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Colourful vegan tribal ankle boots

tribal vegan ankle boots These tribal vegan boots may initially appear to be squarely in the tribal / hippie department but their somewhat 80s styling (they’re actually referred to as “retro” by the seller) does have a certain air of hipsterism you can use to your advantage. They come from Thailand and are made out of tribal fabrics by an enterprise working to empower local tribal women. These particular boots are made out of fabrics made by Akha tribal women, but the Etsy shop where I found them features stuff made from fabrics spun by the Hmong tribe as well. There are all kinds of vegan shoes, sandals and boots (including knee highs) in all kinds of mad colours. As with all stuff made out of tribal style arts, you can wear it full hippie with the whole harem trousers or sarong fabric dress thing or you could match it with more urban, classic stuff to just give a touch of hippie. Either way, I’m loving the black version.

Oh and they also do some shoes for men and some of them are quite unusual. I like these.

Check out the stuff in the Estsy shop.

Cute vegan mary jane plastic shoes with bows

Vegan mary jane shoes Right now, spring is certainly looking pretty far away, but I keep telling myself it’s just around the corner. Of course, one of the best ways to feel better while going through winter is to plan ahead for all the cool spring and summer shoes you’ll be wearing next season. With this in mind, I present these super simple, versatile and darling little mary janes by blog favourites, Melissa Shoes.
Wear them everywhere, with everything for all your modern, retro and hipster needs.
They remind me of those cute Chinese shoes that were a big hit in the 90s, but unlike those they are obviously made of Melissa’s patented bubblegum scented plastic and have those big Minnie Mouse bows.

You can get them from Fashion Conscience.

Wacky yellow vegan rain boots

Vegan rain boots And the winners of craziest rubbery rain boots for this season are these boots by Jeffrey Campbell. If you hate rain as much as I do and need some bright, silly and somewhat mad rain boots to make you laugh as you’re stepping in puddles and getting soaked, then these are your knights in yellow shining armour. I totally get these and I’m sure many of you on here will get them too.

The brogue detailing, in case you’re wondering, is actually printed on, which is not ideal, but will have to do. At least they’re likely to keep your feet warm and relatively dry and you’re bound to look like some sort of ultra cute cartoon character.

You can get them from Modcloth.

Two-toned vegan knee high boots

vegan knee high boots Sticking with the rugged knee-high trend, here’s a pair of boots from vegan, ethical company Cri de coeur. They’re a stylish mix of faux leather and faux suede, seen here in black, but you can also get them in a brown combo.

I think now I have the complete set on here – biker-styled knee highs, riding style and cowboy style. I’m really not helping my decision making process here, but there you go.

Cri de coeur are one of those good vegan companies I always feel good about recommending, which makes it a little bit easier to spend money on their stuff 🙂

You can get these from

Vegan riding style boots

Vegan riding style boots Often I find that when it comes to vegan shoes there’s a shortage of good classic shoes and boots that would last you for many seasons and go with many different looks. These riding boots by Novacas are certainly instant classics and are timeless enough to be worn from now till they die. They are priced accordingly, so don’t expect cheap and cheerful, but it does mean they’re likely to be your friends for many years. You know, I actually think these are exactly the boots I’ve been searching for since god knows when.

You can get them from Fashion Conscience in the UK and in the US.

Cute red vegan boots with flowers

Red vegan boots with flower These super cute vegan boots from Vegetarian Shoes are in keeping with their “girly but sensible” style and have the advantage of being bright red, which is sure to brighten up a dark winter’s day for just about anyone.

I know they’re going to be a big hit with you guys, because, let’s face it, Veggie Shoes make decent shoes that are comfortable and last, so when they manage to hit the cuteness factor too, we usually have a winner.

Apart from the cute flowers, these boots have handy side zips and are padded, so should make neat casual and fun winter boots, which is handy, because winter is just about the corner.

You can get them from the Vegetarian Shoes site.

cool vegan strappy flats with cut out hearts

Vegan flats with cut out hearts Oh I do so love these cute TUK shoes with their 3-strap action, cut out hearts and schoolgirl charm!

They have girlie rounded toes and are surprisingly sexy for flat. Maybe it’s all that black and red and the somewhat overstrapped look that makes them a bit reminiscent of some sort of manga bondage fantasy. I’ll leave that up to you, dear readers, to decide. I’m just going to think of how cool they’re going to look on.

You can get them from

Vegan veggie shoes limited edition trainers

vegan trainers Here’s an interesting new development – Vegetarian Shoes have come out with a whole limited edition range of their cute Cheetah trainers. Only one or two sizes out in each, but really fun and unusual colour combinations. If they have something you like in your size then grab it quick, as all of these are made out of remnants and things, so there are really only a few pairs in each size (sometimes just the one) and as the old saying goes, when they’re gone they’re gone.

Get them at Vegetarian Shoes.

Fancy red vegan sandals

Flashy red vegan sandals I love Twitter. A while back I got contacted on there by the lady who designs these posh-looking red vegan sandals. I like them because they’re quite simple, but the colour is lovely and the little satin balls make them quite unusual and suitable for wearing with somewhat more festive outfits as well. They come from a whole line of quite unusual vegan shoes in a rather upmarket, Indian-looking style. Not all of them are really my style, but they’re certainly different. There are also belts and bags.

I know summer is on its way out, but it’s always summer somewhere. Plus, she also designs some quite unusual boots and party shoes.

You can see all the designs at the Rinaldi designs website.

Cool vegan New Balance trainers

Vegan new balance trainers My last couple of posts have been about vegan shoes produced by big name brands and here’s another one. New Balance have been doing vegan trainers for ages and their shoes are readily available everywhere. Think what you will about mass produced footwear, I do think there’s something good about having vegan life choices catered for by big brands worldwide. If nothing else, it sometimes means veganism and vegetarianism are considered powerful consumer preferences that need to be catered for. I’m not sure this is relevant here, though, as New Balance, as I said, have been doing this for years and their trainers are sold on many vegan shoe sites.

These are general training shoes, out of a range that covers all kinds of sports activities from trail running to cross training. I like the blue sole and highlights and I like the fact that they’re black, though they do come in a bunch of other colours too.

You can get them from

Vegan Nike trainers

Vegan nike trainers I know some of you have issues with Nike, so this post is not for you. I also know many of you don’t have any other issues with Nike, apart from not being able to find any of their shoes in vegan. This includes reader Tze-Wen (Hi!) who emailed in to tell me about these very cool Nike trainers for women. So now I am sharing this knowledge with you. These are made out of shiny black nylon fabric and are complemented with a bright neon sole (I wonder if it actually glows in UV?)

If black and pink/orange are not your thing, there’s also a grey and fluoro yellow version available.

All in all, these are really cool trainers, so if you’ve been gagging for a pair of Nikes but have so far been unable to find a vegan pair, then now’s your chance.

You can get them from Schuh.

Vegan pointy lace up shoes for men

vegan pointy men's shoes Vegetarian Shoes have their summer sale on right now so you can grab some real bargains if you happen to have the right size of feet. Some shoes are reduced to only £10, though there are only a few pairs left in stock. These, however, still seem to be available for quite a few sizes, though they are a bit more expensive (still half price, though!). They come in this shade of black or in white and are sort of flashy in a way I’m sure will appeal to some of you guys. Apparently they make a clip clop sound when you walk, too! They are implied to be unisex but start at a European 41 (UK 8, I believe) and are also quite masculine in shape. Still, they may well fit your style even if you are a woman who happens to have big feet!

You can get them from Vegetarian Shoes.

Cute vegan ruffle ankle boots

vegan ruffle ankle boots These ruffle boots I found on Modcloth are so cute! I love the unusual colour and the ruffles make them extra fun and attention-grabbing. It’s been a while since I’ve checked out Modcloth and there are some really pretty shoes there, though most of the really gorgeous designer ones are in some way leathery. At least there’s these and they’re certainly dishy and a teeny bit 90s at the same time (the heel, mostly).

The world certainly needs more vegan shoes of unusual colours! The world also needs vegan shoes that are black, brown, grey and red, but it would be nice to be able to enjoy the full range of colours our leather-wearing friends do.

That’s why it makes me extra happy when I see boots like these. Apart from, you know, the awesome ruffles.

You can get these from the Modcloth website.

Vegan knee high converse boots with buckles and straps

Knee high vegan converse boots with buckles I know we all loved the extra high converse boots I wrote about a while back, so now you’re all going to totally adore these. Check em out! They are knee high, they have a zip, they are black and flat and awesome but they also have buckles and straps for that extra clubby, alternative rocker look. I am totally loving the looks of these, though I’d probably change the laces from white. How I wish they’d do an all black version of these!

You know you want them. You know I want them. They’re currently exclusive to Schuh in the UK. Not sure where in the US you can get them. Feel free to comment and let your fellow vegan shoe lovers know, although Schuh do actually deliver worldwide.

Here is where these live on the Schuh site.

Cute and fruity vegan sandals

Vegan sandals It’s hot hot hot in London town right now, so here’s a pair of summery vegan sandals to grab before it all goes rainy and miserable again. They seem to be some sort of variation on the general flip flop theme toe-wise and have a really cute orange on the front, which is actually a winter fruit, but great all year round, really.

The cork sole comes complete with a pretty flowery pattern so all in all a very summery shoe, which you can take on holiday once summer leaves the UK (in about a day or so).

You can get them from the Irregular Choice website.