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Cool vegan canvas sling back wedge sandals

Vegan sling back shoes These are weird but I like them. They come in black, white and some sort of mad “tribal” fabric that’s definitely some sort of fashion statement. I’m never quite sure about the hybrid shoe-sandal thing. There have been quite a few crimes against fashion in recent years that involved the chimera that they are, but these are not a million miles away from the old lindy hop / swing dancing wedges of the 50s, although the platform wedge is higher. They’re made of canvas, so even though they’re half closed, they should breathe enough to make decent summer shoes. The laces are definitely a nice touch too.

They actually look like they’d be quite comfortable to wear.

You can get them from Urban Outfitters.

Hip Chinese vegan trainers

ospop vegan trainers
Aren’t these neat? They’re a bit like Palladiums and a bit like Converse but really nothing like either. They’re “proudly made in China” by people keen to prove not everything out of China is totalitarian and cruel to animals. They are suitable for both men and women, come in a load of colours (as you can see) and are designed to be durable and long-lasting (yes, not everything that comes out of China falls apart after a few days).

You can learn more about them on the Ospop website.

Cutest Melissa vegan brogue jelly boots

Vegan jelly boots Oh look! Someone’s taken my favourite Melissa lace up brogue shoes and have turned them into pretty little boots! Look at how pretty and shiny they are! Like all of Melissa’s stuff, they’re made out of that weird rubbery plastic material that’s actually surprisingly breathable, but not to everyone’s taste. It does, however, smell like bubblegum, which is pretty cool. For something made out of plastic and hailing from Brazil, these are surprisingly retro. I bet they come in different colours too (wouldn’t they be awesome in some sort of bright colour?) but so far I’ve only seen them in black.

You can get them from BBoheme.

Wacky yellow vegan rain boots

Vegan rain boots And the winners of craziest rubbery rain boots for this season are these boots by Jeffrey Campbell. If you hate rain as much as I do and need some bright, silly and somewhat mad rain boots to make you laugh as you’re stepping in puddles and getting soaked, then these are your knights in yellow shining armour. I totally get these and I’m sure many of you on here will get them too.

The brogue detailing, in case you’re wondering, is actually printed on, which is not ideal, but will have to do. At least they’re likely to keep your feet warm and relatively dry and you’re bound to look like some sort of ultra cute cartoon character.

You can get them from Modcloth.

Vegan blue and pink cheetah print trainers

vegan blue leopard print trainers Astute readers would have undoubtedly noticed the lack of post yesterday. This is because your resident shoe addict is currently on self imposed exile in the far East, far away from shoes and other addictions harmful and otherwise. This post is actually coming to you from chilly Mcleod Ganj, high(ish) up in the Himalayan foothills, following too short a stint in beautiful Kashmir, far from Internet and even mobile reception. So things might be a bit random for a while, but I shall attempt to post regularly.

I just found these on the Schuh site and they look super fun. A nice twist on the leopard print (technically cheetah print, apparently, but as they say in India – same same). Little silver sparkles on the laces remind me of everything that was good about the 80s and the pink soles are a well thought out surprise. Definitely another fine hit from Vans.

You can get them from Schuh.

Vegan converse all black (monochrome) knee high boots

Converse all black knee high boots Oh yes, happy day! Remember when I wrote about the buckled up converse knee highs and wished they’d make an all black version? Well, they haven’t made a buckled all black version yet as far as I can tell, but they have made an all black knee high boot and here it is! It’s called the “Womens Converse As Xx Hi Trainers” and is available exclusively at Schuh in the UK (apparently) for a mere £50 including postage.
These are so cool on so many levels I may actually have to try them on. For some reason, Converse shoes never quite seem to agree with the shape of my feet, but for these, I’m willing to suffer the slings of minor discomfort.

You can get them from Schuh.

Vegan purple brogue boots

vegan boots Although these look unisex, they are actually for women. They’re not exactly ultra feminine in style, but I do love the colours and if you like your style a little bit more comfortable and sensible than classically girlie then you will also love these. They’re not cheap but they are handmade in the UK and will last you forever (especially as they can be refurbished). They’re made by Freerangers who make a whole big range of vegan shoes and bags, including, you may be interested in discovering, a Celtic range of vegan sporrans and related items for the cruelty-free Scottish gentleman.

Get these from the Freerangers site.

Vegan pointy lace up shoes for men

vegan pointy men's shoes Vegetarian Shoes have their summer sale on right now so you can grab some real bargains if you happen to have the right size of feet. Some shoes are reduced to only £10, though there are only a few pairs left in stock. These, however, still seem to be available for quite a few sizes, though they are a bit more expensive (still half price, though!). They come in this shade of black or in white and are sort of flashy in a way I’m sure will appeal to some of you guys. Apparently they make a clip clop sound when you walk, too! They are implied to be unisex but start at a European 41 (UK 8, I believe) and are also quite masculine in shape. Still, they may well fit your style even if you are a woman who happens to have big feet!

You can get them from Vegetarian Shoes.

Massive vegan lace up platform shoes

Big vegan lace up platform shoes I know this style has been around for years, but I just came across it while cruising for vegan shoes and I do so love it. They’re made by Demonia and I know for a fact they’re quite light, even though the platforms are huge. They’re the sort of shoes you could wear with the straightest outfit and they’d instantly turn it into an alternative punk / goth / almost fetishy costume.

They come in some very big sizes which means they could potentially fit some men too, and I guess they look sort of unisex in a clown shoe sort of way.

You can get them from for $60, which is not at all bad, really.

Vegan men’s hessian shoes

Vegan men's hessian shoes Seeing as my post about the awesome Devo shoes was so popular, I figured maybe there is a bigger market for unusual vegan shoes for men than I’d originally thought. So here’s another pair, this time from Irregular Choice. Now, before you go any further, a reader did comment here that Irregular Choice use rabbit fur in some of their shoes. In the interest of full disclosure I’m pointing this out here, because this might make you want to not buy their shoes at all.

For me, using rabbit fur is about the same as using leather. Contrary to popular belief, leather is not usually a bi product of the meat industry. Animals are bred specifically for leather. Companies that use bi product leather usually make a big deal of it, which should tell you how sad the usual state of things is. I’d rather they didn’t use either, but I do buy shoes from companies that aren’t 100% vegan. You may feel differently about this, obviously.

Either way, these shoes have zero leather or fur in them. They’re velvet lined (apparently different colours of velvet) and made of natural hessian (also in black). I like the pointy toes that make them look a bit like clown shoes. They’re versatile, light and simple, yet decidedly different and make great summer shoes.

You can get them from Irregular Choice.

Hot new vegan shoe designs coming your way

vegan shoes I got contacted by Petra Holíková, the designer of this beautiful vegan shoes and it made me very happy. Aren’t these amazing? Click the image to go to a bigger image where you can get a really good look! They’re all made of natural cotton and rubber, so very eco friendly and the designs are pretty unique and very beautiful. If you’re anything like me then you’ll be keen to get your hands on these shoes and the good news is that even though these were a project for Holíková ‘s design MA, you will be able to get them very soon.
The bad news it that they’re only coming out in August or September and the site that will sell them is in Slovakia. Still, it’s got English on it, so you won’t need to struggle with a foreign language to own these. I can’t wait myself!

When the time comes, you’ll be able to buy them from Novesta

Vegan cherry Vans

Vegan vans I’m a sucker for cherries and I have to say I quite like Vans, too. I mean, how cute are these? The cherries are actually embroidered on, not printed, which I think is a really nice touch that makes all the difference.
Being predominantly black, they are certainly of the kind that can be worn with anything. It’s funny how a colourful cherry pattern is one of those patterns that can sort of blend into neutral, isn’t it? (within reason, of course. I wouldn’t match these up with a heavily patterned outfit, unless you REALLY know what you’re doing!).

You can get these in the UK from Schuh. Interestingly, I also found a similar pair on in the US, which is navy coloured and has embroidered strawberries on it!

Simple vegan flowery trainers

Vegan flower trainers Well, while the British summer makes up its mind about what kind of summer it wants to be this year, it’s time to take a look at summer shoes that are light enough to be worn in hot weather but OK (ish) in rain as well.

I didn’t know Poetic License did trainers, but there you go. Another style for this season’s “patterns your grandma would have on her furniture” chintzy / retro influences but with a more modern twist and a simple trainer design. Sweet, colourful and funky (they also come in white and darker pink). All in all, quite useful shoes that are also not that expensive.

Poetic License usually make some pretty weird shoes, so it’s nice to see that sort of craziness contained in something you can wear every day.

You can get them from Amazon.

Vegan one of a kind upcycled canvas boots

Vegan zombie knee high boots Now, before you get too excited about these particular vegan boots, you should know that these were one of a kind and have already sold. The good news is that the person who sells these on Etsy (where I have been spending some days looking at vegan shoes) will make you similar ones. In fact, there’s a whole load of different styles you can get in customised Converse-like knee high boots (with a zip) and there’s even another type of vegan boot that isn’t Converse that you can get customised.

They’re not all doom and gloom, by the way, I just liked these.

Check them out on Etsy.

Simple vegan flowery lace ups

vegan lace up shoes These cute and simple vegan lace up shoes are called “molly lace up flats” on Schuh and are very much in keeping with this summer’s chintzy, flowery theme. They seem to be Schuh’s version of the classic plim and reinvent themselves every season with all kinds of new colours and fabrics. This spring / summer they come in beige, too, as well as some sort of embroidered all black thing, but I liked these best because they’re dark enough to go with anything, while still flowery enough to be on trend and interesting. They’re the sort of shoes that will never go out of fashion (chances are, they will fall apart first, as they’re pretty cheap).

You can get them from Schuh.