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Mad vegan cherry pie heels

vegan platform heels Just had these appear in my Facebook feed. They’re pretty mad in every way – crazy height, mad (and rare) cherry pie print (the complete product, as opposed to simply the cherries themselves) and some sort of mad diamante brooch thing on the front. They’re definitely making a statement. I’m not sure what that statement is, but whatever it is, they’re making it now.

What’s more, they’re currently reduced from £60 to £35, which makes them a pretty good deal.
You can get them from the Schuh website.

Vegan cherry Vans

Vegan vans I’m a sucker for cherries and I have to say I quite like Vans, too. I mean, how cute are these? The cherries are actually embroidered on, not printed, which I think is a really nice touch that makes all the difference.
Being predominantly black, they are certainly of the kind that can be worn with anything. It’s funny how a colourful cherry pattern is one of those patterns that can sort of blend into neutral, isn’t it? (within reason, of course. I wouldn’t match these up with a heavily patterned outfit, unless you REALLY know what you’re doing!).

You can get these in the UK from Schuh. Interestingly, I also found a similar pair on in the US, which is navy coloured and has embroidered strawberries on it!

Sweet vegan peep toe wedge heels with cherries and flowers

Vegan flower wedge heelsWoohoo! Another cute pair of perfectly summery shoes from Poetic License. These are called “Sweet Shirley Temple”, I guess because they’re super cute and are made with chintzy patterned fabric that looks like something your granny would have worn as a summer dress or used as curtains. Note the super-cute tiny little cherry beads, too!

These lovely lovely wedges come in black or pink as well. You can get them all from Endless.

Hot vegan bridal cherry heels

vegan bridal shoes OK, these aren’t “officially” bridal shoes (Melissa shoes are just generally pretty expensive, not specifically expensive because they’re white) but I’m sure you can see the potential here for some totally brilliant vegan bridal shoes.
They are a lovely cream colour with a pretty gold sheen and, as you can probably see, have big beautiful cherries on them. They’re based on the Lady Dragon shoe. This was designed by Vivienne Westwood for Melissa and there are all kinds of variations on the theme with globes, seals, hearts, etc. instead of the cherries. They actually do come in all kinds of glorious colours. These white ones simply caught my eye because I figured vegans need gorgeous bridal shoes too.

Now, these are plastic and they smell like bubblegum, so even though they look utterly hot on, you will probably get some funny looks if your wedding is 100% traditional and grown up. Then again, such a wedding may not look too kindly on big cherries on your shoes either.

You can get these from Dolly Dagger.