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Vegan summer peep toes…with bunting!

Vegan peep toe summer shoes These are so cute! Every day is a summer’s day with a fair on the common when you wear shoes with bunting on them! In case you’re thinking that yellow may be a little bit too festive (though it is possibly the most retro shade of the lot), there are 3 more shades of awesomeness you can choose from – black, red and that shade of pale green you see in people’s retro kitchens which is ever so lovely.

These are made by Miss L Fire, whose shoes I absolutely adore, but so many of them are made of leather.  Luckily, some of the summer range seems leather free.

You can get them from the Miss L Fire website.

Vegan rainbow coloured espadrilles

Vegan rainbow espadrille Behold the cute “highlight rainbow” flats from Rock & Candy. I guess summer holds more retro goodness for us. I remember espadrilles were popular when I was a kid, but here they are still popular after a few seasons of 70s and 80s revival. These fun shoes also come in a somewhat less fun but more grown up creamy beige colour, in case the stripy rainbow version clashes with the colour of your yacht or you just can’t figure out what to wear with these.

You can get them from Schuh.

Colourful vegan tribal ankle boots

tribal vegan ankle boots These tribal vegan boots may initially appear to be squarely in the tribal / hippie department but their somewhat 80s styling (they’re actually referred to as “retro” by the seller) does have a certain air of hipsterism you can use to your advantage. They come from Thailand and are made out of tribal fabrics by an enterprise working to empower local tribal women. These particular boots are made out of fabrics made by Akha tribal women, but the Etsy shop where I found them features stuff made from fabrics spun by the Hmong tribe as well. There are all kinds of vegan shoes, sandals and boots (including knee highs) in all kinds of mad colours. As with all stuff made out of tribal style arts, you can wear it full hippie with the whole harem trousers or sarong fabric dress thing or you could match it with more urban, classic stuff to just give a touch of hippie. Either way, I’m loving the black version.

Oh and they also do some shoes for men and some of them are quite unusual. I like these.

Check out the stuff in the Estsy shop.

Unusual vegan designer platform ankle boots

vegan designer platform shoes These ever so slightly mad boots from wacky Canadian designers, Fluevog, are called “Tailor”. The vegan version is this paint-splattered denim material, but there is also a non-vegan brown version (so watch out). I’m totally loving the curved heels and the visible seams. Being me, I wish they also came in plain black fabric, but denim can be pretty versatile too. They’re definitely different. If you like the material but not the style, check out the Guide mary janes they make, which come in the same material but are, well, chunky mary janes. They’re also pretty awesome.
You can get both of these from the Fluevog site.

Vegan converse all black (monochrome) knee high boots

Converse all black knee high boots Oh yes, happy day! Remember when I wrote about the buckled up converse knee highs and wished they’d make an all black version? Well, they haven’t made a buckled all black version yet as far as I can tell, but they have made an all black knee high boot and here it is! It’s called the “Womens Converse As Xx Hi Trainers” and is available exclusively at Schuh in the UK (apparently) for a mere £50 including postage.
These are so cool on so many levels I may actually have to try them on. For some reason, Converse shoes never quite seem to agree with the shape of my feet, but for these, I’m willing to suffer the slings of minor discomfort.

You can get them from Schuh.

Hot vegan high heeled boots

unusual vegan boots It’s been a while since I’ve had a look at the Irregular Choice vegan range and so today I had a look and found these. If it weren’t for the fact that I’m going away somewhere hot very soon and am therefore looking at sandals instead, I’d be totally investing in these. The ties down the side can be tied in a bow, so you can have a bit of play with exactly how you want the boot to look.

They also appear to have quite a comfortable heel, which is always handy, plus the Irregular Choice favourite – the crazy bunny sole.


You can get these from the Irregular Choice website.

Awesome vegan pin up inspired peep toe heels

Vegan Fluevog pin up heels Thank you for reader Lara (not to be confused with Laura) who sent me a link to these wonderful Fluevogs that have somehow slipped my radar. It’s so good to see Fluevog bring out at least one vegan style every season, as their shoes are beautiful. These are inspired by the 70s and judging by the reviews are comfortable and flattering (though run a tiny bit small).

Note that there are a few colours in this style and only this one is vegan. The other ones are not. The good news is that they’re on sale and very heavily reduced. It may be autumn, but these are going to look just as gorgeous next year, I’m sure.

You can get them on the Fluevog site or on Amazon for a little bit more (which may be handy if they run out of your size on the Fluevog one)

Lovely Men’s hi top plimsoles

Vegan men's high top plimsoles I thought I’d take a break from going through my shoes and let you know about the awesome Schuh sale that’s on right now. I was browsing their site and found these wicked plims by Momentum. Check out the cool little skull on the laces and I do so love the shape of these. You wanna know the best bit? These are £8. Yes, £8! Better get in there quick, boys, while they still have your size, as these are totally versatile and totally cute. Sometimes I wish I had giant feet so that I could wear blokes’ shoes, cause I do so love the Momentum stuff.

So if you do have giant feet, head over to Schuh, where you can get these (and loads more stuff in the sale).

More shoes for sale – United Nude knee high boots

Vegan United Nude boots More of my shoes for sale today. These are original United Nude boots, from one of the seasons before they started shoving leather into everything. These are made of fabric, are knee high and feature a picture of some sort of landscape. They are very light and I’m sure they’ll be comfortable if they actually fit you. The heels are the highest ones that UN do. The width around the calves can be adjusted.

I got these off eBay ages ago but they are a tiny bit too small for me which makes them uncomfortable. They’re meant to be 5 UK / 38 Euro but I’d say you need to be on the small side of size 5 and you could maybe even get away with being a 4.5. I don’t think they have been worn much (if at all) before I got them and I never actually got around to wearing them, because they weren’t the right size!

I’ll happily take offers around £10 for them.

Vegan red and stripy espadrille sandals

Vegan espadrille sandals If a sandal and an espadrille had a lovechild in retro revival times, it would most likely look something like this – a little bit nautical, very summery and with a cool espadrille woven footbed. These are by Rocket Dog so will probably be quite comfortable and they’re flat, which makes them even more comfortable.

They also come in a black version (with black and white stripes on the front) and both are currently in the Office sale for a mere £15. There are quite a few sizes left in both at the moment, though I am assuming this won’t last at this price (and considering the fact they are C-U-T-E with a capital everything).

So off to the Office site you go if you want them.

Mad vegan cherry pie heels

vegan platform heels Just had these appear in my Facebook feed. They’re pretty mad in every way – crazy height, mad (and rare) cherry pie print (the complete product, as opposed to simply the cherries themselves) and some sort of mad diamante brooch thing on the front. They’re definitely making a statement. I’m not sure what that statement is, but whatever it is, they’re making it now.

What’s more, they’re currently reduced from £60 to £35, which makes them a pretty good deal.
You can get them from the Schuh website.

Eco-friendly vegan slip on trainers

vegan sneakers trainers I usually use Twitter to spread the word about shoes featured on this blog, but sometimes it actually delivers cool vegan shoes to me. In this case, it actually delivered a vegan shop and I found these cool sneakers / trainers on there. These are made out of natural cotton (the uppers) and recycled car tyres and natural rubber (soles). They look really casual and comfortable and are made by Simple Shoes who have a whole ethical thing going on as well.

You can probably get these from all kinds of places, but why not buy from The Chocolate Shoebox and support a vegan owned and run business? They’re in Seattle, but you can order stuff online from wherever.

Simple vegan flowery lace ups

vegan lace up shoes These cute and simple vegan lace up shoes are called “molly lace up flats” on Schuh and are very much in keeping with this summer’s chintzy, flowery theme. They seem to be Schuh’s version of the classic plim and reinvent themselves every season with all kinds of new colours and fabrics. This spring / summer they come in beige, too, as well as some sort of embroidered all black thing, but I liked these best because they’re dark enough to go with anything, while still flowery enough to be on trend and interesting. They’re the sort of shoes that will never go out of fashion (chances are, they will fall apart first, as they’re pretty cheap).

You can get them from Schuh.

Sweet vegan peep toe wedge heels with cherries and flowers

Vegan flower wedge heelsWoohoo! Another cute pair of perfectly summery shoes from Poetic License. These are called “Sweet Shirley Temple”, I guess because they’re super cute and are made with chintzy patterned fabric that looks like something your granny would have worn as a summer dress or used as curtains. Note the super-cute tiny little cherry beads, too!

These lovely lovely wedges come in black or pink as well. You can get them all from Endless.

Cute vegan white floral ankle boots

Vegan floral boots I do so like these. They look sort of like desert boots but crossed with a lovely retro fabric all flowery and sweet.

There’s definitely a fashion statement to be had here of the quirky and fun variety. It’s like instant spring on your feet, which is a very cheery thing indeed.

These flowery fabrics seem to be making quite the comeback on shoes as of late. I’ve seen a few other hits in this general trend that I’m going to write about soon.

For now, you can get your hands on these if you’re quick enough. They’re available now on Modcloth.