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Vegan men’s two-tone Oxford shoes

Vegan two tone shoes These just popped up in my Facebook stream and made me happy. I’m sure they will make many of you vegan men happy too. They’re British made, ethical and I’m certain they’ll be as comfortable as they are swish. Now you can finally have the shoes to match that vintage suit without having to tell yourself that second hand leather is OK, boys!
I’ve put these in the men category, though they’re supposedly unisex. I guess they are size-wise (they start at 4 UK), so if you’re a girl who likes to wear unisex shoes, then these are obviously also for you.

You can get these from Vegetarian Shoes who have a whole new range of shoes up on the site, apparently. Happy hunting!

Colourful vegan tribal ankle boots

tribal vegan ankle boots These tribal vegan boots may initially appear to be squarely in the tribal / hippie department but their somewhat 80s styling (they’re actually referred to as “retro” by the seller) does have a certain air of hipsterism you can use to your advantage. They come from Thailand and are made out of tribal fabrics by an enterprise working to empower local tribal women. These particular boots are made out of fabrics made by Akha tribal women, but the Etsy shop where I found them features stuff made from fabrics spun by the Hmong tribe as well. There are all kinds of vegan shoes, sandals and boots (including knee highs) in all kinds of mad colours. As with all stuff made out of tribal style arts, you can wear it full hippie with the whole harem trousers or sarong fabric dress thing or you could match it with more urban, classic stuff to just give a touch of hippie. Either way, I’m loving the black version.

Oh and they also do some shoes for men and some of them are quite unusual. I like these.

Check out the stuff in the Estsy shop.

Vegan men’s high top plimsoles with star lining

Vegan high top plimsoles I’m sure one day I’ll write about men’s shoes that aren’t made by Momentum, but I do so love their shoes. If I were a man I’d probably own half their styles. I like the stealthy glam lining on these. On the outside, they’re respectable grey canvas, all manly and butch, but on the inside they have a bunch of bright and happy stars. How could you possibly go wrong?

Of course, they also have the cool skull branding thing, which I totally dig.

They’re called the Roger boot and you can get them from Schuh.

Awesome vegan men’s leopard print shoes

Vegan men's leopard print shoes I swear to god, if I were a man, half my shoes would come from Momentum.

Check out these cooler than cool fabric leopard print lace up shoes with their boat shoes detailing at the top and neat orange touches! Inside the shoes and at the back of the sole there seem to be little name tags, like you’d have for kids. “My name is _____ and I live at ____”. How weird. I wonder how many guys would actually fill those out (at least the ones inside).

As with all Momentum shoes I’ve seen, they have the cool skull “charm” thing, on the laces. This time in black. I totally love these shoes. I’d buy them for myself if I had bigger feet!

All you lucky, stylish vegan guys can get them from Schuh. Oh yeah, and did I mention that these are limited edition? Only 500 made apparently. So hurry up!

Vegan Dr Marten boots at last

Vegan doc marten boots Yes, you’re reading this right. After all these years and their infamous shift to manufacturing their shoes in China, which saw the end of the original vegan Dr Marten boots (those with fabric uppers and no leather), Dr Martens have finally come out with an official vegan range. It’s very small (only these boots in black and the “cherry” colour and a low shoe in these two colours), but it’s vegan and it’s docs. These were pointed out to me by a reader who’s bought the boots and swears that they are the most comfortable and best made vegan boots you’re ever likely to wear.

This is very exciting indeed.

You can get them from the Dr. Marten site.

Vegan pointy lace up shoes for men

vegan pointy men's shoes Vegetarian Shoes have their summer sale on right now so you can grab some real bargains if you happen to have the right size of feet. Some shoes are reduced to only £10, though there are only a few pairs left in stock. These, however, still seem to be available for quite a few sizes, though they are a bit more expensive (still half price, though!). They come in this shade of black or in white and are sort of flashy in a way I’m sure will appeal to some of you guys. Apparently they make a clip clop sound when you walk, too! They are implied to be unisex but start at a European 41 (UK 8, I believe) and are also quite masculine in shape. Still, they may well fit your style even if you are a woman who happens to have big feet!

You can get them from Vegetarian Shoes.

Lovely Men’s hi top plimsoles

Vegan men's high top plimsoles I thought I’d take a break from going through my shoes and let you know about the awesome Schuh sale that’s on right now. I was browsing their site and found these wicked plims by Momentum. Check out the cool little skull on the laces and I do so love the shape of these. You wanna know the best bit? These are £8. Yes, £8! Better get in there quick, boys, while they still have your size, as these are totally versatile and totally cute. Sometimes I wish I had giant feet so that I could wear blokes’ shoes, cause I do so love the Momentum stuff.

So if you do have giant feet, head over to Schuh, where you can get these (and loads more stuff in the sale).

Vegan men’s hessian shoes

Vegan men's hessian shoes Seeing as my post about the awesome Devo shoes was so popular, I figured maybe there is a bigger market for unusual vegan shoes for men than I’d originally thought. So here’s another pair, this time from Irregular Choice. Now, before you go any further, a reader did comment here that Irregular Choice use rabbit fur in some of their shoes. In the interest of full disclosure I’m pointing this out here, because this might make you want to not buy their shoes at all.

For me, using rabbit fur is about the same as using leather. Contrary to popular belief, leather is not usually a bi product of the meat industry. Animals are bred specifically for leather. Companies that use bi product leather usually make a big deal of it, which should tell you how sad the usual state of things is. I’d rather they didn’t use either, but I do buy shoes from companies that aren’t 100% vegan. You may feel differently about this, obviously.

Either way, these shoes have zero leather or fur in them. They’re velvet lined (apparently different colours of velvet) and made of natural hessian (also in black). I like the pointy toes that make them look a bit like clown shoes. They’re versatile, light and simple, yet decidedly different and make great summer shoes.

You can get them from Irregular Choice.

Mad vegan DEVO men’s shoes from Macbeth

mad vegan shoes for men Finding vegan shoes for men may not be as hard as it used to be, but finding interesting, fun or crazy shoes for men is certainly not easy. Now try finding vegan shoes for men that are also a bit more interesting than your usual Converse-alikes, Vegetarian Shoes utility shoes or badly made knock off cybergoth shoes. Well, I’m happy to report that these shoes from Macbeth exist. Most awesome band Devo actually had some say in the design of this particular model, which comes in glorious reflective silver, fluoro red outsoles and the Devo helmet logo. It’s certainly something I could see the Devo guys wearing on stage and now you could too. Oh yeah, there’s also a version with blue instead of red.

So there you have it guys, now you too can rock a pair of very bold and ever so slightly mad silver loafer-like trainers while still remaining true to your hot vegan self. I’m sure most of you guys will look at these and think “OMG WTF?” (or a suitably manly equivalent), but this is going out to the few of you who wear subdued shoes not because you want to, but because you thought you had to. Urban spacemen unite!

You can view these from the Macbeth site, where you can also find your nearest physical or online store.

Colourful vegan high top fashion trainers

These fun vegan trainers are made out of nylon and fabric and can apparently be put through the washing machine repeatedly and come out clean and fresh. They come from Brasil, where people are encouraged to wear them to the beach without using socks, and are meant to be breathable and comfortable.

The company, MAZ, apparently keeps bringing out new colour combinations and styles (boots, lace up trainers, velcro-fastened trainers, etc.) for men and women and never repeat the same colour combo twice. I’m pretty sure just about all their shoes are unisex and come in a huge range of sizes, plus kids’ sizes. I’ve picked a particularly girly one to show here, but I assure you there are plenty of colourful manly designs to please the vegan macho man as well.

Yet another awesome footwear company from Brazil, the country that’s given us Melissa Shoes and a few other similar vegan shoe companies. Thanks, Brasil! You guys rock.

You can check out the range of MAZ shoes at the MAZ website. It’s in Portuguese, though. Supposedly you can find out more about how to get them in the UK by mailing: which seems to be some sort of franchise or private import enterprise (here they are on Facebook). You can also check out the more readily available (in the UK, at least) Jinga trainers, also from Brasil.

Vegan Japanese unisex cyber boots

Japanese vegan unisex boots Well, drool me a river! It’s never been easy to pull off the sexy, Gibsonesque, cyberpunk look while still being 100% vegan, but things just got easier. Even better, these gorgeous, futuristic boots are unisex. That’s right, they come in both men’s and women’s sizes! They’re by Fugu shoes, a Japanese company (of course). Have you donated to the Earthquake appeal yet?

They’re made of canvas and are high-tops, so are sort of trainer-like and Converse-like, but, to put it nicely – we’re talking fashion Fiesta Vs cyber Rolls Royce. The best thing about these, though, is that they’ll look equally as great with just normal street clothes – jeans and a T shirt. You don’t have to go crazy with your cyber look, but they’ll make you instantly a thousand times cooler as soon as you put them on.

You can get them from A Sense of Fashion, where there are plenty more Fugu Shoes for you to drool at.

Vegan men’s lace up earthy shoes

Vegan men's lace up shoes I just realised it’d been only women’s shoes on here recently and not even flats! So let’s take a moment to go back to earthier times, with a pair of lovely, ethical shoes for the country gentleman (or the urban gentleman who’s got an eye for that tweedy, retro-esque style). These lovely “Exeter Shoes” are based on an Oxford shoe lace up style and are hand made in the UK by Green Shoes, a small, ethical and eco company. You can order their shoes in a variety of vegan colours, including some less common ones for men’s shoes such as red, purple and green. Their shoes are not cheap, but they are very reasonable when you consider the amount of work that goes into them and the fact that they will last you more or less a lifetime (and can be cheaply resoled to extend their life even further).

I love this company. Check out their traditional satchel bags, too!

You can get these from Green Shoes.

Vegan men’s shoes by Melissa shoes

Vegan men's plastic shoes After giving us some of the world’s most amazing vegan women’s shoes (and most amazing shoes period), Melissa are now trying it on with the male market. So far, they only have two types of shoes from the M:Zero range. These, which I like (they come in a bunch of “manly” colours, so far. None of the brightness of the lady colours, but they do have the flock material too) and some sort of weird loafers, which I don’t like. I saw a pair of these in white on a bloke today and they looked wicked cool. He said he found them a bit narrow, but that he’d never had problems with them making his feet sweat too much or anything. Good news for the boys, for sure.

As far as I can see, at the moment you can only get these from Melissa Australia.

Manly vegan boots

Vegan men's boots I put a question up to my Twitter readers the other day about whether I should write more about vegan men’s shoes and the keen response seemed to imply people want to see more of these.

I really like these boots from Novacas, especially the fold down thing and tie back lacing. They’re similar to the other vegan Novacas boots I wrote about and while the soles are definitely not as cool, I do like their height and overall look.

You can get them from Moo Shoes.

Coolest vegan rubber trainers

The dude vegan shoes I spotted a pair of these in a shop window yesterday and managed to track them down online. As if moulded rubber lace up trainers in all kinds of mad and bright colours weren’t great enough, these ones are actually called “The Dude”, which reminds me of Big Lebowski and is therefore super uber great.

The downside is that they seem to come in only 3 sizes – small, medium and large. Handy if you’re more or less one of these sizes, not so much if you’re not. The larger sizes will fit men.

You can get them from OldgOLD.