegan lightening bolt heels

Vegan lightening heels Well aren’t these just totally brilliant? Check out the heel! But just in case this ultra-super-fucking-awesome lightening-shaped heel wasn’t enough to make these Flash Gordon 80s revival meets pin up creation sweet, you also get a little tiny blue lightening bolt on the front. These will definitely make any outfit and get you instantly noticed. If you want to have people talking about your shoes all night long, then you’ll have to work hard to beat these ones, I think.

You can get them from TUK.

An even more Irregular Choice – Ruby Shoo heels!

Vegan heels with flower A while back, a reader asked me about alternatives to Irregular Choice shoes, because she didn’t like the fact that they sell shoes with fur. Well, now another one of my dedicated readers, Lara (thanks, Lara!) has discovered Ruby Shoo. It’s a company that makes very cute, girly heels such as these ones, that are obviously quite retro inspired and feature a certain quirkiness that is not a million miles away from Irregular Choice shoes. They’re not quite as crazy as some of the Irregular Choice offerings, but are certainly gorgeous… and vegan. I do believe they might all be vegan, actually.

You can get them from Amazon in the UK.

Designer vegan mildly sci fi party heels

Vegan black and mesh heels These black faux suede and silvery mesh heels from Olsen Haus are like something straight out of the new Tron movie. I like how classy and simple the design is, while also being quite clever and futuristic. Really, with hot designer shoes like these, you don’t really need to worry too much about the rest of your outfit. A simple but expertly designed black dress would do, though I personally would try and find a little bit of extra silver to match these to. I’m sure that breaks a million fashion rules, but hey, who cares. These shoes need to be celebrated.

You can get them from Olsen Haus. They cost $255.

Green vegan party heels

Vegan party heels It’s almost spring! So I’ve decided to write about these lovely green satin party heels by Beyond Skin.

They have a delicate striped pattern that’s almost understatedly retro, but mostly they’re shiny and a little bit sparkly (they have a diamante buckle).

Great for spring and summer parties or your holiday in Monaco.

If you don’t know about Beyond Skin yet, check them out. They’re a British company based in Brighton and they make beautiful shoes.

In the USA, you can buy these from Amazon / Endless.

Crushed velvet red vegan party heels

Vegan red velvet party heels I am totally loving these lush red crushed velvet party heels from Poetic License. They have a bow, sparkle stones and even a glittery lining. If orange and dark red are your colours (and very festive and warming they are for your wintery or Christmasy party) then I reckon I just made you a very happy gal. Let’s face it – they’re loud.
I’ve tagged them with both pin up and burlesque, because red velvet is a good choice for your pin up corsetry.

You can get these from Irregular Choice.

Vegan multicoloured sparkle party heels

Vegan glitter heels There isn’t much more than a girl needs in this world than a pair of sparkly, silvery, multicoloured glitter heels.

These come in a staggering height and a metallic heel to boot! They are a part of the Prince court range from Schuh that come in a few other weird and wonderful vegan colours and materials.

You can get them from the Schuh site.

Vegan 3-strap patent heels

Vegan strappy patent heelsBehold! Cheap, 3-strap patent heels. Only £30 at Next and could fit a range of styles from office chick to little black dress chic and even some sort of punk revival or clubwear.

My first thought when seeing these was that they would be cheap and cheerful and not particularly comfortable to wear, but the reviews on the site (if you can trust those) claim otherwise.
Sure, they’re not quite these, but they are also a lot more accessible in more ways than one.

You can get them from Next.

Vegan silver sequin flats

Vegan silver flat shoes For some of you, these silvery sequinned pilms may be the perfect going home shoes – the ones you wear before, after or even during the party, once your feet can’t take your 5″ stilettos anymore but you still need to move.

For others, these will actually be your party shoes. After all, they’re super shiny and sparkly and are flat, so easy to dance in. Either way, they are cute and fun and I love them.

You can get them from Schuh. They are called Molly.

Hot bold vegan heels

Bold vegan heels Helloooooooo statement heels! If you want shoes that look grown up but also scream for attention, then you could do worse than these TUK heels.
Just get ready to stop every 5 seconds as you’re boldly going down the street, cause people will ask you about them all the time. Great with other boldly coloured fashion items, but not a must.

You can get them from Modcloth.

Sparkle sparkle vegan silver glitter heels

Silver glitter vegan heels I promised you some more glitter so here it is! Actually, looking back, I don’t think I actually did promise more glitter, but here’s some anyway. These white and silver stilettos are called Tauro Collar, because they have that white “collar” at the top, that goes with the heel. It doesn’t matter what you wear. With these, you’re going to be your own starry night and everyone around you would be too dazzled to notice it anyway. Of course, you could go a step further and match them with a really over the top outfit to really blow everyone away. Discover your inner “budget Lady Gaga”!

You can get these hot hot heels from Schuh.

Shiny vegan boots with big giant bows

Vegan bow boots I saw the link to these pop up on Twitter and just had to ask if they were vegan. They are! Sometimes, there is a god.

These shiny Galactii Bow boots by Irregular Choice look like gift wrapping for your feet. Crazy-weird but oh so sexy. Check out the pics for a look at the wicked multi-coloured zip on the inside of each shoe, and what’s this on the bottom of each sole? Why, it’s a bunny in a teapot print!

As usual, IC went all out with the weird and wonderful touches for a sort of glam Alice in Wonderland themed boot. Sort of like something the red queen would wear on a date with Ziggy Stardust.
You can get them from Schuh .

Vegan red glitter party heels

vegan glitter heels Finally! Party season is just around the corner, so boring winter boots are finally starting to give way a bit to some pretty, glittery shoes.
These pretty red ones have a comfortable heel and will be good for Christmas parties or dressing up as Dorothy for some of you, while providing much needed pin up heel goodness for others. I know my vegan burlesque performer friends will be ever so pleased to see these. There’s always room in my shoe box for red glitter!

You can get these from Schuh.