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Awesome vegan platform t-bar heels with sailor skull design

Vegan t bar platform heels with sailor skull pattern A thousand times yes! These shoes are blatantly made of awesome. I generally need to be sold on brown shoes, but these are just about crazy enough for me to love. If they were a guy I’d be totally making a fool of myself right about now, but they’re a pair of shoes so I can just throw some money at the problem and make them mine. I’m not quite sure what I’d wear them with, but I guess it doesn’t matter because no one would be looking at what you’re wearing. They’d be too busy looking at the shoes.
They’re made by Iron Fist (who else?) and are called ” iron fist filthy landlubber t-bar pf high heels” on the Schuh site (enter that in the search box).
Iron Fist themselves match their shoes with bold coloured tights and short dresses.

You can get these on the Schuh site.

An even more Irregular Choice – Ruby Shoo heels!

Vegan heels with flower A while back, a reader asked me about alternatives to Irregular Choice shoes, because she didn’t like the fact that they sell shoes with fur. Well, now another one of my dedicated readers, Lara (thanks, Lara!) has discovered Ruby Shoo. It’s a company that makes very cute, girly heels such as these ones, that are obviously quite retro inspired and feature a certain quirkiness that is not a million miles away from Irregular Choice shoes. They’re not quite as crazy as some of the Irregular Choice offerings, but are certainly gorgeous… and vegan. I do believe they might all be vegan, actually.

You can get them from Amazon in the UK.

Cute red vegan boots with flowers

Red vegan boots with flower These super cute vegan boots from Vegetarian Shoes are in keeping with their “girly but sensible” style and have the advantage of being bright red, which is sure to brighten up a dark winter’s day for just about anyone.

I know they’re going to be a big hit with you guys, because, let’s face it, Veggie Shoes make decent shoes that are comfortable and last, so when they manage to hit the cuteness factor too, we usually have a winner.

Apart from the cute flowers, these boots have handy side zips and are padded, so should make neat casual and fun winter boots, which is handy, because winter is just about the corner.

You can get them from the Vegetarian Shoes site.

Simple vegan flowery trainers

Vegan flower trainers Well, while the British summer makes up its mind about what kind of summer it wants to be this year, it’s time to take a look at summer shoes that are light enough to be worn in hot weather but OK (ish) in rain as well.

I didn’t know Poetic License did trainers, but there you go. Another style for this season’s “patterns your grandma would have on her furniture” chintzy / retro influences but with a more modern twist and a simple trainer design. Sweet, colourful and funky (they also come in white and darker pink). All in all, quite useful shoes that are also not that expensive.

Poetic License usually make some pretty weird shoes, so it’s nice to see that sort of craziness contained in something you can wear every day.

You can get them from Amazon.

Simple vegan flowery lace ups

vegan lace up shoes These cute and simple vegan lace up shoes are called “molly lace up flats” on Schuh and are very much in keeping with this summer’s chintzy, flowery theme. They seem to be Schuh’s version of the classic plim and reinvent themselves every season with all kinds of new colours and fabrics. This spring / summer they come in beige, too, as well as some sort of embroidered all black thing, but I liked these best because they’re dark enough to go with anything, while still flowery enough to be on trend and interesting. They’re the sort of shoes that will never go out of fashion (chances are, they will fall apart first, as they’re pretty cheap).

You can get them from Schuh.

Sweet vegan peep toe wedge heels with cherries and flowers

Vegan flower wedge heelsWoohoo! Another cute pair of perfectly summery shoes from Poetic License. These are called “Sweet Shirley Temple”, I guess because they’re super cute and are made with chintzy patterned fabric that looks like something your granny would have worn as a summer dress or used as curtains. Note the super-cute tiny little cherry beads, too!

These lovely lovely wedges come in black or pink as well. You can get them all from Endless.

Cute vegan white floral ankle boots

Vegan floral boots I do so like these. They look sort of like desert boots but crossed with a lovely retro fabric all flowery and sweet.

There’s definitely a fashion statement to be had here of the quirky and fun variety. It’s like instant spring on your feet, which is a very cheery thing indeed.

These flowery fabrics seem to be making quite the comeback on shoes as of late. I’ve seen a few other hits in this general trend that I’m going to write about soon.

For now, you can get your hands on these if you’re quick enough. They’re available now on Modcloth.

Cool vegan Japanese split toe ninja shoes

Japanese ninja shoes I love those split toe ninja shoe things, so obviously I like these even more. You’ve got weird shaping, bold colours and Japanese flowers, what else could a girl want?

These come in all kinds of crazy colours with patterns and solid colours. I think I actually want them all!

Do remember that these belong to the “feel every tiny little stone on the road” family of shoes. A ninja needs to walk silently and quietly and feel everything under his or her feet.
Personally, I could have done with a bit more padding on the sole. Saying that, for a chance to be seen in these, I’d run across a field of gravel.

You can get these from Sense of Fashion. Check out the other shoes by the same seller. They even have veggie ninja shoe trainers!

Cute vegan hessian mary jane flats with flower and bow

vegan mary jane shoes These twee and green mary jane flats have a big bow and a big flower giving them an extra cute twist. There are also embroidered bows on the back in pink, to make you go “awww” just a little bit more. Gotta love Poetic License and their attention to detail! These are called “beach bunnie” and while certainly summery, I’m not sure I’d want to wear them to the beach and get sand all over them. I guess it’s more of a state of mind sort of thing, or you could wear them when you’re sitting on the somewhat less damaging wooden decking of the beach cafe, sipping your holiday cocktail. They seem to have rubber soles, so maybe you could even wear them on a boat, who knows?

They also come in a natural hessian colour with nice touches of bright pink (and a green lining). You can get them from Amazon in the US and Irregular Choice in the UK.

Funky multicoloured vegan heels with flower

unusual vegan heels It has the homey shades of autumn and winter slippers (plus red, which I’m not sure is a wintery shade, but it works) and the hessian-covered heel and flower of summer and spring. This weird shoe from Poetic License is totally an all season shoe. Just don’t wear it in -20C or anything in the snow, cause I’m not sure it’d work for that. On the other hand, it would dress up any plain, dark coloured outfit perfectly. It might even be worth experimenting with dark but bold coloured socks or tights if you think you can pull it off.

I must say I like the lowish, stable-looking heel. These would work perfectly with jeans, so I’m thinking they’d make perfect daytime heels – casual but trendy and hip.

You can get them from Irregular Choice.

Chintzy vegan heels

Vegan flower heels Merry Christmas everyone! Here’s to loads of veggie and vegan presents.

These Tea & cakes chintzy, flowery heels by Irregular Choice are obviously inspired by a visit to your grandma. Today is a good day to visit your grandma, cause it’s Christmas! It’s OK, though, you can still visit her even if she doesn’t celebrate Christmas. It’s just a nice thing to do.

Back to these…They feature colour overload with loud bunny soles (in case the heaps of flowers weren’t loud enough). The big bows are there to make them just a little bit more over the top.

You can get them from Schuh

Vegan flowery 90s style trainers

vegan flowery trainers Did you need any further proof that the 90s are back? These cute fabric high tops will lead you down the time tunnel of 90s fun in relative style. Great for the straight out of bed look cause they kinda look like slippers.

I’m not quite sure what I’d wear them with, apart from jeans or a black outfit, probably with some sort of flowery accents if I could find any that matched.

They also come in plain black, though I reckon if you’re gonna go there, go all out and get these.

You can get these from Schuh.