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Awesome vegan platform t-bar heels with sailor skull design

Vegan t bar platform heels with sailor skull pattern A thousand times yes! These shoes are blatantly made of awesome. I generally need to be sold on brown shoes, but these are just about crazy enough for me to love. If they were a guy I’d be totally making a fool of myself right about now, but they’re a pair of shoes so I can just throw some money at the problem and make them mine. I’m not quite sure what I’d wear them with, but I guess it doesn’t matter because no one would be looking at what you’re wearing. They’d be too busy looking at the shoes.
They’re made by Iron Fist (who else?) and are called ” iron fist filthy landlubber t-bar pf high heels” on the Schuh site (enter that in the search box).
Iron Fist themselves match their shoes with bold coloured tights and short dresses.

You can get these on the Schuh site.

Vegan red and stripy espadrille sandals

Vegan espadrille sandals If a sandal and an espadrille had a lovechild in retro revival times, it would most likely look something like this – a little bit nautical, very summery and with a cool espadrille woven footbed. These are by Rocket Dog so will probably be quite comfortable and they’re flat, which makes them even more comfortable.

They also come in a black version (with black and white stripes on the front) and both are currently in the Office sale for a mere £15. There are quite a few sizes left in both at the moment, though I am assuming this won’t last at this price (and considering the fact they are C-U-T-E with a capital everything).

So off to the Office site you go if you want them.

Hot vaugely nautical vegan heels

Vegan nautical alternative heelsCheck these out! These are called “sinking ships” and they’re by Iron fist who are very good at making grown up shoes with a sort of lolita teenage appeal.

These are sort of nautical (the anchor on the bow, the lining and the soles) but also sort of not. They’re definitely not your average nautical heels. I’m sure there’s loads more to say about these, but I am too busy wiping my chin from the hot shoe induced drool so I’ll just leave it at this.

You can (and totally should) get them from Cloggs.

Cute vegan rockabilly trainers

vegan rockabilly shoes Here’s a handy pair of rockabilly-inspired trainers by Babycham. Handy for when you don’t want to go all out retro but still want to stay true to style. I’m totally digging the gingham collar and the tattoo flash designs. So utterly sweet!

There’s also a black version with different rockabilly prints of cherries and playing cards and swallows and things too. As usual with Babycham shoes, there’s lots of attention to detail. Check out the patent heel, for example, not to mention the sole, which is just awesome. I wanna buy them and go walking on sand just so I can see what wicked footprints I make!

You can get them from the Amazon site.

Vegan stripey nautical espadrille wedges

Yup, yet another nautically-themed shoe in the Schuh sale. If yesterday’s one didn’t get you all hot and bothered, then this one may well do the trick.

This one’s called Marron Rope. It’s got a striped sailor shirt-like material and the ankle ties are made of rope to work the theme even more.
The fact that they are stripey and anchor-free means that you don’t have to go all sailor girl to wear them. You could match them with total land lover stuff and still look hot.

They also currently cost only £20, which is always a nice bonus (unless you’re buying something that should cost a fiver).

You can get them at the Shuch Sale.

Vegan flat nautical espadrilles

vegan flat nautical espadrilles These retrolicious closed toe nautical espadrilles by Red or Dead are, perhaps unsurprisingly, called “Ahoy”.
They are currently in the Schuh sale for only £15, which I think is a damn fine deal.
They have a serious bit of ankle and heel strap to hold your foot in place and are very sumery and cute.
There are only a few sizes still left, so I’d hurry up if I were you. They also come in classic black and white, like most nautical espadrilles and wedges I’ve seen around this summer.

You can get them in the Schuh Sale.

Vegan cork heeled nautical slingbacks

vegan cork heeled nautical slingbacks Here’s a fun pair of cork heeled nautical-themed slingbacks from Rocket Dog. As usual, they make good, functional shoes, go with both retro and modern outfits and, more often than not have a reasonably wide fit that means even women with wider feet can wear them (don’t hold me to it, though: their shoes seem to vary quite a lot in fit). The wide heel means they are quite stable even if you’re not used to heels, which makes them pretty much perfect for women who want to go for that so-called feminine look without sacrificing too much comfort.

You can currently get them in the Office Sale for £30.

more vegan nautical peep toe espadrilles

vegan peep toe nautical wedge espadrilles Apparently nautical is very in this season, so all you retro girls out there grab them while you can and you can keep existing outside of fashion in style.

These are called magda bow and are by Schuh’s own label. They’re sort of a modern take on the peep toe espadrille nautical genre thing with the trainer-like lacing, so if you’re not into being totally retro, you can look pretty current at the same time.

You can get them from Schuh.

Gorgeous vegan nautical rosette wedges

vegan nautical wedges Well, someone had better pinch me, cause I’m pretty sure I’ve gone to shoe-dream heaven!

I know these are nautical and I already wrote about quite a few nautical shoes this week. I also know they are by Miss L Fire and on Office shoes, which also featured quite heavily this week. But, I mean, look at these!
Totally digging the gold trip and the rosette, plus red and white stripes are always fun.

Seriously, just looking at these absolutely lovely peep toe wedges has been getting me all excited in so many ways. The rosette comes off, if you so choose, just like the flower in the other Miss L Fire wedges I wrote about yesterday. I so totally want these as well. Now I need to decide whether I can afford to buy both. Meanwhile, I will continue to drool over both.

These also come in black and you can get them from, yes, Office.

Vegan peep toe nautical wedges

vegan nautical peep toe wedges Tis the season to be…nautical. Apparently!
Actually, who am I kidding? Tis always the season to be nautical.

These fluffy, summery wedges are by Iron Fist, who usually make somewhat darker-edges shoes for the psychobilly minded. These are far more retro-inspired. Very 50s and pin up.
My friend found them and posted the link on Facebook, so obviously I had to immediately steal them for this blog.

So now you know and can buy a pair too. But if you see a woman called Virginia wearing them, remember she found them first!

You can get these from Office.

Striped vegan cork platform sandals

vegan striped cork platform heel sandals Once again, Marks & Sparks deliver a surprisingly retro footwear product. These cute cork platform heels may not be the sort of thing I’d have expected to find amongst their stock, but there you go.

These would fit right in with quite a few pin up minded shoe places, not to mention your big 50s swimsuits and summery dresses.

They have a whole pin up / retro thing going on and still manage to appear stable and comfortable enough to be worn just about anywhere. Apart from the red and white striping, there’s also a white and blue colour combo, for the purists.

You can get them from the Marks & Spencer site

Vegan nautical espadrille flats

vegan nautical espadrille flats Well, summer must be coming if shoes like these are up on the sites. These Rocket Dog “cookout yacht club” flats are sort of like espadrilles, sort of like mary jane flats and generally very cute. Smart- casual enough for the middle class yachting enthusiast, while still being trendy and funky enough to provide cute beach holiday shoes for the rest of us. They also come in a navy & white colour combination, for an even more classic look.

You can get these cute, functional holiday shoes from Schuh.

Vegan nautical pumps

vegan nautical pumps It’s back to the seven seas with another pair of nautical shoes! This time on the good ship Lollipop, we have these cute striped flats with a big red bow. Cuteness!

Although not sandals, these are definitely beach-ready in style and would look pretty cool on holiday (or in your every day environment if you have the nautical outfits to match and are feeling frisky). You can never have too many nautical things, if you ask me, and these are a fine option if you don’t want towering wedges, giant retro heels or anything else likely to make you fall overboard.

Simple, sweet and not too expensive, these are, so set sail to the Office website and grab yourself some fine loot.