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Vegan Nike trainers

Vegan nike trainers I know some of you have issues with Nike, so this post is not for you. I also know many of you don’t have any other issues with Nike, apart from not being able to find any of their shoes in vegan. This includes reader Tze-Wen (Hi!) who emailed in to tell me about these very cool Nike trainers for women. So now I am sharing this knowledge with you. These are made out of shiny black nylon fabric and are complemented with a bright neon sole (I wonder if it actually glows in UV?)

If black and pink/orange are not your thing, there’s also a grey and fluoro yellow version available.

All in all, these are really cool trainers, so if you’ve been gagging for a pair of Nikes but have so far been unable to find a vegan pair, then now’s your chance.

You can get them from Schuh.

Lovely Men’s hi top plimsoles

Vegan men's high top plimsoles I thought I’d take a break from going through my shoes and let you know about the awesome Schuh sale that’s on right now. I was browsing their site and found these wicked plims by Momentum. Check out the cool little skull on the laces and I do so love the shape of these. You wanna know the best bit? These are £8. Yes, £8! Better get in there quick, boys, while they still have your size, as these are totally versatile and totally cute. Sometimes I wish I had giant feet so that I could wear blokes’ shoes, cause I do so love the Momentum stuff.

So if you do have giant feet, head over to Schuh, where you can get these (and loads more stuff in the sale).

Colourful vegan high top fashion trainers

These fun vegan trainers are made out of nylon and fabric and can apparently be put through the washing machine repeatedly and come out clean and fresh. They come from Brasil, where people are encouraged to wear them to the beach without using socks, and are meant to be breathable and comfortable.

The company, MAZ, apparently keeps bringing out new colour combinations and styles (boots, lace up trainers, velcro-fastened trainers, etc.) for men and women and never repeat the same colour combo twice. I’m pretty sure just about all their shoes are unisex and come in a huge range of sizes, plus kids’ sizes. I’ve picked a particularly girly one to show here, but I assure you there are plenty of colourful manly designs to please the vegan macho man as well.

Yet another awesome footwear company from Brazil, the country that’s given us Melissa Shoes and a few other similar vegan shoe companies. Thanks, Brasil! You guys rock.

You can check out the range of MAZ shoes at the MAZ website. It’s in Portuguese, though. Supposedly you can find out more about how to get them in the UK by mailing: which seems to be some sort of franchise or private import enterprise (here they are on Facebook). You can also check out the more readily available (in the UK, at least) Jinga trainers, also from Brasil.

Vegan men’s white and orange trainers

vegan mens trainers Happy new year everyone!
We’re off the Office shoes sale and straight into the Schuh sale.

Because I’ve said I’ll write more about vegan men’s shoes, I thought I’d start the year with a pair. Start as I mean to go on and all that.
This post is actually coming at you from the past, as I have prepared it in advance, knowing fully well that I am probably way way too hungover and asleep to actually write anything right now. Thank you, WordPress schedule feature!

Anyway, I really like these. Shame they are only for men. The white and orange combo is really neat (orange soles, how cool?) plus, these “roger” high-tops by Momentum also have a cute skull eyelet on each shoe. I also like the high-top shape which is noticeably different from the usual Converse style.

At the time of writing there seemed to be plenty of these in stock. Hopefully, there still are, but at £15 a pair, you never know!

Get them (if you can) at the Schuh sale.

Vegan men’s chunky hemp trainers

Vegan men's hemp trainers Actually, these are technically unisex, but I am calling them men’s shoes because A. they look pretty manly and B. it’s been a while since I’ve had anything about vegan men’s shoes on here and I’ve just picked up some new Twitter followers who are decidedly male.

These high tops are made by Vegetarian Shoes in Europe out of hemp and microfibre so are eco-friendly, durable and ethically produced. They are nice and chunky and, while supposedly casual / skate shoes, are actually quite smart-casual. You could totally rock a hipster look in these.

You can get them from Vegetarian Shoes.

Vegan glittery high top trainers

Vegan glitter trainers Hellooooo Topshop! I’ve not checked you out for a while, but hidden among your predominantly leathery shoe collection are these cute glittery high top trainers that are all nice and vegan. Simple yet effective and, let’s be honest, there’s nothing that can’t be made better with a bit of glitter really.

I like the shape as well. Different enough from the converse look to be interesting.
They also come in a crazy white and gold combo.

You can get them from Topshop.

Vegan flowery 90s style trainers

vegan flowery trainers Did you need any further proof that the 90s are back? These cute fabric high tops will lead you down the time tunnel of 90s fun in relative style. Great for the straight out of bed look cause they kinda look like slippers.

I’m not quite sure what I’d wear them with, apart from jeans or a black outfit, probably with some sort of flowery accents if I could find any that matched.

They also come in plain black, though I reckon if you’re gonna go there, go all out and get these.

You can get these from Schuh.

Vegan leather-look high top men’s trainers

vegan leather-look high top trainers OK, I’ll be honest. I actually really like the looks of all those leather converse trainers. Shame they’re leather, huh?

Well, here’s ones that are made out of fake leather, for you guys who think canvas may look a bit… immature for some occasions and want to sport something a bit more grown up.

These are pretty neat and they’re also pretty cheap.

You can get them from the H&M site.

Hip unisex vegan high top trainers

Here’s another cool take on a modern classic. These are unisex and have a cool lacing thing going on instead of your usual criss cross variety, plus a front zip.

I guess these sort of Converse-like trainers will never go out of style, so you may as well keep wearing them and keep finding slightly different and new ways to augment the look. I’m liking the patch on the side as well.

You can get these from Draven shoes.

Ethical vegan message trainers

ethical vegan trainers I usually don’t like prominent logos on my clothing, but when a company goes by the name of NAE (No Animal Exploitation) and puts that message in very obvious letters across a cute, unisex vegan trainer then all I can say is Bring it on!

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a pair of shoes that had an actual message on them. Usually that is reserved for T-shirts.
The closest I’ve seen is the Vegetarian Shoes logo, which can be read as more of a statement about the materials used than an actual message and is therefore somewhat less cool.

All NAE shoes are made ethically in Spain and Portugal and the company is run by people who care deeply about people, animals and the environment. Good luck, guys!

Check out the NAE site for these and more shoes.

Vegan plaid flannel accent high top trainers

Ooooh! These have a bit of the lumberjack about them, do they not? They make me think of log fires, comfy sofas and hot toddies. They are unisex and come in both men and women’s sizes. They are called The Guerra and come in a host of different fabric patterns that are perfect for fitting in with both an urban and a rural style.

They’re made by ethical, cruelty-free company Keep.

You can get them from the Keep website.

Black and beautiful high top vegan trainers

black vegan trainers These cute high top vegan trainers from Babycham are a cool twist on the old canvas trainer thang. They have funky patent accents, plus the cutsey babycham logo that looks like Bamby. Also, check out the neat star shaped eyelets!

These are good shoes if you want to be casual and comfortable but also a bit more fashionable and slightly alternative with it. They’ll make good every day shoes that’ll dress up an outfit in just the right measure. They are called the Babycham glitter jersey trainers and are currently on sale for 20 quid.

You can get them from the Schuh website.

Custom vegan high tops with trippy pattern

airbrushed vegan high tops Here’s a fun pair of custom made high tops from Zazzle. They remind me a bit of airbrushing artwork from the trippy 80s – all space-inspired and bright coloured. They’d go very well with all them new-retro 80s and 90s looks you young kids are sportin’ nowadays.

Zazzle basically print designs on demand on keds shoes. They’re certainly more expensive than your average high top canvas shoe, but the upside is you’re not likely to see anyone else wearing the same shoes as you (and if you do, you may as well befriend them as they’d have had to especially order them from the same place, so you obviously have something in common).

Check them out at Zazzle, where you can also find loads of other neat designs.

NOT VEGAN!!! London-themed recycled trainers

vegan recycled trainers with London Underground fabrics

STOP PRESS! I just found this link that seems to be talking about the same shoes (they look the same, anyway) and says they have a leather trim. It’s a recycled leather trim, but still leather.

I thought about removing this post but am leaving it here with this message for now.

This way you can have a warning, in case you were considering buying these shoes. Don’t you just hate it when people stick leather on an otherwise perfectly good vegan shoe for no reason?

Vegan convertible 4 in 1 trainers

vegan convertible 4 in 1 trainers OK. These are totally awesome. Yes, all these are the same shoes. They’re just that awesome.

They’re basically 4 pairs of shoes in one and they are all pretty damn funky if you ask me. They are made by a German company called Nat2. Nat2 also make other kinds of convertible shoes, including trainers that turn into outright sandals.

I prefer these though, cause the trainers look very cartoon-like, but in a good way. It’s basically like wearing Optimus Prime on your feet, if he were made of canvas and rubber.

You can get these from It helps if you speak German.

I’ve also seen a bunch of these for sale for only 20UKP on Mozimo, but in a limited colour range.