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Vegan men’s two-tone Oxford shoes

Vegan two tone shoes These just popped up in my Facebook stream and made me happy. I’m sure they will make many of you vegan men happy too. They’re British made, ethical and I’m certain they’ll be as comfortable as they are swish. Now you can finally have the shoes to match that vintage suit without having to tell yourself that second hand leather is OK, boys!
I’ve put these in the men category, though they’re supposedly unisex. I guess they are size-wise (they start at 4 UK), so if you’re a girl who likes to wear unisex shoes, then these are obviously also for you.

You can get these from Vegetarian Shoes who have a whole new range of shoes up on the site, apparently. Happy hunting!

Beautifully cute vegan canvas oxfords

Vegan lace up oxfordsThere comes a time in every girl’s life, when it’s time to put pointless infatuations behind, throw caution to the wind and fall in love. With a shoe. OK, so with me it happens almost every other day, but this time, I know it’s the real deal.

These gorgeous blue lace ups from Miss L Fire are beautiful in every way. I was worried about the red trims there for a minute, but they are faux leather, not actual leather. God is obviously smiling down on me from heaven.

You can get these from Modcloth, but if you want a pair, you’d better be quick. They seem to only have a few sizes in stock of the shoes they sell and once they’re gone, they’re gone. Personally, I wouldn’t want to let these slip away!

Vegan “summer Oxfords”

Vegan summer oxfords I was window shopping the other day and came across a shoe store selling shoes from this company (Cala). They were so pretty and I was wondering whether any of them would be vegan but I was in a hurry so I didn’t get a chance to go in and have a proper look. A bit of online sleuthing later and I found this online store selling some of their shoes. I don’t think they have that many items in stock of each thing, which is my theory as to why there are so many items on there with just a picture and no price.

These, on the other hand, are still for sale and they are so cute!

Get them at Sense of Fashion.

Flat (ish) vegan lace up oxfords

Vegan oxfords If you liked the higher heeled vegan oxfords I wrote about recently but aren’t that keen on high heels, then these are definitely the shoes for you. They are small and cute and very flat, apart from having the tiniest heel. they’re also made by NeuAura which is a vegan-owned, ethical company.

They’d make good every day shoes that you could also wear to work.

You can get them from Vickerey.

Grey vegan high heel oxfords

Grey vegan oxfords There seems to suddenly be a flush of vegan oxfords. Maybe it’s because this look is getting more mainstream now that vintage is the new modern. Here’s a pair of grey modern / retro cross oxfords from Miss Selfridge. They’re not a million miles apart from the Rocket Dog vegan oxfords I wrote about recently, if a tiny bit more refined. They’re also grey, a colour that’s missing from the Rocket Dog oxford range.

You can get these from Miss Selfridge.

Vegan chunky heeled oxfords

And today on “vegan shoes with weird names” we have the Rocket Dog Screwball Oxfords. Don’t ask me why because I just don’t know.

These are a cross between a retro oxford look and a rather modern, chunky mid-heel that looks like it’s made of plastic. They also come in brown and tan, all colours that would make them versatile every day shoes. Rocket Dog make shoes that are comfortable, stready and often fit people with wider feet.

You can get these from Amazon.

Gold vegan lace up flat shoes

Vegan gold glitter shoesLadies, your glittery Christmas flats are here! Aren’t they gorgeous? But let’s face it, Christmas is nothing more than a good excuse to buy these. You really want to be wearing these to every occasion that demands a bit of sparkle, especially if heels are not your thang. They’ll perk up a subdued outfit or blend in nicely with something more bold and one or two bits of sparkle jewelry.

They also come in a dishy shade of black glitter. Lovely.

You can get them from UO.

Vegan tassled wingtip brogues

vegan wingtip brogues How super super cute! I’ve written about all kinds of flat vegan wingtip brogues but I do love these. They have a cute little bow and a funky tassle thing going on, making them just that extra bit more interesting and dressy. Oh so lovely!

You can get them from Modcloth. Hopefully they still have them in stock. They tend to only bring a small number of pairs from each shoe and they don’t always bring them back when they run out.
If you see any pair of shoes on there you like, your best option is not to think too hard about it, or find out what company makes them and remember it in case they run out by the time you’ve decided to shop.
These may well not last very long on there, but I guess if enough people email and say they want a pair, they may reorder when they run out.

NOT VEGAN! glitter girlie brogue flats

vegan glitter brogues

I had a report from a reader that these shoes have leather lining, after posting about them here. I am leaving this post here as a warning, in case you are interested in buying them. There are plenty of other vegan brogues on my site that are vegan, though I am not sure I have glitter ones.

Cut out high heel vegan oxfords

cut out vegan oxford shoes Aren’t these fun? These cute oxford-like shoes would look great as a summer alternative to the less cut-outy original, or you could wear them with boldly coloured socks or tights for the full effect.

They are pretty retro, but the cut outs make them stand out from the plethora of other oxfords around.

I reckon these are pretty cool shoes that can be turned into a statement or just allowed to blend in quietly with an overall look. Not too expensive at 35 UKP.

You can get them from Next.

Vegan brown two-tone brogues

vegan brown two-tone brogues Cuteness! These vegan brogues are brand new from Vegetarian Shoes. You can apparently pre-order them now.

They have an updated brogue look – the heel is definitely modern – so would go with anything old and new. personally, I prefer black or black and white, but it’s good to have options. Especially considering the fact that options are often sadly lacking in the non-leather shoe department.

Obviously, being from veggie shoes, you know they are 100% vegans (including glue), ethical and well-made.

There seems to be an explosion in vegan brogue styles recently and I, for one, am very pleased!

You can get these from Vegetarian Shoes.

Vegan men’s brogues

vegan men's brogues Here’s a cool pair of vegan brogues for the guys. I’d say they’re more in the realm of work shoes than, say, the ultra-cool vintage brogues you’d wear with your zoot suit, but they are still pretty funky.

I really like the pattern both inside and out and the pointed toe is cool. It’s second only to the rounded toe in my book (I loathe square toed shoes for blokes). All in all, these are actually pretty retro and smarter than the Vegetarian Shoes brogues I wrote about a while back.

If you’re a vegan guy looking for a cool pair of shoes to wear with your suit to work, etc. then you should definitely take a look at these.
They’re made by NOHARM who are 100% vegan, ethical and cool. Handmade in Italy.

You can see these on the NOHARM site where you can find out where to get them.

Vegan wingtip brogues #1

Vegan broguesWingtip brogues and oxfords have been gracing the feet of many retro fashionista for quite some time now. And with the retro style being so in nowadays, I figured I’d write a bit about the classic wingtip brogue shoe.

This is obviously quite a masculine style and these Airseal brogues from Vegetarian Shoes come in some men’s sizes too (and apparently run large for almost one size so could actually fit some reasonably big blokes). They clearly resemble Doc Martens and Grinders but are 100% vegan and come from a UK-based, ethical company. Vegetarian shoes make shoes that last and in my experience they are generally very comfortable too. Not cheap, but at least you get your money’s worth.

These are available from Vegetarian Shoes. They also come in an all-black version.
In the USA, you may be able to get them from Moo shoes, though I think they only carry the black version.

Dirty Laundry broguges These women’s brogues are by Dirty Laundry and come in a range of colours and vegan materials, including brown and all-black in patent, waxed (matte) and even fabric.
They don’t look quite as classic or as sturdy as the Veggie shoes ones, but are slightly more girlie.

They are available from Dirty Laundry.

Melissa This somewhat battered pair of Melissa Shoes Joy Brogues is my own personal pair (seen here with matching cat) that I’ve been wearing all the time for well over a year. As you can see, they’re not quite as glorious as when they were new (here’s what they look like new), but are still quite striking, very feminine and people keep thinking they are proper tap or swing shoes and rarely notice they are made of plastic. I get compliments every time I wear these. They’re super comfortable instantly, but run a size small like all Melissa shoes I’ve tried.

The only place you can still get these in black and white is eBay on occasion (and maybe some random shops in far away places still have them), but the Melissa brogues come in a load of colours and combinations and new colours come out every season, so you can probably find some variation on this theme somewhere. Current season hits include some “flock” (velvet-like plastic material) numbers as well as an all-black Swarovski crystal-decked specimen for the small price of about 200 quid. Past collections included all-pink, gold and metallic purple.

My very vegan swing dance shoes


Vegan swing / lindy hop dance shoes
Make: Bleyer
Style: Ruby Slippers

The why the where the how::

I bought these vegan swing dance shoes years ago while I was taking lindy hop classes. Most swing shoes have suede soles to make spinning and turning easier. Bleyer have their own special sole that’s made out of synthetic materials. Apart from making their shoes one step closer to being vegan, this also means these shoes can be worn off the dancefloor too, without being easily worn out like the suede ones. Most of the Bleyer swing shoes are still made with leather uppers, but the red and white Ruby Slippers are 100% synthetic, as their so-called patent leather material is actually a synthetic substitute and these shoes are 100% patent. They have another one or two styles that come as 100% vegan as standard and, as far as I know, are the only one who make professional vegan swing and lindy hop shoes.

I spent ages looking online before finding these and they were brilliant but they do run a size small, which is why I no longer have the ones in the picture.

Where can I get them?

You can buy them here in the UK, here in Canada and here in the US and anywhere else. The last link is the main international vegan Bleyer suppliers and they have loads of different styles and materials you can choose from. They are based in Australia but ship all over the world.