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Vegan red carpet platform heels with diamantes

Vegan special occasion heelsWell, it’s been a crazy month or so here at virtual Vegan Shoe Addict towers. I’ve returned from travels, moved house and now I’m off again. I’ve not really had time to write about shoes, sadly, but I did save these Kurt Geiger “Garden Courts” after seeing the Carvela line at the airport.
Not all of the Carvelas are vegan, but a lot of them are and they’re generally quite fun. These particular ones are like a poor (wo)man’s version of something you’d wear to the Oscars and I reckon they could comfortably carry a good dress.

In the UK, you can get them from House of Fraser

Unusual vegan designer platform ankle boots

vegan designer platform shoes These ever so slightly mad boots from wacky Canadian designers, Fluevog, are called “Tailor”. The vegan version is this paint-splattered denim material, but there is also a non-vegan brown version (so watch out). I’m totally loving the curved heels and the visible seams. Being me, I wish they also came in plain black fabric, but denim can be pretty versatile too. They’re definitely different. If you like the material but not the style, check out the Guide mary janes they make, which come in the same material but are, well, chunky mary janes. They’re also pretty awesome.
You can get both of these from the Fluevog site.

Merry Christmas to me! Best red vegan wedges ever?

Vegan designer wedge heels Santa, like god, helps those who help themselves. Which is obviously why he revealed to me the Melissa store here in Hong Kong where I am currently traveling (you can read my new travel blog about it if you want). And oh look, they were having a massive sale of 30-50% off and these “Feeling” wedges were on it. Yes, I am totally feeling these. They only had one size left, 40 Euro (7 UK) which is basically one or two sizes too big for me, depending on the particular shoe, but in this case these seemed to fit. Maybe it’s the serious wedge action on them. They’re a tiny bit looser than they ought to be, but perfectly comfortable for standing on and even walking in. Not that it matters. I mean, look at them! There was no way they were going to stay in the big, cold, horrible shop for that price.
So ladies, if you want to get the drool-worthy look I’m going to be rocking from now on (fuck it, I’m gonna be buried in these!), you can get these from NonNon in the UK.

Two-toned vegan knee high boots

vegan knee high boots Sticking with the rugged knee-high trend, here’s a pair of boots from vegan, ethical company Cri de coeur. They’re a stylish mix of faux leather and faux suede, seen here in black, but you can also get them in a brown combo.

I think now I have the complete set on here – biker-styled knee highs, riding style and cowboy style. I’m really not helping my decision making process here, but there you go.

Cri de coeur are one of those good vegan companies I always feel good about recommending, which makes it a little bit easier to spend money on their stuff 🙂

You can get these from

Wicked designer cut out vegan boots

Designer vegan bootsLovely lovely Olsenhaus! These gorgeous boots have cut out bits so may not be the most practical of winter boots but they are so beautiful, I’m willing to overlook that part.

Check out their pretty blue platforms and chunky heels! These, like many other Olsenhaus shoes and boots, are made out of recycled TV screens. The microfiber suede looks a lot like real suede but as I gather, it doesn’t mark when wet, as it’s not real suede. Bonus!

These also come in taupe or brown. I think they’re probably past season’s, as the black ones seem to be reduced.

You can get them from

New Olsen Haus vegan autumn boots

Vegan designer ankle boot from Olsen Haus Well, autumn is definitely here and so are all the autumn collections. This season’s Olsen Haus collection has all kinds of interesting finds in it – lots of big wedges and somewhat crazy shoes, alongside a couple of cool knee high boots. I liked these because they are simple enough to wear every day and yet beautifully made and definitely “designer”. Maybe it’s because the only way I can foresee paying designer prices for shoes is if I get a lot of wear out of them, year after year and some of the new shoes and boots in the range are just a bit too big and weird for me (though I do like the wooden wedge one very much!)

Check out the full range at Olsen Haus.

More shoes for sale – United Nude knee high boots

Vegan United Nude boots More of my shoes for sale today. These are original United Nude boots, from one of the seasons before they started shoving leather into everything. These are made of fabric, are knee high and feature a picture of some sort of landscape. They are very light and I’m sure they’ll be comfortable if they actually fit you. The heels are the highest ones that UN do. The width around the calves can be adjusted.

I got these off eBay ages ago but they are a tiny bit too small for me which makes them uncomfortable. They’re meant to be 5 UK / 38 Euro but I’d say you need to be on the small side of size 5 and you could maybe even get away with being a 4.5. I don’t think they have been worn much (if at all) before I got them and I never actually got around to wearing them, because they weren’t the right size!

I’ll happily take offers around £10 for them.

Hot new vegan shoe designs coming your way

vegan shoes I got contacted by Petra Holíková, the designer of this beautiful vegan shoes and it made me very happy. Aren’t these amazing? Click the image to go to a bigger image where you can get a really good look! They’re all made of natural cotton and rubber, so very eco friendly and the designs are pretty unique and very beautiful. If you’re anything like me then you’ll be keen to get your hands on these shoes and the good news is that even though these were a project for Holíková ‘s design MA, you will be able to get them very soon.
The bad news it that they’re only coming out in August or September and the site that will sell them is in Slovakia. Still, it’s got English on it, so you won’t need to struggle with a foreign language to own these. I can’t wait myself!

When the time comes, you’ll be able to buy them from Novesta

Beautiful vegan Vivienne Westwood mock croc heels

Vegan Vivienne Westwood heels Would you believe these beautiful Vivienne Westwood heels are vegan and made of that special Melissa Shoes plastic? Aren’t they totally awesome? These are probably the most “adult” shoes she’s designed for Melissa. I don’t mean adult in an adult movie way but in a grown up way. I love all the shoes she’s done for Melissa but they have certainly been very playful, obviously drawing inspiration from the materials and appealing to quite a fashion-savvy, young at heart audience that’s not afraid of wearing quirky plastic shoes.

These, on the other hand, while they do come in a few loud, plastic colours, are much more serious-looking. You could wear them to your gallery opening and still get away with it. One assumes they look more rubbery in person than on the Internet, but I still reckon you’d need to be pretty close to notice.

Either way, you can get them from Endless.

Designer vegan mildly sci fi party heels

Vegan black and mesh heels These black faux suede and silvery mesh heels from Olsen Haus are like something straight out of the new Tron movie. I like how classy and simple the design is, while also being quite clever and futuristic. Really, with hot designer shoes like these, you don’t really need to worry too much about the rest of your outfit. A simple but expertly designed black dress would do, though I personally would try and find a little bit of extra silver to match these to. I’m sure that breaks a million fashion rules, but hey, who cares. These shoes need to be celebrated.

You can get them from Olsen Haus. They cost $255.

Vegan mock croc & rope Christian Siriano heels

Vegan mock croc heels I was hoping the new season would deliver more interesting vegan shoes on my favourite hidden designer shoe trove, Payless, but I was decidedly unimpressed with most of what I saw.

I did like these, though, by Christian Siriano. They’re simple classics with a cool croc skin like pattern but with an interesting twist in the shape of that woven midsole feature that looks very much like rope. Add to that the peep toe, 4″ heel and hidden platorm and you’ve got yourself one sexy and unusual shoe that’s nonetheless versatile and smart. Not too smart, though, the woven bit makes it a bit more casual and quite summery, which is fine by me.

You can get these from Payless.

Funky multicoloured vegan heels with flower

unusual vegan heels It has the homey shades of autumn and winter slippers (plus red, which I’m not sure is a wintery shade, but it works) and the hessian-covered heel and flower of summer and spring. This weird shoe from Poetic License is totally an all season shoe. Just don’t wear it in -20C or anything in the snow, cause I’m not sure it’d work for that. On the other hand, it would dress up any plain, dark coloured outfit perfectly. It might even be worth experimenting with dark but bold coloured socks or tights if you think you can pull it off.

I must say I like the lowish, stable-looking heel. These would work perfectly with jeans, so I’m thinking they’d make perfect daytime heels – casual but trendy and hip.

You can get them from Irregular Choice.

Crazy customisable vegan designer shoes

Melissa customised shoes These weird and wicked shoes are a collaboration with Vegan Shoe Addict favourites, Melissa shoes and Gaetano Pesce, an Italian architect and designer.

They are meant to be the perfect intersection of mass production and personal customisation – they come like this, in bootie form and mass produced out of Melissa’s special plastic material, but you can cut away at the circles (if you dare!) to change the shape of the shoe to fit your own personal style. Examples can be seen here, here, here and here.

The holes between the “bubbles” make these fair weather shoe-friends, but they’re bootie-shaped and are therefore fine for writing about in winter as well. I dare you to disagree.

You can get them on Karmaloop.

Strangely beautiful vegan designer wedges

Is it a boot? Is it a shoe? What is it? what does it do? I don’t know but I don’t care. I just know I want a pair!

OK, that came out a bit too nursery rhyme there. I blame the cat, who kept me awake half the night because she was scared of the rain. Sleep deprivation is nasty.

But back to the shoes…I even like the crazy orange colour and, rather than reject it on the grounds that I most likely have nothing that would go with these, I am already thinking what I could buy that would go with these. They are just that cool.

These are, of course, Olsen Haus originals, made from their favourite recycled materials – TV screens and microfibre. Coolness on so many levels.

You can get them (somehow) via the Olsen Haus website.

Classic vegan satin heels with bow

Vegan heels I really wish we had Payless in the UK. Every time I take a look at their site, I find some other neat vegan shoes. I know it’s not exactly a high fashion place to shop, but shoes like these are an instant classic and you could pair them with evening outfits far, far more expensive than the $29 or whatever that they cost. Most people, I reckon, would never guess where these came from. They have major pin up factor, too. They’re designed by Lela Rose, the third designer who makes lines for Payless, alongside Isabel Toledo and Christian Siriano.

They’re currently on sale at