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Two-toned vegan knee high boots

vegan knee high boots Sticking with the rugged knee-high trend, here’s a pair of boots from vegan, ethical company Cri de coeur. They’re a stylish mix of faux leather and faux suede, seen here in black, but you can also get them in a brown combo.

I think now I have the complete set on here – biker-styled knee highs, riding style and cowboy style. I’m really not helping my decision making process here, but there you go.

Cri de coeur are one of those good vegan companies I always feel good about recommending, which makes it a little bit easier to spend money on their stuff 🙂

You can get these from

Hot vegan cowgirl-ish knee nigh boots

Vegan cowboy boots for women Just when I thought I found my perfect vegan knee high boots (the Nina ones from Novacas), they go and do it again with this Eliza boot. Now I have to choose whether I want a classic riding boot or this sexy cowgirl offering. I want both!

These have some interesting features, like the brogueing, asymmetrical cuff and, of course, that whole sort of modern meets old cowboy look. The Nina boots are, well, more British.
Which one would you choose? I’ll let you know what I decide!

In the meantime, you can get them from in the US.

Wicked designer cut out vegan boots

Designer vegan bootsLovely lovely Olsenhaus! These gorgeous boots have cut out bits so may not be the most practical of winter boots but they are so beautiful, I’m willing to overlook that part.

Check out their pretty blue platforms and chunky heels! These, like many other Olsenhaus shoes and boots, are made out of recycled TV screens. The microfiber suede looks a lot like real suede but as I gather, it doesn’t mark when wet, as it’s not real suede. Bonus!

These also come in taupe or brown. I think they’re probably past season’s, as the black ones seem to be reduced.

You can get them from

Vegan riding style boots

Vegan riding style boots Often I find that when it comes to vegan shoes there’s a shortage of good classic shoes and boots that would last you for many seasons and go with many different looks. These riding boots by Novacas are certainly instant classics and are timeless enough to be worn from now till they die. They are priced accordingly, so don’t expect cheap and cheerful, but it does mean they’re likely to be your friends for many years. You know, I actually think these are exactly the boots I’ve been searching for since god knows when.

You can get them from Fashion Conscience in the UK and in the US.

Vegan converse all black (monochrome) knee high boots

Converse all black knee high boots Oh yes, happy day! Remember when I wrote about the buckled up converse knee highs and wished they’d make an all black version? Well, they haven’t made a buckled all black version yet as far as I can tell, but they have made an all black knee high boot and here it is! It’s called the “Womens Converse As Xx Hi Trainers” and is available exclusively at Schuh in the UK (apparently) for a mere £50 including postage.
These are so cool on so many levels I may actually have to try them on. For some reason, Converse shoes never quite seem to agree with the shape of my feet, but for these, I’m willing to suffer the slings of minor discomfort.

You can get them from Schuh.

Vegan “suede” knee high high heeled boots

vegan knee high suede boots Ladies! Your essential autumn / winter knee high boots are here! These are made by ethical vegan company Beyond Skin out of fake suede and are perfectly classic and will definitely go with anything. They are handmade in Spain and while certainly more expensive than most vegan shoes we know, are about the same price as you’d pay for a similarly well made leather pair and are of equal quality.

I’m sure they will last for years and, let’s face it, I’ve never seen boots like these go out of fashion.

You can get them from Beyond Skin.

Vegan knee high converse boots with buckles and straps

Knee high vegan converse boots with buckles I know we all loved the extra high converse boots I wrote about a while back, so now you’re all going to totally adore these. Check em out! They are knee high, they have a zip, they are black and flat and awesome but they also have buckles and straps for that extra clubby, alternative rocker look. I am totally loving the looks of these, though I’d probably change the laces from white. How I wish they’d do an all black version of these!

You know you want them. You know I want them. They’re currently exclusive to Schuh in the UK. Not sure where in the US you can get them. Feel free to comment and let your fellow vegan shoe lovers know, although Schuh do actually deliver worldwide.

Here is where these live on the Schuh site.

More shoes for sale – United Nude knee high boots

Vegan United Nude boots More of my shoes for sale today. These are original United Nude boots, from one of the seasons before they started shoving leather into everything. These are made of fabric, are knee high and feature a picture of some sort of landscape. They are very light and I’m sure they’ll be comfortable if they actually fit you. The heels are the highest ones that UN do. The width around the calves can be adjusted.

I got these off eBay ages ago but they are a tiny bit too small for me which makes them uncomfortable. They’re meant to be 5 UK / 38 Euro but I’d say you need to be on the small side of size 5 and you could maybe even get away with being a 4.5. I don’t think they have been worn much (if at all) before I got them and I never actually got around to wearing them, because they weren’t the right size!

I’ll happily take offers around £10 for them.

Vegan one of a kind upcycled canvas boots

Vegan zombie knee high boots Now, before you get too excited about these particular vegan boots, you should know that these were one of a kind and have already sold. The good news is that the person who sells these on Etsy (where I have been spending some days looking at vegan shoes) will make you similar ones. In fact, there’s a whole load of different styles you can get in customised Converse-like knee high boots (with a zip) and there’s even another type of vegan boot that isn’t Converse that you can get customised.

They’re not all doom and gloom, by the way, I just liked these.

Check them out on Etsy.

Vegan military style knee high rain boots

Vegan military style rain boots I must admit that, while I like the looks of wellie boots / rubber rain boots in the context of festivals and fields, I wouldn’t wear them on the city streets unless there was some sort of flooding emergency.
These Hunter Regent Grosvenor boots, though, are just about hot enough to be worn in more urban surroundings. Behold their hot metallic buttons that make them look like proper military or navy boots! They’re shiny, yes, but with the patterened bits it may well take people a bit of time to notice these are made of plastic and not leather. Of course, if you live anywhere outside of London, you may be able to wear any old rain boots on the streets of your city anyway. I think it may only be the English who have such a countryside alliance and Glastonbury festival hippie association with rubber rainboots.

You can get these at Schuh.

Vegan fringed knee high boots

Vegan fringed bootsPocahontas, eat your heart out! Yes, these very suede-like looking boots are actually made out of imitation suede. Thank you H&M! I’m so glad they’re selling shoes now. They used to have the most amazing shoes on their display mannequins but none for sale in the actual shops. That was years ago, though, and this is now. Most of their shoes are leather-free as well, it would seem.

So if you’re feeling the fringe and the overall Native American vibe, these are definitely the boots for you.

I’ve tagged them with both knee high and over the knee because I’m not quite sure what they are from the picture. They sort of look like they could come just over the knee, but they could also come up to just under it. If anyone has these, please do let me know which one it is!

You can get them from H&M.

Mean-looking vegan boots

Vegan knee high boots These big, mean looking boots look all serious and hard, but inside they are apparently all warm and fuzzy – felt lined, that is. They sort of look like biker boots and, while I wouldn’t necessarily expect them to protect me in a crash, they certainly look like they’d blend in with that type of look.

They come in black and brown and look pretty much perfect winterwear for the more outdoorsy of you. I reckon they wouldn’t be too bad as club or festivalwear either, especially in wet countries.

You can get them from Moo Shoes.

Crazy wedge designer vegan knee high boots

Vegan knee high wedge boots OK, these say they’re made out of PU, which would make them vegan. I can’t imagine why they’d say PU if they were made of leather. The lining is apparently fabric so…

It actually kinda pains me to write about these as they have them in my size and it says last remaining pairs and I really can’t afford £150 right now. If you’ve ever considered donating to my shoe fund, now’s the time. I think I actually drooled a little when I saw them. Then I cried a little. It was not an easy night.

You can get them (for me! I’m a 6) at the Office sale.

Slouchy tan vegan boots

Tan vegan boots I love getting emails from readers and from vegan shoe companies. Today, I got an email from the nice people at NAE about these great-looking vegan boots and, as it happens, I could slot a post about them straight away.

This slouchy knee high look is very much in fashion, so it’s good to get a vegan version made by an ethical, 100% vegan company. NAE are a growing business, so good luck to them. They are not selling too many products at the moment, but hopefully there is more to come. I’m always happy to support vegan and vegetarian businesses.

You can get these boots from the NAE site.

And please do feel free to send me more links to vegan shoes you make or like!

Vegan Crocs boots for winter

Vegan Crocs boots As the UK braces itself for more snow and drifts caused by “Siberian winds” (!) I give you these Crocs winter boots.

Crocs aren’t exactly at the cutting edge of style, but these aren’t actually that bad at all, as far as Crocs go. They are certainly a lot more stylish than Ugg boots (Ugh boots!) and their various equally ugly rip offs.

They also come in a shade of creamy white that is also easy on the eye.

They’re made out of microsuede (so not real suede) and are lined so should keep you reasonably warm.

You can get them from Amazon.