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Beautifully cute vegan canvas oxfords

Vegan lace up oxfordsThere comes a time in every girl’s life, when it’s time to put pointless infatuations behind, throw caution to the wind and fall in love. With a shoe. OK, so with me it happens almost every other day, but this time, I know it’s the real deal.

These gorgeous blue lace ups from Miss L Fire are beautiful in every way. I was worried about the red trims there for a minute, but they are faux leather, not actual leather. God is obviously smiling down on me from heaven.

You can get these from Modcloth, but if you want a pair, you’d better be quick. They seem to only have a few sizes in stock of the shoes they sell and once they’re gone, they’re gone. Personally, I wouldn’t want to let these slip away!

Vegan tartan wedge platform wedge sandals

vegan wedge sandals Today I’m taking a break from boots to bring you something that is perhaps at odds with the season, but is definitely pretty damn cool.

These shoes come from H&M. They don’t really do that many shoes, but the ones they do are often pretty cool. It used to be that all their display dolls would have wicked shoes on but those were nowhere to be found when it came to actually buying them. Nowadays, here they are. At £14.99 they are definitely priced as end of season, even though they may have been priced like this to begin with, who knows.

Either way, tartan / plaid is timeless and wedges will be around for a while yet, so I’d say pick these up now as you’ll definitely get some wear out of them. They also come in plain black.

You can get them on the H&M site.

Vegan Palladium vintage-looking boots

vegan canvas hiking boots Nowadays there are so many vegan hiking boots around made out of all kinds of material, people often forget about more “innocent” times, when the only thing around were Palladium boots. I’ve featured their standard black vegan ankle boots here already, plus a sort of flowery knock off but here’s a nice pair with a bit more of a distressed, industrial edge to it.

Apparently they treat both the shoes and the laces with some sort of acids to make them look this cool. Oh yeah and the fold down bit can also be worn up.

Check them out on the Palladium Site.

Vegan cotton mary janes

vegan mary jane flats Remember these? They were all over the place in the 90s. You could buy them in China Town and they came in all kinds of colours and patterns, most usually in canvas / cotton or velvet.

Well, Urban Outfitters are doing them now. At least if you live in Canada.

They come in a few different patterns and a whole load of solid colours. They used to be a vegan staple shoe when I was uhh… somewhat younger than today. With the 90s being back in retro circulation now, I think it’s about time they came back in.

Oh, and if you don’t remember this part – these shoes are super cute, but the soles are super thin. You’ll fell every little stone on the road as you walk along. These, I believe, started off as the girlie answer to those kong fu shoes you can get in China Town. I guess a martial artist needs to be connected to the earth as if he / she is not wearing shoes at all.

You can get these from UO

Flat vegan cherry pumps

Vegan cherry flat shoes

These cute and simple flat elastic pumps by Babycham have a cherry on top. Here it is!
They also have the very cute Babycham bamby logo on the back, plus a funky contrasting lining thing going on.

All in all, a handy pair of casual every day shoes with a sporty feel and a stylish edge. They might not turn heads, but anyone who does look at them will probably comment on how cool they are.

You can get them from Amazon.

Vegan Doc Martens trainers

vegan skate shoes I didn’t even have time to get over the shock of finding yesterday’s canvas DMs and here’s another new thing for me – DM skate shoes!

These neat white trainers for women have a cute alien print with a ray gun and everything and sport a chunky, bouncy sole. Definitely a hip twist on a trainer classic that will make any outfit just a little bit more street, maaan! Totally cool.

You can get them from James and James.

Vegan Sanrio Doc Martens

vegan sanrio doc marten boots There aren’t enough exclamation marks in the world to do these justice, so I’m not even going to try.

So apparently both Sanrio and Doc Martens celebrate their 50th birthday this year, so they got together and made some shoes. The whole range is gorgeous, actually, but this is the only style not made of leather. They feature lots of characters from the Sanrio range, including, of course, Hello Kitty.

Do I need to say how cute these are again? I’ll have two!

These will be out in stores on September 1st. In the meantime, you can pre order them on the Doc Martens site.

Neutral vegan flats with polka dot bow

vegan ballet pumps with bowHere’s another winner from the Rocket Dog simple, casual, yet funky shoe department. These trainer-esque flats come in either this handy grey or classic black and have lovely polka dot lining and, most importantly, a large polka dot bow at the front with a cute Rocket Dog logo button. You can practically wear them with anything and get a few “aaaaaaws” along the way.

They are called “Pogo”, maybe because they are so cute they’ll make you want to bounce around like an overexcited 5 year old.

You can get them on the Schuh website.

Cool vegan voodoo pumps

alternative vegan shoes How utterly cool! Here’s a wicked twist on your usual casual, simple canvas round-toed flats – a funky voodoo doll design. To make things even cooler, each shoe in the pair is different. I’ve seen quite a few shoe companies use this trick and it works really well, but usually it’s all leather. Boo.

These, however, are totally vegan. They are by Draven who make a whole load of cool vegan shoes that I will be reviewing on this very website soon. Check in this week for more Draven action, as I really like these guys.

In the meantime, you can get these from the Draven site in America.

Purple and pink vegan espadrille

purple vegan shoes I didn’t know Havaianas did anything but flip flops and those cool augmented flip flop things but apparently they make espadrilles as well.

These make perfect light summer shoes and are great if you don’t like wearing sandals but need something flat and breathable. Here’s the maddest colour combination I could find. Don’t you just love that purple?

They come in lots of different colour combination and Office, where I found these, seem to have a few sizes available in each colour.
Some stretch up to size 9, so could potentially be worn by blokes as well. Others, like this particular one, seem to only be available in small sizes.

You can get them on the Office site.

Funky vegan open lace up heels

blue and red vegan heels How cute are these??? OK, that was a rhetorical question, but I feel I should answer it anyway – very cute!

They’re mostly canvas, so quite casual, but quite retro and even a bit pin up girl with it.
The heels are very stable-looking, so I reckon these would make fun and quirky every day shoes if you like wearing heels but don’t always want to go full out retro femme fatale.
They have lots of hearts on them – in the lining as well as a big one on the bottom of the sole. I just love all those little nice touches.

You can get them from Amazon.

Neon pink vegan canvas wedges

I guess neon pink isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, otherwise how can you explain the fact that these are now 5 quid in the Office sale and their differently coloured counterparts are more like 36? Either way, these make fun summer shoes with a whole espadrille sole thing going for them, plus a light canvas upper and a slight 4cm wedge.

Great if bright pink is your thing, not so much if not. I’ve tagged them with retro as they are somewhat 80s.

You can get them in the Office sale.

Vegan stripey nautical espadrille wedges

Yup, yet another nautically-themed shoe in the Schuh sale. If yesterday’s one didn’t get you all hot and bothered, then this one may well do the trick.

This one’s called Marron Rope. It’s got a striped sailor shirt-like material and the ankle ties are made of rope to work the theme even more.
The fact that they are stripey and anchor-free means that you don’t have to go all sailor girl to wear them. You could match them with total land lover stuff and still look hot.

They also currently cost only £20, which is always a nice bonus (unless you’re buying something that should cost a fiver).

You can get them at the Shuch Sale.

Vegan flat nautical espadrilles

vegan flat nautical espadrilles These retrolicious closed toe nautical espadrilles by Red or Dead are, perhaps unsurprisingly, called “Ahoy”.
They are currently in the Schuh sale for only £15, which I think is a damn fine deal.
They have a serious bit of ankle and heel strap to hold your foot in place and are very sumery and cute.
There are only a few sizes still left, so I’d hurry up if I were you. They also come in classic black and white, like most nautical espadrilles and wedges I’ve seen around this summer.

You can get them in the Schuh Sale.

Vegan mens black and green eco trainers

vegan mens eco trainers I sometimes have mixed feelings about Simple Shoes, as they do use a lot of leather and suede in their shoes, but are waving the eco flag quite strongly. Still, these 100% vegan shoes are guaranteed to have absolutely no animal products inside, so make a good choice for a canvas trainer if you want to be sure you’re being absolutely animal free.

They’re also pretty cool-looking and are apparently very well made and comfortable. They’re also eco-friendly and ethical. The rubber parts are recycled and will biodegrade.

You can get them directly from Simple Shoes.