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Sexy vegan goth boots with skull buckles

Vegan goth boots with skull buckles They might not look it, but these utterly goth-tastic (or skull-icious, if you prefer) ankle boots are 100% vegan friendly. Ogle their dark awesomeness! Pointed toes, a little heel and, of course, the 3 skull buckles make them extra awesome, as long as you don’t take yourself too seriously (and what goth ever does, eh?)

I’m totally loving these and even though I know there is no shortage of vegan goth shoes (as there is no shortage of vegan goths), I do think it helps to have super awesome ones turn up every once in a while on this blog. Don’t you think?

You can get these lovely boots from Endless.

Vegan knee high converse boots with buckles and straps

Knee high vegan converse boots with buckles I know we all loved the extra high converse boots I wrote about a while back, so now you’re all going to totally adore these. Check em out! They are knee high, they have a zip, they are black and flat and awesome but they also have buckles and straps for that extra clubby, alternative rocker look. I am totally loving the looks of these, though I’d probably change the laces from white. How I wish they’d do an all black version of these!

You know you want them. You know I want them. They’re currently exclusive to Schuh in the UK. Not sure where in the US you can get them. Feel free to comment and let your fellow vegan shoe lovers know, although Schuh do actually deliver worldwide.

Here is where these live on the Schuh site.

Vegan Japanese unisex cyber boots

Japanese vegan unisex boots Well, drool me a river! It’s never been easy to pull off the sexy, Gibsonesque, cyberpunk look while still being 100% vegan, but things just got easier. Even better, these gorgeous, futuristic boots are unisex. That’s right, they come in both men’s and women’s sizes! They’re by Fugu shoes, a Japanese company (of course). Have you donated to the Earthquake appeal yet?

They’re made of canvas and are high-tops, so are sort of trainer-like and Converse-like, but, to put it nicely – we’re talking fashion Fiesta Vs cyber Rolls Royce. The best thing about these, though, is that they’ll look equally as great with just normal street clothes – jeans and a T shirt. You don’t have to go crazy with your cyber look, but they’ll make you instantly a thousand times cooler as soon as you put them on.

You can get them from A Sense of Fashion, where there are plenty more Fugu Shoes for you to drool at.

Camo clubber vegan heels

Vegan camo heels You know when you’re going out to the underground rave and you want to look all anarchist and industrial but you also want to look super girlie? Well, I don’t so much, cause I’m more of a big boots person when I go out raving, but hell, these are pretty damn cool so I may just reconsider. The chunky sole gives them an industrial edge and the camo is muy underground. But hey, they’re high and they’re sexy, just like you’d be if you were wearing them at a rave.

You can get them from Rocket Dog. They also come in black.