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Glitter madness hot vegan platforms with bows

Vegan glitter platforms with bows As you may have noticed, this blog has been quiet for a while. This is because I’ve been putting all my energy into a different project and taking a step back from everything else. That said, I caught sight of these absolutely mad glitter platforms and decided it’s time to make a quick appearance and share, because, well… You know.
These are great for those times when nothing but the craziest, over the top shoes will do. When you need to be a few inches taller and sparkle like a disco ball. So, any night of the week then. I mean, as if the sparkle wasn’t enough, there are massive bows as well. They’re called bowen peep ankle strap glitter high heels and you can get them from Schuh.

Sparkly colourblock vegan glitter heel

Vegan glitter platforms Sticking with the glitter theme because ’tis the season to be sparkly (and also because I love shiny and sparkly shoes and the upcoming NYE party thing is a very good excuse for sharing these), I introduce to you these ultimate party platforms! Sophisticated enough to be classy, glittery enough to be fun…These are brilliant without being too crazy, for a thoroughly suave night out with a bit of a jolly wink. Tall heels but steady-looking, so you don’t have to worry about falling over drunk when you’re out at the gallery opening or whathaveyou.

You can get them from Modcloth, if you’re quick.

They seem to have a pretty mindblowing selection of great vegan shoes on there this season.

Cute vegan glitter boots with low heels

vegan glitter boots Low, steady glitter heels for you ladies out there who are not too fond of skyscrapers. These “womens schuh hamp zip ank glitter boots” on Schuh will totally do the trick for adding sparkle to your look and you won’t need to totter to wear them. They may actually be the perfect party shoes if you like boots and want to dance around on your night out. Plus…they’re so shiny! I can’t quite tell what the colour of the glitter is. Sort of blackish-purplish multicolour glitter? Who cares!

You can get them from Schuh.

Crazy big vegan glitter wedge heels

Vegan glitter wedges Well, London is burning today and everyone’s got their new trainers already, so why not take a break from the madness in favour of a different kind of madness – wedge madness!

These hot hot glitter wedges are new from Schuh and while not the best footwear to be kicking in shop windows or running away from angry mobs or riot police, it’s probably the prettiest thing I’ve seen all day.

Here’s to more pretty things and less idiots.

You can get these shoes from the Schuh website. Stay safe, London.

Gorgeous blue vegan glitter heels

vegan blue glitter heels Totally loving these amazing glitter platform heels from Schuh! Towering high at 14CM with a nice retro-esque pin uppy platform is impressive enough, but these are in amazing blue glitter. What a brilliant colour in every way.

Just imagine how amazing these would look with a 50s vintage dress, a little black dress, a catsuit, a showgirl outfit or pretty much anything you can think of.

I know I have quite a few vegan diva readers lurking away somewhere to this one goes out to you. It’s time to put these on and shine line a true bombshell and dance around with the best of em.

You can get these amazingly awesome shoes from Schuh.

Gold vegan lace up flat shoes

Vegan gold glitter shoesLadies, your glittery Christmas flats are here! Aren’t they gorgeous? But let’s face it, Christmas is nothing more than a good excuse to buy these. You really want to be wearing these to every occasion that demands a bit of sparkle, especially if heels are not your thang. They’ll perk up a subdued outfit or blend in nicely with something more bold and one or two bits of sparkle jewelry.

They also come in a dishy shade of black glitter. Lovely.

You can get them from UO.

Vegan glittery high top trainers

Vegan glitter trainers Hellooooo Topshop! I’ve not checked you out for a while, but hidden among your predominantly leathery shoe collection are these cute glittery high top trainers that are all nice and vegan. Simple yet effective and, let’s be honest, there’s nothing that can’t be made better with a bit of glitter really.

I like the shape as well. Different enough from the converse look to be interesting.
They also come in a crazy white and gold combo.

You can get them from Topshop.

Vegan multicoloured sparkle party heels

Vegan glitter heels There isn’t much more than a girl needs in this world than a pair of sparkly, silvery, multicoloured glitter heels.

These come in a staggering height and a metallic heel to boot! They are a part of the Prince court range from Schuh that come in a few other weird and wonderful vegan colours and materials.

You can get them from the Schuh site.

Sparkle sparkle vegan silver glitter heels

Silver glitter vegan heels I promised you some more glitter so here it is! Actually, looking back, I don’t think I actually did promise more glitter, but here’s some anyway. These white and silver stilettos are called Tauro Collar, because they have that white “collar” at the top, that goes with the heel. It doesn’t matter what you wear. With these, you’re going to be your own starry night and everyone around you would be too dazzled to notice it anyway. Of course, you could go a step further and match them with a really over the top outfit to really blow everyone away. Discover your inner “budget Lady Gaga”!

You can get these hot hot heels from Schuh.

Vegan red glitter party heels

vegan glitter heels Finally! Party season is just around the corner, so boring winter boots are finally starting to give way a bit to some pretty, glittery shoes.
These pretty red ones have a comfortable heel and will be good for Christmas parties or dressing up as Dorothy for some of you, while providing much needed pin up heel goodness for others. I know my vegan burlesque performer friends will be ever so pleased to see these. There’s always room in my shoe box for red glitter!

You can get these from Schuh.

NOT VEGAN! glitter girlie brogue flats

vegan glitter brogues

I had a report from a reader that these shoes have leather lining, after posting about them here. I am leaving this post here as a warning, in case you are interested in buying them. There are plenty of other vegan brogues on my site that are vegan, though I am not sure I have glitter ones.

Vegan silver glitter peep toe heels

vegan silver glitter heels Well, you never know when you might need a pair of cheap silver glitter heels. I’d say, any time you want to make a bit of a memorable entrance, exit and, well, evening. You know people will be looking at your feet if you wear these.

They’re pretty cheap, which means we’re in the realm of cheapo vegan shoes. Coupled with them being high heels, they might not be the most comfortable heels on the block, but you never know. I’ve had some good luck with cheap buys, but also some bad luck. What’s certain is that these would fit very well with your sparkly outfit or even with your otherwise bland outfit you want to liven up a bit.

You can get these vegan party heels from Amazon.