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Vegan leopard print flat summer pumps

Vegan leopard print summer pumps These cute vegan pumps are actually Crocs. I know, that surprised me too. They’re called Carlie and are a little bit shiny, as well as most likely very comfortable and fun. They’re made out of that famed Crocs material, which makes them somewhat unsuitable for that lawn party at the embassy, but perfect beach and every day summer footwear. Their style and the leopard print pattern make them surprisingly trendy for Crocs. I actually really like the looks of these.

You can get them from Schuh in the UK.

In the USA you can get them from Amazon.

Vegan Crocs boots for winter

Vegan Crocs boots As the UK braces itself for more snow and drifts caused by “Siberian winds” (!) I give you these Crocs winter boots.

Crocs aren’t exactly at the cutting edge of style, but these aren’t actually that bad at all, as far as Crocs go. They are certainly a lot more stylish than Ugg boots (Ugh boots!) and their various equally ugly rip offs.

They also come in a shade of creamy white that is also easy on the eye.

They’re made out of microsuede (so not real suede) and are lined so should keep you reasonably warm.

You can get them from Amazon.

Vegan girlie Crocs slingbacks

vegan casual pumps Here’s a nice pair of Crocs from the Cloggs sale. As you can see, they are somewhat more refined than their usual clog-like variety. They’re still made out of the same squidy, comfy material, but you could actually blend these with an every day outfit without your Crocs being blatantly out of place. I like the little bit of bling they’ve added to the strap, too.

Let’s face it, these aren’t the most stylish shoes, but they are the most stylish Crocs I’ve seen so far. I think most people wouldn’t even know they were Crocs if it weren’t for the blatant logo on the front (yeah, what’s with that?).

I’d say, if you find Crocs very comfortable and would want to wear them with everything but are not so keen on actually having the Croc-wearing unisex look, then go for these. They look 10 times better than the usual ones, you could wear them with anything and they’re actually pretty cheap.

They come in a range of colours (I counted 4 on the site – black, red, gold and brown).The black is the one most likely to pass as a normal shoe, though I do quite like the red.

You can now get 5% off the price of these (or any other shoes on there) if you buy these off the Cloggs site and use the voucher code: JAN36T before January 26.