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Ultra-chic vegan retro kitten heels with leopard print fan

Vegan retro kitten heels Roni Kantor, one of my favourite vegan designers has brought out her summer collection and I want all of it. I’m going to have to choose just the one pair (or am I?). I’m showing these because there’s a shortage of attractive vegan shoes that are feminine and sexy but not on super high heels. These are tiny kitten heels and she also does completely flat shoes with similar touches of leopard print or other colours in the fan pattern. Great if you want to look the part but hate wearing heels.

She used to sell her shoes on Etsy but doesn’t seem to anymore. If you want these, contact her through her Facebook page and ask how you can order them.

Cute vegan glitter boots with low heels

vegan glitter boots Low, steady glitter heels for you ladies out there who are not too fond of skyscrapers. These “womens schuh hamp zip ank glitter boots” on Schuh will totally do the trick for adding sparkle to your look and you won’t need to totter to wear them. They may actually be the perfect party shoes if you like boots and want to dance around on your night out. Plus…they’re so shiny! I can’t quite tell what the colour of the glitter is. Sort of blackish-purplish multicolour glitter? Who cares!

You can get them from Schuh.

Shiny vegan showgirl low heels with bows

vegan low heeled shoes Here’s a pair of shoes for all you fans of low heels, shiny heels and showgirl heels. These look a bit like something out of a chorus line, with sparkly bows and a colour-shifting fabric upper (with faux leather trims). They look like they’ll make fun dancing shoes, if you’re not keen on skyscraper heels but want to look girlie and retro.

The description says they’re purple, too, though I can’t quite tell in the picture. They seem more like a cross between purple and turquoise.

Either way, you can get them at Schuh.

White vegan side bow heels (bridal?)

vegan bridal shoes Whenever I see white shoes I instantly think bridal, but these pretty, low-heeled peep toes could work with other outfits, really. They have a simple, classic shape but are saved from plainness by the addition of the cute little side bows.

I can’t imagine there are that many decent looking vegan bridal shoes out there and these seem pretty cute and a little bit retro, too. The main material is satin.

They’re called “Forest side bow” and you can get them from Schuh.

low, scalloped retro vegan heels

vegan retro scallop heels I think I’ve just found my new pair of every day heels! I must say that as much as I love the super high heel look, I actually much prefer low heels or flats for walking around in on a daily basis and generally for dancing in. These are just so unassumingly cute and the scallop edge gives them a really nice retro twist that just makes you wanna go “awwwww”.

Another affordable pair of perfectly usable and pretty shoes from Schuh. They’re called Clara scallop bar.

Funky vegan tape measure heels

vegan kitten heels Fashionistas – get ready to WANT. These cute kitten heels have got a big tape measure rosette at the front and a tape measure strip at the back of the heel. They’re funky, business-like (pin stripes will do that) and super super cool.

They actually look like the sort of thing a young fashion designer or fashion student would do to customise otherwise standard shoes. I wonder if that’s where the idea first came from?

vegan kitten heels back view

They also have the bunny in a teapot pattern on the soles, like the other Irregular Choice shoes I wrote about recently.

You can get them at Schuh.

Vegan red glitter party heels

vegan glitter heels Finally! Party season is just around the corner, so boring winter boots are finally starting to give way a bit to some pretty, glittery shoes.
These pretty red ones have a comfortable heel and will be good for Christmas parties or dressing up as Dorothy for some of you, while providing much needed pin up heel goodness for others. I know my vegan burlesque performer friends will be ever so pleased to see these. There’s always room in my shoe box for red glitter!

You can get these from Schuh.

vegan terra plana heels

vegan terra plana shoes Terra Plana make gorgeous shoes, but apart from some odd-looking flip flop type things, their stuff is usually made with (eco) leather. Now apaprently there’s a vegan range.

These funky low heels are my choice for most interesting of this selection. They look good for wearing every day without killing your posture and they have neat lacing detail and a wooden heel (at least I think it’s wood, it might be a wood-a-like).

They’re not quite as exciting as their leather shoes, but it’s a start. They’re certainly cute, plus this line was produced in conjunction with Greenpeace.

You can get them from BBoheme’s site.

simple and effective Vegan faux suede boots

vegan suede boots These faux suede boots from Vegetarian Shoes look like great every day casual to smart casual boots. They’re simple and comfortable-looking with a low heel and you could obviously wear them with just about anything. I like the pointy toe. I guess that’s why they call them “Pixie boots”.

You could dress them up or down, for work or play and they’d be fine. If you’re the sort of person who fixates on one pair of shoes and wears them all the time till they die, then fixate on these – they’ll work out just fine.

They are simple, but most likely much better made than the cheap knock offs you’re likely to get in the usual faux suede department.

Oddly enough, it’s sometimes very easy to find weird and wonderful vegan shoes, but not so much your simple but stylish every day shoe. Vegetarian Shoes are good at producing good every day, functional footwear and every once in a while they have something that’s really very cool. These boots are a fine example of that.

You can get them from the Vegetarian Shoes website.