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Colourful vegan tribal ankle boots

tribal vegan ankle boots These tribal vegan boots may initially appear to be squarely in the tribal / hippie department but their somewhat 80s styling (they’re actually referred to as “retro” by the seller) does have a certain air of hipsterism you can use to your advantage. They come from Thailand and are made out of tribal fabrics by an enterprise working to empower local tribal women. These particular boots are made out of fabrics made by Akha tribal women, but the Etsy shop where I found them features stuff made from fabrics spun by the Hmong tribe as well. There are all kinds of vegan shoes, sandals and boots (including knee highs) in all kinds of mad colours. As with all stuff made out of tribal style arts, you can wear it full hippie with the whole harem trousers or sarong fabric dress thing or you could match it with more urban, classic stuff to just give a touch of hippie. Either way, I’m loving the black version.

Oh and they also do some shoes for men and some of them are quite unusual. I like these.

Check out the stuff in the Estsy shop.

Vegan handmade crochet shoes

vegan crochet shoes Here’s another piece of vegan coolness off Etsy. These shoes have a really cool story behind them and are handmade in Uruguay. This is actually just one design out of many and you can choose your own colours and design to be handmade for you. I chose this one because it’s the one marked as vegan, while the other designs on show are made with real suede. You can ask for any of them to be made with fake suede, like these. There are a few types of cute sandals and flat shoes with either ties or straps.

They are certainly a bright colour in the hippie backpacker style rainbow (and yes, you can order them in rainbow colours, too!). They would make you feel like you’ve traveled all over South America even if you’ve never been, which is pretty cool.

You can get them on Etsy.

Vegan fair trade gladiator sandals

Two gladiator sandals I don’t detest one after the other? I may as well quit this shoe blogging business right now!

These unusual cotton and recycled car tyre sandals by Komodo are ethically produced and decidedly different. If you want to get yourself a timeless, somewhat ethnic sandal cheap (they are now reduced), then get in there quick, as they are almost sold out.

There is another similar pair in blue that has a few more sizes left in stock.

You can get them on Fashion Conscience.

Rustic vegan men’s boots

vegan mens boots These classic and rustic vegan men’s boots by Green Shoes will likely last you a lifetime.

They are handmade in the UK by people who love their job and, while not exactly cheap, can be resoled from now to eternity are are designed to be comfortable and hard wearing.

I’ve tagged them with bohemian and hippie, as Green Shoes do have a very earthy, eco appeal.
However, I reckon these boots are classic enough to appeal to the more urban gentleman as well.

Great if you’re the sort of person who wants a decent, manly pair of boots that exists outside of changing fashion trends and will last you for years and years so you don’t have to go shopping for another.

They come in a range of vegan colours.

You can get them off the Green Shoes site.

Handmade vegan mens boots

handmade vegan mens boots I love hearing about small, ethical shoe companies so I’m really happy to feature these Desert boots by Guat Shoes from Sheffield. They manage to be at once both pretty smart-casual and respectable, yet quite bohemian / hippie as well. Excellent.

My friend John owns a pair of these and told me about these people, who make all their shoes by hand, sourcing local materials whenever possible. The shoes are apparently really comfortable and hard wearing and can be resoled, meaning you get really good value for money. The vegan versions are made out of lorica, which is about as tough as you can get for non-leather.

They make shoes and boots for both men and women (there’s also a desert boot version for the girls). I must say they have some real funky looking boots and things. It’s just a shame their “Guat originals” don’t come in faux leather, cause they’re totally wicked.

You can get the shoes from the Guat Shoes website.

Bohemian vegan sandals sari material ankle tie

vegan bohemian sandals These hand made vegan bohemian / hippie sandals are so very sexy!!
I love the ankle tie that’s apparently made out of vintage sari material (silk free).

Check out the picture of them being worn on the site to see the full effect of how totally lush they look when on actual feet.

I found these on the Neon Collective site, a very fab vegan boutique.

Vegan hippie laced pumps

Here are some nice year-round shoes from Green shoes, an ethical, handmade shoe company from the UK.

These may look a bit odd in this photo, but check them out on the Green Shoes site where they are modelled with a sparkly pair of tights.

Yes, we’re definitely talking earthy hippie chic here, but quite upmarket hippie chic, so if there’s a hidden bohemian artist or organic gardener in you, now’s the time to come out and wear your lentils with pride!
Some of their other shoes are way too too hippie for my own personal liking, but these I think are quite nice and versatile.
The flat pump look is very “sensible”, but the lacing is really girlie. They would look lovely with a dress and they come in a wide range of colours. They’re not cheap but are handmade to last and can returned to Green Shoes to be easily resoled and repaired for a pretty small fee, so would last for years. I assume they are also pretty comfortable.

Green shoes are ethical and environmentally-aware and while they make shoes out of leather as well, their glues don’t contain animal products, so their vegan shoes are truly vegan.

You can get these vegan lace up pumps at Green shoes.