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Vegan rainbow coloured espadrilles

Vegan rainbow espadrille Behold the cute “highlight rainbow” flats from Rock & Candy. I guess summer holds more retro goodness for us. I remember espadrilles were popular when I was a kid, but here they are still popular after a few seasons of 70s and 80s revival. These fun shoes also come in a somewhat less fun but more grown up creamy beige colour, in case the stripy rainbow version clashes with the colour of your yacht or you just can’t figure out what to wear with these.

You can get them from Schuh.

Vegan red and stripy espadrille sandals

Vegan espadrille sandals If a sandal and an espadrille had a lovechild in retro revival times, it would most likely look something like this – a little bit nautical, very summery and with a cool espadrille woven footbed. These are by Rocket Dog so will probably be quite comfortable and they’re flat, which makes them even more comfortable.

They also come in a black version (with black and white stripes on the front) and both are currently in the Office sale for a mere £15. There are quite a few sizes left in both at the moment, though I am assuming this won’t last at this price (and considering the fact they are C-U-T-E with a capital everything).

So off to the Office site you go if you want them.

Purple and pink vegan espadrille

purple vegan shoes I didn’t know Havaianas did anything but flip flops and those cool augmented flip flop things but apparently they make espadrilles as well.

These make perfect light summer shoes and are great if you don’t like wearing sandals but need something flat and breathable. Here’s the maddest colour combination I could find. Don’t you just love that purple?

They come in lots of different colour combination and Office, where I found these, seem to have a few sizes available in each colour.
Some stretch up to size 9, so could potentially be worn by blokes as well. Others, like this particular one, seem to only be available in small sizes.

You can get them on the Office site.

Neon pink vegan canvas wedges

I guess neon pink isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, otherwise how can you explain the fact that these are now 5 quid in the Office sale and their differently coloured counterparts are more like 36? Either way, these make fun summer shoes with a whole espadrille sole thing going for them, plus a light canvas upper and a slight 4cm wedge.

Great if bright pink is your thing, not so much if not. I’ve tagged them with retro as they are somewhat 80s.

You can get them in the Office sale.

Vegan stripey nautical espadrille wedges

Yup, yet another nautically-themed shoe in the Schuh sale. If yesterday’s one didn’t get you all hot and bothered, then this one may well do the trick.

This one’s called Marron Rope. It’s got a striped sailor shirt-like material and the ankle ties are made of rope to work the theme even more.
The fact that they are stripey and anchor-free means that you don’t have to go all sailor girl to wear them. You could match them with total land lover stuff and still look hot.

They also currently cost only £20, which is always a nice bonus (unless you’re buying something that should cost a fiver).

You can get them at the Shuch Sale.

Vegan flat nautical espadrilles

vegan flat nautical espadrilles These retrolicious closed toe nautical espadrilles by Red or Dead are, perhaps unsurprisingly, called “Ahoy”.
They are currently in the Schuh sale for only £15, which I think is a damn fine deal.
They have a serious bit of ankle and heel strap to hold your foot in place and are very sumery and cute.
There are only a few sizes still left, so I’d hurry up if I were you. They also come in classic black and white, like most nautical espadrilles and wedges I’ve seen around this summer.

You can get them in the Schuh Sale.

Vegan nautical espadrille flats

vegan nautical espadrille flats Well, summer must be coming if shoes like these are up on the sites. These Rocket Dog “cookout yacht club” flats are sort of like espadrilles, sort of like mary jane flats and generally very cute. Smart- casual enough for the middle class yachting enthusiast, while still being trendy and funky enough to provide cute beach holiday shoes for the rest of us. They also come in a navy & white colour combination, for an even more classic look.

You can get these cute, functional holiday shoes from Schuh.